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  1. What do we need in Tenerife?
  2. Any bars interested in a night of free entertainment?
  3. Are there any Finnish speakers on this Forum?
  4. Is anyone getting rid of a pool table?
  5. WARNING: Tourists robbed at Mount Teide viewpoint in Tenerife
  6. Are there any rules about using a dinghy in Tenerife?
  7. Is there a translator on here who lives near Santa Cruz, Tenerife?
  8. Where can I take a Health & Safety course in south Tenerife?
  9. Is there a Starbucks in Tenerife?
  10. How much Spanish do you use when on holiday to Tenerife?
  11. I've just had the best week in Tenerife ever!
  12. Coral Mar Market - Every Thursday
  13. Whats the name of the estate agents in Vista Sur shopping centre?
  14. Does anyone do rent to buy on cars? I need one desperately!
  15. How do you think the Volcanic eruption will affect The Canary Islands?
  16. Where is the market on Thursday in south Tenerife?
  17. What's going on outside the Mare Verde in Torviscas this afternoon?
  18. First time visit to Puerto Santiago, north Tenerife.
  19. Where can I get boarding cards printed off in Torviscas, Tenerife?
  20. What are the opening hours of the Post Office in Las Galletas, Tenerife?
  21. Is anyone selling clothes items from primark in any of the bars in Tenerife?
  22. Charged for something I did not order
  23. digital passport-style photo 600 x 600 pixels
  24. Other How many years have you been coming to Tenerife on holiday?
  25. Other It´s Friday in Tenerife!
  26. Beware of pickpockets at the Guaza boot sale in Tenerife.
  27. Other Polish man asking for money in Las Americas
  28. Other Need the name of the forum member who makes cards
  29. Where's the best place to get Travel Insurance in Tenerife?
  30. Other A sad comment or sign of the times? Are younger people choosing to holiday elsewhere?
  31. Van with man needed urgently
  32. Other Trip Advisor Report... for the Tenerife Forum
  33. Other Where can I hire a bouncy castle in south Tenerife?
  34. Can anyone recommend a mobile hairdresser in south Tenerife?
  35. Other Are 'Tenerife Solicitors' still trading?
  36. Other Will the volcanic eruption off El Hierro affect Tenerife?
  37. Other Anyone know the manager's name in the California Apartments, Las Americas, Tenerife?
  38. Other Electronics engineer needed to solder a circuit board
  39. Other If you always go to Tenerife on holiday, why don't you go other places?
  40. Spanish Postal Service ( Correos )
  41. Other Has anyone a small PA system I could borrow for a couple of nights?
  42. Other Gentleman missing in Los Cristianos. Tenerife
  43. Has anyone used ITC Iberiatel Canarias SL?
  44. Other Ridiculously high Ryanair last minute prices!
  45. Great New HD Panoramic Volcano Webcam now in La Restinga
  46. What's the best mobile internet in Costa del Silencio, Tenerife?
  47. Where can I see the Formula 1 this weekend in Tenerife?
  48. Other Urgent help needed : Woman holidaymaker in a coma at Candelera Hospital. Please help
  49. What's it like at Christmas and New Year in Puerto Santiago, Tenerife?
  50. Other I recommend this mobile hairdresser
  51. Other Where can I hire a Limousine in south Tenerife?
  52. Other Live webcam El Hierro, La Restinga
  53. Other Dinastia Apartments... What's the name of road were the main reception is?
  54. Other Is the Marquee bar still open on the Patch in Las Americas, Tenerife?
  55. Which book swap is better? Los Cristianos or Puerto Colón?
  56. Other Sponge bob square pants birthday cake!
  57. Other HELLLP!!! Where is "Villas Del Duque" in Adeje please??? What its near would be good!
  58. New Thompson Holiday Ad shot in Tenerife!
  59. Other Just Back
  60. Other Helicopter hovering in the Fanabe beach area
  61. Other Anybody have a contact in El Hierro?
  62. Other The Tenerife Weekly is back!
  63. Other Children In Need
  64. Cricket Legend Basil D'Oliveira Dies At 80
  65. Where can I get my iPhone repaired near Los Gigantes, Tenerife?
  66. Other If you won the lottery, would you stay/choose to live in Tenerife?
  67. Christmas Day in Tenerife
  68. Can anyone tell me the SMTP settings for vodafone?
  69. Other Anyone got the phone number for Palm Bar, Palm Mar, Tenerife??
  70. Other wild dogs in los cristianos
  71. has direct teecom ceased trading?
  72. Other Where can I get the best coffee in Los Cristianos?
  73. Other Desperately need - Peppermint Essence
  74. Other Clothes for sale to raise funds for Live Arico.
  75. Other La reserva
  76. Other traffic fine
  77. Other How will you be spending New Year's Eve in Tenerife?
  78. Other Commercial Glass Washer for Bar Wanted
  79. Other Steve and Dave La Caleta
  80. Other Accommodation
  81. string quartet or solo violinist required
  82. Other Yummi pastries :)
  83. Other Does anyone want company over the Christmas period in Tenerife?
  84. Where can I buy a trailer in Tenerife?
  85. New benches in the Avenida in Callao Salvaje!
  86. Other Can anyone name this small village by the mountainside in North Tenerife?
  87. Other Apartments needed for friends over New Year
  88. Other What is the big thing with several white drums in Los Gigantes, Tenerife?
  89. What's the last posting day for cards to the UK?
  90. Other Cleaning business for sale, suit a couple or company wishing to expand
  91. Other Another poor soul commits suicide
  92. Other Whats happened to the pools in Garachico?
  93. Other Finding people in Spain
  94. Other Pavement Seating Ban enforced in Puerto Santiago
  95. Other Merry Christmas from our Service boys and girls
  96. Other Another quick idiot question (name of monument tower in Santa Cruz?)
  97. Other Stolen Laptop in Costa Del Silencio, Reward Offered.
  98. Other Does anyone have a phone number for the Rumpot in San Eugenio, Tenerife?
  99. Other Can anyone name the street of this derelict property in San Cristóbal de La Laguna?
  100. The importance of Health Insurance when in Tenerife
  101. Other Tenerife Markets - Christmas cakes!
  102. Watch TV from the Canary Islands
  103. Other Tonight's Meteor Showers in Tenerife
  104. I need the telephone number for Studio 5, Los Cristianos, Tenerife
  105. I have a boxfull of things for charity. PM me.
  106. Where can we see Father Christmas in Tenerife?
  107. Other Where can I watch football on TV in Golf del Sur, Tenerife?
  108. Does anyone know the phone number for the Vodafone shop in Las Chafiras, Tenerife?
  109. Other Can I buy Gel fires in Tenerife?
  110. Guitar technician needed to adjust the action on a guitar
  111. Other Please beware of this vehicle. The driver's been reported trying to break into houses
  112. Other What are the pros and cons on the area you live in in Tenerife?
  113. Other R.I.P. Christopher Hitchens
  114. Other What's the best way of sending an 85kg package from the UK to Tenerife?
  115. Other Who is John from Frosties Bar?
  116. Other Has anyone any spare Container Space coming from the UK to Tenerife?
  117. Other Looking for kgbkaz
  118. Other Does anyone know the Post Office opening hours at Christmas time in Los Cristianos?
  119. Other Seasons greetings
  120. Other Where has Peshawari (Palm Mar) moved to?
  121. Other Is the Andreas Hotel in Los Cristianos, Tenerife, wheelchair accessible?
  122. Big Fat Tenerife Gypsy Christmas
  123. I can't pick up the English radio stations in Tenerife
  124. Other Holidaying in Tenerife
  125. Other Its time to come home...
  126. Other Is there a Florist near Sunset Bay Club
  127. Is it legal to use a metal detector on the beaches in Tenerife?
  128. Other New Year's Taxi fares. What a rip off.
  129. Other We had a great night for New Years Eve in Tenerife
  130. Court has ruled on unpaid Community charges but nothing happens!
  131. Other Windsor Park
  132. Other Can you sell Los Cristianos, Tenerife, to us as a holiday destination?
  133. Other Are Ian and Morag still at The Avenue Bar in Costa del Silencio?
  134. Other How do I denounce a bar in San Eugenio for noise?
  135. Other Hotels with Naturist areas/pools
  136. Other Feliz Dia De Los Reyes
  137. Other Can we renew our wedding vows in Tenerife? If so, where?
  138. Other I had a great holiday in Tenerife - shame its now over
  139. Other Help and advise with fund raising event needed!
  140. Other Free Paella in Playa Arena plus good live music
  141. Other English / German Christian Church Service
  142. Other RIP Stuart from the Hop & Grapes.
  143. Robbery in Hiperdino Los Cristianos, Tenerife
  144. Other deja vu again? don´t know for sure?
  145. Other Holiday promotion scratch card
  146. Other Hairdressing model wanted on Wednesday 1st February iin Los Cristianos, Tenerife
  147. Other BBC Box
  148. Other Recommendations wanted for cleaning/ maintenance companies in south Tenerife
  149. Other Jellyfish at El Médano and other beaches in south Tenerife
  150. Has anyone been to the Torviscas jewellery market in Tenerife ?
  151. Other Advice & Info
  152. Other Arona's beaches have no lifeguard due to error
  153. Is there an English Barber in south Tenerife?
  154. Other Needing help for posters for art and meditation class
  155. Other Advice wanted on where to live in south Tenerife
  156. Other My Adventures in Tenerife
  157. Other Is 'Clash of the Titans 3' being shot in Tenerife?
  158. Other Thank you CSTI for nothing!
  159. Other Oasis FM Tenerife App for Android .
  160. Other Weather in May and a good lively central hotel in Playa las Americas
  161. Other Where can I find quad skate bearings in Tenerife?
  162. Other Nightlife Tenerife
  163. Other Can anyone lend me a fold up wheelchair for a week?
  164. Other Welsh artist wants to sell paintings on Tenerife
  165. Other Does anyone go to any Christian churches in Tenerife?
  166. Other Is this holiday offer a timeshare sales pitch or not?
  167. Other Children's play area near Isla Bonita, Costa Adeje, Tenerife
  168. Other Even if local, watch out for your bag and wallet, thieves about. theaves
  169. Other looking for apartment for 31st january 2012
  170. Does the hotel Paradise in Los Cristianos have WiFi in it's rooms?
  171. Other Conference Recording
  172. Other Sugared
  173. Other Over 43,000 people signed petition to return Morgan to the ocean
  174. Other Thankyou,Thankyou, Thankyou
  175. Other Canarian weekly newspaper and free golf stuff?
  176. Other What happens if I stay in Tenerife for more than 3 months and dont tell authorities?
  177. Other Translator required 09.30 Tuesday Jan 31 at Hospiten Sur/Green Clinic
  178. Where can I buy a IAX2 VOIP Phone in Tenerife?
  179. Other Can anyone recommend a florist in south Tenerife?
  180. Other Where can I buy a Motorcycle Helmet in south Tenerife?
  181. Other Thanks to forum member Perfect Peter
  182. Other The forgotten tourist areas Ten-Bel & Costa del Silencio, south Tenerife
  183. Other Visiting Tenerife in June, accommodation advice wanted.
  184. Other Some poor soul lost in Puerto Santiago, Tenerife
  185. Other Any Forum members live in or near El Medano, Tenerife?
  186. Other Is Sunway Estate Agents still open in Tenerife?
  187. Other Golf trip 5th march....where to visit?
  188. Other Paper suppliers wanted in Tenerife
  189. Other Looking for someone to do clothes alterations in south Tenerife
  190. Other Are there any deep pan pizza places in Tenerife?
  191. Other Carnival I need some help
  192. Other Thanks Warbey
  193. Other Holiday Heaven On Earth visits Tenerife
  194. Other Phone no. for "Golf Park Pizzeria" Golf Del Sur
  195. Other Can I buy Lottery Tickets in Callao Salvaje?
  196. Other Can anyone recommend someone that makes/fits vertical blinds
  197. Other Is the bar next to the Marquee in Las Americas, Tenerife, still open?
  198. Other What can I do about noisy neighbours in Tenerife'
  199. Other Is this the coldest winter in years in Tenerife?
  200. Other Where´s the best place to buy garden trellis in south Tenerife?
  201. Other Where can I buy a joint of pork and get a good Sunday lunch in south Tenerife?
  202. Other Ecky Thump
  203. Other Where can I find a public heated pool in south Tenerife?
  204. Other Tenerife: wonderful time lapse video
  205. Other Which is fancy dress night in the Santa Cruz carnival in Tenerife?
  206. Other Drving through Spain and France
  207. No more PRs in Arona, Tenerife
  208. Other Where should we go in Tenerife? The Princessa Dacil or Laguna Park 2?
  209. Other Irish Rose Bar
  210. Other How do I change my address on my Residencia?
  211. Are the World Police games being held in Tenerife this year?
  212. Other Hairdressing Model wanted for Wednesday, 22nd February
  213. Other Hotel for on the spot bookings
  214. Other Sardine/pilchard pasty recipe wanted
  215. Other Hair Dressing models required for Wed 29th in Los Cristianos
  216. Other Anyone recommend a hotel in south Tenerife where the food is good?
  217. Other What would be the cost of Living in El Medano for a 3 month vacation?
  218. Other What's happened with losabrigosproperties.com website?
  219. Other Tenerife Postal Service Or Fedex?
  220. Other Are the roads to Mount Teide in Tenerife open?
  221. Other What radio stations do expats listen to in Tenerife?
  222. Other Over 40s still partying in Tenerife
  223. Other The Tenerife Weekly
  224. Other Where can I hire a bike on Golf del Sur, Tenerife?
  225. Other What's the best way to get a parcel to the UK from Tenerife?
  226. Other What's the best way to avoid bank charges withdrawing money from an ATM in Tenerife?
  227. Other Good Bars for Children in South?
  228. Other Single friend wanted for when I come over to Tenerife on holiday
  229. Guilty pleasures in Tenerife
  230. Other Aren't there a lot of cyclists on the roads of Tenerife?
  231. Beware of pickpockets in Las Galletas, Tenerife
  232. Other Has the work finished outside Parque Santiago 4 in Las Americas?
  233. Other Finnbar Furey in Golf del Sur
  234. Other We are coming to Tenerife and staying at the Golf Cordial Plaza
  235. Anyone have a contact number for John at the Hop & Grapes, Puerto Colon, Teneriife?
  236. Where can I get tickets for the forthcoming 'Pitbull' concert in Tenerife?
  237. Other Can you get Sharp object disposal boxes in Tenerife?
  238. Other Are there any banks open on Saturday morning in Tenerife?
  239. Other Cheeky holiday makers
  240. Other Why were the roads were all closed off in the Parque Santiago area this afternoon?
  241. Other Four Cats Travel Agent
  242. Other Has anyone ever been bitten by the Tenerife Forum?
  243. Other Where can I re-take a fork lift truck licence in Tenerife?
  244. Other Deaf/Mute Sellers - Tolerate or abuse?
  245. Other East Jet . . . Not So Easy
  246. Other Where can I buy computer spares in south Tenerife?
  247. Other Uk to Europe delivery services
  248. How Do I Get To ....
  249. Other Be alert for pick-pockets in Los Cristianos, Tenerife
  250. Other Red Cross food parcels stolen in Arona