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  1. Other Why have tobacco prices risen so much in Tenerife?
  2. Other Where are 'mister sister' appearing in Tenerife tonight?
  3. Other Brains: home or away?
  4. Other Pub prices in Tenerife?
  5. Other Interesting article on language learning
  6. Other Margaretta always the rebel
  7. Other Metal Detector at Manchester airport?
  8. Other Looking for a bed in La Gomera
  9. Other The mystery of Mercadona, Adeje
  10. Other Why were the poice on the beach in Las Americas today?
  11. C4 Now...Our man in...Tenerife
  12. Television help please
  13. Other Bark beetles are killing pines here
  14. Other Moving
  15. Other Paddies Day
  16. Other Visiting Lanzarote whilst on holiday in Tenerife?
  17. Other Billy McCracken.
  18. Who is the Number 1 FORUM in Tenerife?
  19. I'm coming to tenerife for easter
  20. Other Green banana guide
  21. Other Hairdressing models wanted for Wednesday 28th March
  22. Other New Years Eve 2012/13
  23. Other Is the Camel Park still open in south Tenerife?
  24. Other Are there any Indian takeaways in Palm Mar or Silencio?
  25. Other What's the first thing you do when you arrive in Tenerife?
  26. Other Activities for retired people living in San Eugenio, Tenerife
  27. Other Where can I get an Electronic Typewriter repaired in south Tenerife?
  28. Other Bands
  29. Anyone have a contact number for 4 Cats, Apollo Center, Los Cristianos, Tenerife?
  30. Other Karaoke set up or compere with own gear wanted for party sat 31st march
  31. Other The 'how many items have you lost or bust on holiday' thread
  32. Other Lone holiday maker
  33. Other Flightradar24.com now has better coverage of Tenerife South Airport
  34. Other Where, exactly, is the DIAMOND RESORTS timeshare office in Fanabe, Tenerife?
  35. Other How to avoid being arrested by the Police.
  36. Other Will I be pestered by time share touts in Los Cristianos during my holiday?
  37. Other White horses on the road near El Medano
  38. Other The forum is very quick today.
  39. FOUND! : Please help me find my father who went missing in Las Americas today
  40. Other Thoughts after trip to Los Cristianos, Tenerife
  41. Did anyone see Dancing on ice star, Jennifer Ellison, in Tenerife?
  42. Tenerife Webcams
  43. Other Quick video to show how beautiful Tenerife is!
  44. Other I am looking for Christine Ford
  45. Other What is the attraction of jazz?
  46. Other Where can I get a screen replaced on a Lenovo ThinkPad in Tenerife?
  47. Other Can you buy Charles Worthington products in Tenerife?
  48. Other Knowing the Law
  49. Does anyone know who the super yacht in Los Cristianos harbour belongs to?
  50. Other How much, if anything, can you drink & then drive in Tenerife?
  51. Other What little luxury from home can you not be without when in Tenerife?
  52. Other Bad ads with few details - do they put you off?
  53. Other Where is the best place in South Tenerife to get a pedicure?
  54. Other How much is a HP Pavillion DV7 2123EO, 17.4 inch screen laptop worth in Tenerife?
  55. Other Pound to Euro rate starting to look good with 1.20€/1 available
  56. I encountered rudeness in the electronic shop in San Blas, Golf del Sur
  57. Are 'Spanishblue' a reputable online retailer for 'Hits Mobile' Spanish Sim cards?
  58. Has anyone heard of a new company called 'cooldeals.es'?
  59. Other Can anyone recommend somewhere nice to go for Sunday dinner in Los Cristianos?
  60. Bars showing the Grand Prix on TV tomorrow
  61. Other Looking for Grant or James Patterson in Tenerife
  62. Other Where is the location of the Canarian Food Fair in Los Cristianos today?
  63. Other Is there anyone happy living in Tenerife?
  64. Other Are there any gymnastics clubs for children in south Tenerife?
  65. Other Is my favourite little pub about to close?
  66. Other DJ needed for a wedding in South Tenerife
  67. Other Lions Night Los Gigantes 2012
  68. Other I dare you not to laugh at this...
  69. Other Chill out beach
  70. What night does Mike Carlton have off at St. Eugen's, San Eugenio?
  71. Other How is DHL mail delivered in Tenerife?
  72. Other Information needed about playing night golf in Las Americas, Tenerife
  73. Other Big bike and Insurance also tax
  74. Other I am flying cats back to the UK and need help.
  75. Other Is there a launderette in San Isidro, south Tenerife?
  76. Other What does Tenerife need to become over the next 10 years?
  77. Other Reunion. 90s to 2000, holidaymakrs and workers
  78. Other Story about Tenerife rape in this summer's edition of That's Life magazine.
  79. Other Blokes night out 22nd June - 6th July
  80. Other Why Would Any Holiday Makers From The UK Consider Tenerife As A Summer Destination ?
  81. Other Has the Phoenix restaurant near the water park moved?
  82. Other Any Changes In Los Cristianos?
  83. Other Holidays in Tenerife : South versus North - Which is better?
  84. Other Only 24 hours before I leave to go to Tenerife and I can't wait
  85. Other Are the prices for food and drink remaining constant as the exchange rate changes?
  86. Other Which month is the best to holiday in Tenerife?
  87. Other What are the contact details for DHL in Tenerife?
  88. Other The Guardia Civil ignoring the Royal Navy in Gibraltar
  89. Other How can there be so many fireworks when Spain is in crisis?
  90. Other Does anyone have information about sending items in cargo?
  91. Other Tracking a parcel via Correos
  92. Other Some sad times we live in right now.
  93. Other could somebody travel with my cat?
  94. Other Can anyone recommend a good tarot card reader in south Tenerife?
  95. Other Bordon Hits the Dust!
  96. Other Does anyone know of a function room to rent in or near Los Cristianos that has a bar?
  97. Other Anybody a mobile caravan to rent?
  98. Other Any ex-pats with children around 11-14 yrs living in los cristianos/las americas?
  99. Other Why are there no dog poo bins in Tenerife?
  100. Other A perfect morning in Tenerife
  101. Other Where can I hire a professional stripper for a Hen night in Tenerife?
  102. Other Is Terry Ramsden in Tenerife?
  103. Other Has Matlocks at San Eugenio been taken over?
  104. Other Prices in Tenerife
  105. Other Lot's of helicopter activity near Los Cristianos
  106. Other Getting jumped on for other people mistakes. Does it seem fair?
  107. Other Are there any, non animal, Charity shops in Tenerife?
  108. Other Where, in Los Cristianos, can I get a decent Cappuccino?
  109. Other Are there any expats with children living in Los Cristianos, Tenerife?
  110. Other New port in Granadilla in the South of Tenerife... What's the deal?
  111. Other Why was the President of China going up Teide today?
  112. Other Have a nice day thread
  113. Other Does anyone have more info on the motorcyclist's death last week?
  114. Other Does anyone know about a fire in Las Chafiras at the moment?
  115. Other Do you think Forums are old school and a thing of the past?
  116. Other Can the person who called with information re. Status excursions please call back
  117. Other Expats can be so anal
  118. Other Our van was broken into last night - Golf del Sur - expensive items stolen
  119. What do you call the media hard disc drives in Spanish, so I can store my videos on?
  120. Other Do you think that Spanish police deserve respect?
  121. Other I'm looking for freelance journalists/photographers
  122. Other Anyone evacuated because of the fires need somewhere to stay?
  123. Other Pen friend wanted in Tenerife
  124. Other Assistance for those affected by the fire
  125. Other Dealing with negative people in Tenerife
  126. Other Where is the Correos in Los Cristianos?
  127. Other Collecting bottle caps for charity in Tenerife
  128. Other Fire in Chayofa
  129. When is the new North motorway TF1 extension due to open?
  130. Other Does anyone have a contact number for Slush Puppie?
  131. Other I'm trying to locate a friend in Tenerife
  132. Other Does anyone have contact information for the Writers' Circle in Parque de la Reina?
  133. Other Why were the sunbeds removed from Las Vistas beach in Los Cristianos?
  134. Where can I hire a drum kit in Tenerife?
  135. Other What are the church service times at Callao Salvaje?
  136. Other Will the Forest Fires in Tenerife affect my holiday? We fly in tomorrow
  137. Other Can I bring a replacement lap top battery back from the UK in my hand luggage?
  138. Other We've just got back from another amazing holiday in Tenerife
  139. Other Lookie-lookie men - What a farce!
  140. Other Is it possible to forward mail to a new home in Tenerife?
  141. Other How can I convince my wife to come to Tenerife?
  142. Other Stripper required for a hen night. Where can I book one in Tenerife?
  143. Places to go in Tenerife where there's NO wifi!
  144. Other Why is Spanish music on the Golf del Sur blasting out at 4am?
  145. Oasis FM is not available on my iPad radio
  146. What do you think of the PRs on the Mirador strip in Los Cristianos?
  147. Other Is Peter of Chayofa still a member of the Forum?
  148. Other Why not start a new thread today.
  149. Other English men abroad!
  150. Other Is the Canarian government correct in trying to make Tenerife a 5* resort?
  151. Other Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria versus Playa de las Americas, Tenerife
  152. Other Has the barbeque ban been lifted in Tenerife?
  153. Other Some plonkas had started an unattended fire in Tenerife
  154. Other Where can I hire a cot in south Tenerife?
  155. Other Does anyone know Judith McFadden in Tenerife?
  156. Appeal for family in North Tenerife
  157. Other Return of the prodigal... We're coming back to Tenerife
  158. Other Where are people buried in Tenerife?
  159. Other What would you do if you saw this in Tenerife?
  160. Other Spain’s unfinished transition from dictatorship to democracy
  161. Other Help with filmmaking in Tenerife with whales
  162. Other What would you be willing to do to help the economy in Tenerife?
  163. Business Chat I need the contact details for 'Rovers Return' in Los Cristianos
  164. Other That time again for our winter sun in Tenerife
  165. Other Are there many mosquitos in Tenerife in October?
  166. Other Can anyone help find the church where my dad's ashes were scattered in Tenerife?
  167. What ever happened to Suzie who worked at the Hereford Bull?
  168. Other Why were there sirens in Las Americas all day today?
  169. Is there a bank holiday around the 5th December in Tenerife?
  170. Other Unemployment in Spain & Canaries video on YouTube is a big hit
  171. Other What gives non residents the right to determine what's right and wrong in Tenerife?
  172. Other Is Santiago del Teide a police municipality?
  173. Other General strike planned for November 14th 2012
  174. Television Is there a video rental service in the Torviscas area of Tenerife?
  175. Doing something good for charity
  176. Other Has anyone got contact details for Danter?
  177. Other Canarian companies and their slow service and lazy attitude
  178. Other Does anyone know of a mobile crane hire company in Tenerife?
  179. Other Are there any bars in the south that play Indie or Rock music?
  180. Other Montain biker model wanted for video
  181. Other Does anyone fancy meeting up for a beer in San Eugenio this Sunday?
  182. Where can we get a piper for our wedding next June in Tenerife?
  183. Other Importing furniture to Tenerife.
  184. Other Do you get a slower internet speed than what you pay for? Tenerife
  185. Other Are there any cemeteries near the Golf del Sur?
  186. Other Does anyone fancy dating in Tenerife over Christmas?
  187. Other Anyone else not getting TV channels with Europa Network?
  188. Food Are you allowed to bring English sausages to Tenerife?
  189. Other Mugged on the Geranium Walk in Las Americas, Tenerife
  190. Advice wanted We are coming to El Medano in January. What clothes should we bring?
  191. Other I'm trying to contact Patricia who lives in Villamar, Las Americas
  192. Charity What children's charities are there in Tenerife?
  193. Other Does anyone fancy dating over Christmas in Tenerife?
  194. Other Desperately seeking Dorothy (Dot)!
  195. Travel What's the name of the hotel at the end of the beach in El Medano?
  196. Advice wanted Is there anywhere that buys diamonds in Tenerife south?
  197. Other Do you know David John McEwan? He has lost an important item!
  198. Other Can someone accompany me to the post office in Santa Cruz to collect a parcel?
  199. Laws & Regulations Important new receipt law for bars, restaurants & shops from January 2013!
  200. Are Post Offices open on Christmas Eve in Tenerife?
  201. Other Outdoor Ice skating Rink
  202. Other It's December 22nd and a mosquito has just landed on me
  203. Charity Notice Where can I take food donations in south Tenerife this Christmas?
  204. Where can I go camping in Tenerife?
  205. Other British man aged 50, Peter Henley, went missing from Puerto De La Cruz. 12th Dec 2012
  206. Other Lifeguards on Las Vistas Beach not paid.
  207. Other Is this a new future for the island?
  208. Other My husband's wallet was stolen at Tenerife South Airport
  209. Other How can I trace my parcel that has been delivered to the wrong place?
  210. Other Are any of these 3 companies open in Las Chafiras on New Years Day?
  211. Other What are the noise level laws in Tenerife?
  212. Other The beach in front of the Arona Gran in Los Cristianos needs sorting out
  213. Other When are the authorities going to sort out the dog mess on the pavements in Tenerife?
  214. Other Can any Tenerife Forum member bring me some books from the UK?
  215. Fiestas Feliz Dia de Los Reyes
  216. Other Holidaymakers who ignore lifeguards and red flags
  217. Other Do you need church bells for your wedding?
  218. What is your opinion of the Hacienda del Sol apartments?
  219. Fiestas Is the 2nd February 2013 a bank holiday in Tenerife?
  220. Other I am shocked that I keep being asked if I want to buy drugs in Torviscas
  221. Other Wonderful timelapse video including images from Tenerife
  222. Other Such a shame to return home after our holiday in Tenerife, but life goes on
  223. Other Goodbye Tenerife. Till 2014 anyway
  224. Other Looking for ex First Impressions employees urgently
  225. Other Why don't Canarians ever want to pay any tax?
  226. Travel We are looking for information about apartments in the Garden City, San Eugenio area
  227. Other Where is your favourite place to holiday in the UK?
  228. Other What is happening with Finca Del Arte in Chayofa?
  229. Other Why were there no free newspapers at the usual places this weekend?
  230. Other Has anyone get any tips of brewing your own real ale in Tenerife?
  231. Other Could this be the end for Rajoy?
  232. Other What's happening in Los Cristianos this evening, 1st February 2013?
  233. Travel Admiral Travel in Torviscas is closed. Is the San Eugenio office open?
  234. Other I'm having trouble putting in my card details to book on the Ryanair website
  235. Other Tenerife News on line edition hasn't been updated since January 9th
  236. Laws & Regulations What's the maximum amount that can be paid in cash?
  237. Other Has horsemeatgate reached Tenerife yet?
  238. Can you claim compensation for an accident on a public footpath in Tenerife?
  239. Other Random questions about Tenerife
  240. Other Arona lifeguards on hunger strike - please sign the petition
  241. Other David Coultard's sister reported found dead at home
  242. Other Tenerife Postcards. Does anyone still send them?
  243. Other Are the recent horsemeat issues causing any trouble for the local restaurants?
  244. Recipes Is it traditional, in Tenerife, to make pancakes today?
  245. Other Thanks to all the ladies in Tenerife for all my Valentine's cards
  246. Other Contact details needed for the money exchange in Parque de la Paz
  247. Other Panem et Circenses
  248. Other Would any bar let me organise a bi-monthly fundraiser for the Royal British Legion?
  249. Other Where are Europa Foods based in Tenerife?
  250. Other Where can I get a good beef joint and a gammon or ham joint in Tenerife?