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  1. Twitter users beware - your identity is no longer safe
  2. 10 Die in Cucumber E-coli outbreak originating from Spain
  3. Attacked Women Cuts off Man's Penis!
  4. Mobile Phones are "possibly Carcinogenic".
  5. E. coli: Russia bans import of EU vegetables
  6. Deaths reported at a oil refinery after a huge explosion in north Wales
  7. Father tells of fear as children struck down by E.coli in E.Yorks
  8. Scientists seek source of outbreak of E.Coli
  9. Tenerife Smurf: Defend Yourself!
  10. Today's weather in the UK, as reported by Tenerife Forum members...
  11. It looks like they have found the cause of the E-COLI outbreak
  12. Roy Skelton, voice of Rainbow's Zippy and George, dies.
  13. Spanish Police website hit by Anonymous Hackers!
  14. Total Lunar Eclipse 15th June 2011
  15. Road laid around a car
  16. Bomb Disposal Man Escapes Car Bomb Blast.
  17. Sharia law hits the UK?
  18. Stress test Spanish banks fail.
  19. Top Police chief resigns
  20. BBC charts mobile coverage availability across the UK
  21. 30 day weather forecast for the UK
  22. A sad day for the people of Norway.
  23. Amy Winehouse found dead in her flat
  24. Employment and Support Allowance.
  25. Internet Explorer = Low IQ.
  26. Japanese Tsunami Viewed from a Car.
  27. Europe shares fall as global share sell-off continues
  28. Sky News: Riot in Tottenham North London
  29. Bo’ness swimmer’s Olympic dream
  30. Pope Benedict arrives in Spain amid protests
  31. Red Arrows display in Bournemouth ends in crash
  32. Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO
  33. Nurofen Plus in the UK... A warning!
  34. Sharks spotted on street...not Timeshare related
  35. Swansea Valley Mining Tragedy
  36. Change of status of 'cajas'
  37. "Travellers" win last minute reprieve at Dale Farm.
  38. This to be seen to be believed!
  39. 'First Irish case' of death by spontaneous combustion
  40. BAE to cut 3000 jobs in the North
  41. Jackiey Budden suffers miscarriage
  42. Miners trapped
  43. Only in the UK
  44. An Incredible Lady
  45. British couple lost their lives in Spain
  46. Police man drowned
  47. RIP. Sir Jimmy Saville
  48. Horrific crash on the M5 motorway in Somerset
  49. Murray Guilty Of Involuntary Manslaughter
  50. Red Arrows Pilot dies in accident
  51. Hotel explosion in Gran Canaria
  52. Gary Speed found dead
  53. Driving on the roads this winter in the UK
  54. Trying to scare us? Well, it is the UK media after all.
  55. UK News, Don't Dial 999
  56. NEWS in UK:New London to Birmingham Rail link
  57. Home comforts can be hard to find for the expat
  58. Ireland is this weeks BBC Great British Railway Journey
  59. Marie Colvin's Final Report
  60. Davy Jones Dies aged 66 - The Monkees
  61. PC blinded by Raoul Moat found dead.
  62. Goodbye to Venice..?
  63. Have you been to New York recently?
  64. Las Vistas to become naturist beach
  65. UK Air Passenger Duty (APD) rises today.
  66. Do you swim when red flags are flying?
  67. It's snowing in the UK
  68. Breaking news !!! From Dallas, Texas
  69. Greek suicide
  70. "Christians" voluntarily nailed to crosses in Philipines.
  71. Boat race stopped because of swimmer.
  72. UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom telling it like it is.
  73. Earthquakes
  74. Nice calming start to the holidays...
  75. Tickets for the Titanic
  76. Samsung to launch next Galaxy (3) phone in London
  77. The Olympic Flame on route from Greece to Culdrose Cornwall
  78. 4 dead in Italian earthquake
  79. Thousands hand back their villa keys as Spain's economy teeters - Daily mail
  80. The second coming...
  81. Bulgarian cigarette smuggler sentenced in Britain
  82. Jon Lord of Deep Purple has died at the age of 71
  83. Couple found in car in Dorset landslide
  84. Power cut hits northern India causing major disruption
  85. Biggest 'non-event' ever news story?
  86. Neil Armstrong RIP
  87. Birmingham Airport has been closed today
  88. Pakistan minister offers reward for death of film maker
  89. Consequences of using abusive language
  90. Sun-diving comet discovered
  91. Mainland spain floods in the South
  92. Wise or opportunistic? What do you think?
  93. Nun caught stealing beer!
  94. Ryanair tax probe
  95. Would you apply for Spanish nationality?
  96. Who's going to have their finger on the button? Obama or Romney?
  97. Ryanair offer to take over British consulates!
  98. Anti-austerity protests strikes in Europe
  99. It's oh so cold in Liverpool
  100. 27 people die in US school shooting
  101. Don,t leave your baby unattended!
  102. Flashmob in the Unemployment office in Madrid
  103. When will the British pound stop falling?
  104. Tsunami alert in the south Pacific
  105. Meteorite shower causes panic in Russia
  106. Richard Briers. RIP
  107. Bladerunner killing
  108. Hugo Chavez
  109. A nasty shock for Angela Merkel
  110. El Hierro tremors thread
  111. Boston USA Marathon explosions
  112. It looks like Rolf Harris had more than 'Two Little Boys'
  113. Coronation Street's Bill Roache arrested
  114. Charges of fraud dropped against Princess Cristina in corruption case
  115. Spain is officially insolvent
  116. One down, about 600 more to go.
  117. Soldier murdered in London
  118. Track the storm in the UK on 27th October 2013
  119. Should children start school at age 2 in the UK?
  120. Toronto cops break a vast child-porn ring!
  121. Animal woman killed herself – and 31 dogs!
  122. Devastation and despair!
  123. Capital gains UK
  124. No need to flip over the Sun
  125. Plane cleaners’ golden find
  126. Protesters grin and bare them!
  127. Black Widow’s killing spree
  128. Expats face tax on sale of UK homes
  129. Hull of a cultural shock!
  130. Misery of Brits behind bars over drug-related offences
  131. Helicopter crash in Glasgow
  132. Renting Restrictions
  133. R.I.P. Trigger
  134. What do you think about the charge of 5p for plastic bags?
  135. And spring has finally come!
  136. President Park insists: Tragedy ferry skipper ‘murdered hundreds’
  137. Denmark Bans Halal and Kosher slaughter due to animal cruelty
  138. New Pound Pubs in the UK. Is it a good thing?
  139. Mrs Brown... coming out of the closet!
  140. Guess who's 93 today?
  141. Roaming charges
  142. Fraping.....fb
  143. Sarkozy in French Police custody
  144. Primark enters the baby delivery business.
  145. Queen fails Drug Test
  146. Cliff and others
  147. Jellyfish in Dublin Bay
  148. Do they really use stray cats in curry then?
  149. Volcano kicking off in Iceland again
  150. Iraq and extremists
  151. Ceasefire
  152. RIP Joan Rivers
  153. Ebola emergency thread
  154. A bin lorry has smashed into a crowd of shoppers in Glasgow city centre killing six
  155. Paris - Charlie Hebdo shooting and hostage situations discussion
  156. Hurricane RAchel... wotta wagon.
  157. The flu shot does not protect against this year's strain in Ireland says the WHO
  158. Chillcot enquiry delayed
  159. One of Britain's Most Wanted, Derek Brockwell, escapes from a Dublin hospital
  160. Armed Russian plane over south England again
  161. flight 4U9525 Germanwings plane crash
  162. Shocking News
  163. Calais situation gets worse by the day
  164. Bin Laden Family members killed in plane crash
  165. Ginger Fest, Cork, Ireland
  166. Air Crash
  167. Local TV (WDBJ7) Reporter and Cameraman shot dead in Virginia
  168. Clocks go back !!
  169. Jonah Lomu dies aged 40
  170. Is it true about Alex Ferguson?
  171. About time someone said it.
  172. Germany are having trouble with immigration now
  173. weather this week
  174. Another worry. Nuclear bombing imminent?
  175. Reports From Walsall (Marbro8)
  176. Weather
  177. Accountants for contractors
  178. Former German POW leaves inheritance to Perthshire Village
  179. Calima
  180. Manchester Terrorist Attack
  181. Georgia vs Oklahoma Live
  182. Weather