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  1. Suggestions needed for the Tenerife Forum!
  2. Update your Links
  3. Photography & Cinematography section on the Tenerife Forum
  4. Help Desk on the Tenerife Forum
  5. Add a sidebar on the right hand side of the Tenerife Forum
  6. Ability to import photos from Urls into our albums on the Tenerife Forum
  7. 'Remember me' box on log in
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  9. Smart phone friendly browser or the forum
  10. Spanish English Mini Phrasebook
  11. Can we have a separate thread for all UK related issues
  12. Lost in Cyberspace
  13. Default User Text formatting
  14. Tenerife forum for the Spanish
  15. Tenerife resident or not?
  16. Can we have the Christmas theme on the Forum this year?
  17. Freebies in classifieds section
  18. Request new smilies for the Tenerife Forum here
  19. New thread titles required. Please post your ideas here
  20. Ho Ho Ho! Are we getting our Christmas Forum theme this year?
  21. Quick Links
  22. Why isn't there a 'like' button for every post?
  23. Are we having the Christmas look forum this year?
  24. Change of thread title.
  25. How would you improve the forum?
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