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  1. Make the forum the homepage
  2. Posting photos hosted on Flickr
  3. How do I embed a video on Tenerife Forum?
  4. Post "Thank You" button for phpBB.
  5. Is anyone else having problems tonight on the Tenerife Forum?
  6. Need help on my website
  7. Has anyone tried to download the free new version of C Cleaner?
  8. Where can I get a new Laptop screen in south Tenerife?
  9. Who else uses logmein.com?
  10. Are any members getting this message from Chrome?
  11. Is it possible to record TV programmes directly onto a memory stick?
  12. My XBox has a red ring. Can anyone help?
  13. I need a computer engineer in Golf del Sur, Tenerife
  14. Need a link to activate my Microsoft Office 2010 please
  15. PSP advice needed, please
  16. Capital lock help
  17. Printer problem
  18. Some of my number keys don't work
  19. What broadband provider do you use in Tenerife & what speed do you get?
  20. Help needed with CCleaner please
  21. Antispam Software
  22. The security on my laptop is due to expire, any recommendations?
  23. Is Smart Media Desktop Browser A Better Alternative To Chrome?
  24. Sat nav help...Please
  25. Wanted someone who can repair my printer
  26. Help needed with my Superpad111
  27. What's the best browser, Firefox or Google Chrome?
  28. Google news (sorted by date) on a mobile device
  29. How do I check my usage on a Blackberry?
  30. Lion Released
  31. Any suggestions on how to copy TV onto my HDD?
  32. Why do I get redirected to a site I don't want on Google search?
  33. Help with http problem
  34. Which wireless router should I buy?
  35. Where can I buy Epsom printer cartridges in south Tenerife?
  36. New page opens behind the existing one
  37. When will we be getting cheaper Internet in Tenerife?
  38. How much do websites cost?
  39. Taskbar Keyboard indicator software
  40. What's the best way to record a TV program?
  41. Out of memory line 6 in Facebook
  42. Where can I get my computer fixed in Adeje, Tenerife?
  43. Can I copy my CDs and DVDs onto my laptop?
  44. Opening new windows in Google Chrome
  45. Lost password
  46. New laptop needed: Advice Please
  47. Teka Cooker/hob Hood
  48. Ransomware virus
  49. Internet slow to open. Can anyone give us advice?
  50. Digit on telephone key pad not functioning
  51. How do I change the format of downloaded music from FLAC to WMA or CDA?
  52. Advice about my computer please.
  53. I need some help setting up a web page
  54. Can anyone recommend a repair shop for a moblie phone?
  55. How do I set up a VPN on my computer for watching British TV?
  56. How do I transfer videos from my camera card to my computer?
  57. HP Touch Pad
  58. HP Touch Pad now discontinued
  59. How do I remove unwanted toolbars?
  60. How can I set up a website?
  61. NDS update 1.4.3e Help needed...
  62. What risk is there in downloading Apps?
  63. TV Reception Problem
  64. Can anyone give me advice on how to connect to my WiFi please?
  65. Can anyone recommend an online Memory Card retailer?
  66. Avast Antivirus Software Error Message
  67. Anyone else finding Chrome very slow today?
  68. Where can I get my Sim card cut in south Tenerife?
  69. How do I re-install Linux once I have overwritten it?
  70. Movistar strikes (on strike?) again
  71. Can I change my Windows 7 from Spanish to English?
  72. Is this too good to be true?
  73. I'm having trouble connecting my laptop to my TV ( no picture)
  74. Are there any WINZIP alternatives?
  75. Help with formating problems
  76. Computer classes in German
  77. ON-SPEED , who advertise on the Forum, anyone used 'em yet?
  78. Spam in the blog posts section
  79. Fed up of Google Chrome managing your internet printing?
  80. Where is the best place to buy HP printer cartridges in south Tenerife?
  81. What's the best? iPad or tablet PC?
  82. Steam Network Hacked
  83. Urgent iPad help
  84. iPod nano (1st generation) Replacement Program
  85. how do I fill in a form
  86. Help....!
  87. Looking for a telehone engineer
  88. Eset Smart Security 6 months free
  89. Help! I have a computer virus...
  90. Where to buy a pay as u go SIM card for my ipad2 when I am in Tenerife
  91. Is this a virus?
  92. IE to Start Automatic Upgrades
  93. How do I copy a video to a disc?
  94. Can anyone recommend someone to recover a portable hardrive?
  95. Phone call from Windows Technical Dept. Is it a scam?
  96. Modem problem --
  97. I can't post any more photos
  98. My laptop has frozen whilst installing updates
  99. Help with printer
  100. Google.com Wikipedia and others are staging a 24 hour blackout today .....
  101. Where can I get Dell cartridge ink refills in Tenerife?
  102. Help needed connecting to my WiFi router
  103. BBC iplayer on ipad2
  104. How can I delete Microsoft Silverlight?
  105. Btjunkie has shut down
  106. Where can I buy a Hard Drive Enclosure in south Tenerife?
  107. Alba Digital Photo Frame
  108. My Laptop Won t Start HELP!!
  109. How can I change my browser settings to English?
  110. I have no sound on DVD/ VCR when recording.
  111. Will my MIFI mobile wireless router work in Tenerife?
  112. Apple Mac user needed
  113. Solid state drive (SSD memory) discussion
  114. How can I attach Windows Media Video on here please?
  115. Can anyone recommend any Photoshop plugins?
  116. Copy Sky+ recording to PC hard disk
  117. Linking phone to emails
  118. Wifi or 3g
  119. So - Windows 8 is now available in pre-beta version ...
  120. Windows admin password recovery?
  121. I need some help with 'youtube'
  122. Tablets (in particular iPads)-to have or not?
  123. Will I be able to use my current network provider on holiday in Tenerife?
  124. Firefox Reminder Add-on gets good CNET Review
  125. How can I unlock my Orange iPhone 4S?
  126. Changing Vista for Windows 7
  127. Translation software question.
  128. Can I uninstall old updates from my PC?
  129. Where can I get my broken Sony Vaio laptop repaired in south Tenerife?
  130. Free Computer Help!
  131. Do rewritable DVD's 'wear out'?
  132. American Airways email virus
  133. Why do I no longer get email notifications of new posts?
  134. External Hard drives not showing on a Mac
  135. Disable 1. Resource-hungry Programs 2. Delete confirmation 3. CapsLock key
  136. Anyone having a problem with Bay Connect?
  137. Internet Doomsday July 9th?
  138. Can I get a British IP address in Tenerife?
  139. My iPhone 3G will not charge. Any ideas anyone?
  140. Warning about SKYPE virus calls
  141. Alternative to Realplayerplus?
  142. Sites for d/l film, music etc
  143. How do I stop pop-ups on my PC?
  144. How do I retrieve mumbers from a damaged SIM card?
  145. Can I get a PAYG SIM for my iPad 2 whilst in Tenerife?
  146. Changing my facebook name
  147. Why are my photos displaying sideways on Windows photo viewer
  148. Free Wi-Fi Hot Spots in Tenerife
  149. My Adobe Flash player plugin has crashed. How do I fix this?
  150. My graphics card on the laptop is overheating and burning out the fan
  151. What do you use your iPad for?
  152. Is it easy to get a laptop screen repaired?
  153. 3ds Max/Maya/Zbrush users wanted.
  154. PROBLEM SOLVED - Is anyone else having trouble with Firefox?
  155. Facebook Email Address
  156. Can someone help with the 'Windows vista not genuine' message I'm getting
  157. Problem accessing the Forum from a Motorola Xoom
  158. Tablet Memory Usage
  159. What do these Firefox settings mean?
  160. How do I get rid of ads on my computer?
  161. Which connection cable do I need from my laptop to TV?
  162. How to I stop notification of posts in my e-mail address?
  163. "Firefox was not found on this server" error
  164. How can I get this ringtone on my mobile phone in Tenerife?
  165. IP address
  166. Twitter ye carefully
  167. Is there a problem dialing Hits mobile numbers from Movistar?
  168. Is it possible to forward a PM from your inbox to your email?
  169. Visiting UK with a locked Orange Iphone - Can I use a an Orange UK SIM card ?
  170. Loss of Email service with Movistar
  171. Warning - Another Hotmail phishing scam
  172. My laptop is typing numbers instead of letters
  173. Avast! is brilliant as an antivirus for my android smartphone security
  174. Security warning! For Internet Explorer users
  175. How do I transfer my music from laptop to phone?
  176. Where can I find free Wi-fi around Costa Adeje/San Eugenio, Tenerife?
  177. Can anyone help me with my Apple Mac G4 problems?
  178. Where can I buy an internal HD in South Tenerife?
  179. How do I upload from camcorder to YouTube?
  180. Where can I get free mp3 downloads?
  181. I can't open my e-mails in Hotmail
  182. My laptop keeps giving me a 'not responding' message
  183. How can I transfer data from a floppy disc to a CD?
  184. What can you do with a laptop that you can't with a notebook?
  185. Are any forum members considering getting Windows 8?
  186. I have a virus that keeps coming back
  187. Problems with my internet connection settings
  188. How can I unlock a Wii?
  189. I can't get rid of the 'Pup' virus, any suggestions please?
  190. Anyone thinking about learning Java?
  191. How do I delete threads I have created?
  192. Where's the best place in Tenerife to buy an iPad and an Android tablet?
  193. How do I fix the contrast on my monitor?
  194. Changing Spanish to English on a new PC without having to pay for an upgrade
  195. Tenerife Forum 'Cool apps for iPad' thread
  196. Does anyone have suggestions for a good data backup service?
  197. Deleted & sent has disappeared from Hotmail
  198. Free anti virus to cover online banking
  199. Windows Live Messenger to close down
  200. How do I get a ' \ ' on a Spanish laptop?
  201. I'm having problems with Facebook
  202. Are TF Arcade games compatible with Ipad?
  203. My laptop is driving me mad, yet again!
  204. Is there an iPad app for the Tenerife Forum?
  205. How do I get a pound sign on a non-UK keyboard?
  206. What's the best Laptop to buy in the 500 - 700 price bracket?
  207. Laptop just started making a high pitched noise
  208. How do I get my HP Deskjet 3070a to print from my iPad?
  209. Help - my computer just crashed with a message that all my word docs were corrupted
  210. How do I get the @ sign on a Spanish keyboard?
  211. Cheapest place to buy a external USB Hard Drive in South Tenerife?
  212. Has anyone got a copy of Quicken 2002-2005 to borrow please?
  213. Can anyone recommend an Android tablet to buy in Tenerife?
  214. Back up your computer before it's too late!
  215. Windows 8 may get the start button back
  216. Cannot upload pictures to Forum using Firefox again!
  217. About pirates...
  218. Which software do you use for web design?
  219. How can I upgrade my graphics card on my laptop to play games?
  220. Free computer software user guides
  221. Typing problem after changing from Hotmail to Outlook
  222. My iPad goes bonkers when reading replies on the forum
  223. How do I watch films on TV via my laptop?
  224. 15 GB of free cloud storage
  225. Create Online Documents with flippable pages from any PDF documents
  226. I need help with my laptop. Can anyone recommend someone in South Tenerife?
  227. Mobile broadband dongle for sale on Ebay
  228. I need help with a computer virus problem
  229. Facebook games using Flash player problems
  230. My computer isn't working after a power surge
  231. How do I increase the font size in hotmail?
  232. Why can't my computer see my WIFI router?
  233. Can anyone recommend torrent sites?
  234. My inbuilt webcam has stopped working.
  235. Forum font size problem
  236. Windows Internet Explorer problem
  237. Computer problems
  238. Recommend a wifi Printer for ipad/laptop/iphone etc & where to buy it?
  239. How can I get rid of 'searchnu' search engine on my browser?
  240. I can't cope with my new MP4. Can any forum techies help?
  241. Back up your data!
  242. I can't print pictures.
  243. Internet explorer crashing since windows 8.1 update
  244. How can I fix a scratched LCD monitor?
  245. How can I copy Mini disc to CD?
  246. I'm having problems with fox tabs
  247. The difference in iPad air prices is amazing
  248. My touchpad for an HP550 Netbook isn't working properly
  249. I had an attack on my computer
  250. Which anti-virus should we use?