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  1. Glad to be back on the Tenerife Forum!
  2. Welcome back to all newbies on the Tenerife Forum!
  3. Happy Birthday to Tenerife Forum member Sal
  4. Me as well register myself again on the Tenerife Forum!
  5. Happy Birthday to Tenerife Forum member Uptowngirl
  6. Ok.. Here we go again on the Tenerife Forum!
  7. Happy again to be part of the best Tenerife Forum!
  8. Hello everyone on the Tenerife Forum
  9. Where is Tenerife Forum member Onelegnofeet?
  10. Happy to be back on the Tenerife Forum!
  11. Hi everyone, It's only me on the Tenerife Forum!
  12. Introdruction from the Tenerife Smurf on the Tenerife Forum!
  13. Hello all, It's good to be back on the Tenerife Forum
  14. Hi, I'm Angela's other half and now I have my very own account on the Tenerife Forum!
  15. Hola and thanks to everyone on the Tenerife Forum!
  16. I'm back on the Tenerife Forum!
  17. I'm a Tenerife Forum virgin
  18. Hello there on the Tenerife Forum!
  19. Hi, Glad to be back on the Tenerife Forum!
  20. Greetings to all the members on the Tenerife Forum
  21. Greetings everyone on the Tenerife Forum
  22. A change of name but not a newbie on the Tenerife Forum!
  23. Thanks to everyone who helped get Tenerife Forum back on line
  24. Not new to the Tenerife Forum but new to posting!
  25. I'm here on the Tenerife Forum!
  26. Hi, I'm not a newbie just changed my name on the Tenerife Forum!
  27. My name is delgirl and I'm new on the Tenerife Forum
  28. Evening all on Tenerife Forum!
  29. New member on the Tenerife Forum
  30. Happy Birthday to Tenerife Forum member 'Tenerifeteddy'
  31. Hi everyone on the Tenerife Forum
  32. A big HELLO from Mrsben on the Tenerife Forum!
  33. Hello everyone on the Tenerife Forum
  34. Hi everyone on the Tenerife Forum!
  35. Hello and welcome back to the Tenerife Forum!
  36. Back again to the Tenerife Forum - Hello to everybody
  37. Hi everyone on the Tenerife Forum!
  38. Hi, I'm a newbie on the Tenerife Forum
  39. Hi, I too am a newbie on the Tenerife Forum
  40. Happy birthday Mully
  41. I'm a Newbee on the Tenerife Forum
  42. Hi everyone on the Tenerife Forum
  43. Hello everyone I'm Kath, a new member...I'm an artist and love Tenerife!
  44. Just wanted to say Hi
  45. Hello to one and all on the Tenerife Forum to be sure
  46. Hi all on the Tenerife Forum
  47. Happy birthday to the wife Mich.
  48. Hiya - Tenerife Forum newbie!!!
  49. I'm a new member
  50. Another new member joining today :)
  51. I'm back on the Tenerife Forum!
  52. Hi, everyone; I'm new here
  53. Hi, everyone. I'm a returner
  54. Hello
  55. Dave and Pat
  56. Hi
  57. Hello! I've returned to the Tenerife Forum!
  58. Hello
  59. Hi to everyone on the Tenerife Forum
  60. Hello I'm totally new here!
  61. Happy birthday to MHTenerife
  62. A bit about myself
  63. Hi All on the Tenerife Forum
  64. Hi everyone
  65. Happy Birthday stuarts from the Tenerife Forum
  66. Here I am again.
  67. Brand-new Chap
  68. Hi, I'm new to the Forum
  69. I'm back
  70. How are you all doing on the Tenerife Forum?
  71. My birthday wishes
  72. Hello everyone!
  73. Wedding Celebrant new to the forum
  74. Hi im New on the Tenerife Forum!
  75. Hello! Hola! wish I was back in Tenerife!
  76. Happy Birthday for yesterday Mike in Chayofa
  77. Happy Birthday Leam_Lin, Medman from the Tenerife Forum
  78. Hi to everyone new and happy birthday to those i missed!!
  79. Hi everybody!!!
  80. Hiya from Big C
  81. Happy Birthday runningd from the Tenerife Forum
  82. Hello Everyone
  83. Happy Birthday kieraj from the Tenerife Forum
  84. I'm mystarry13, a newbie saying hello
  85. Hey
  86. It's Tenerife Forum member Susief's Birthday tomorrow.
  87. Happy Birthday Susief from the Tenerife Forum
  88. Hi, I'm Franky and new to the Forum
  89. New to the forum
  90. Happy Birthday 9PLUS from the Tenerife Forum
  91. Happy Birthday MaxineC
  92. Hello the Tenerife Forum
  93. Happy Birthday ruffus from the Tenerife Forum
  94. Happy Birthday Anniemc
  95. New to the new Tenerife Forum
  96. Saying hello to Tenerife Forum
  97. Hello Tenerife Forum!
  98. Just like to say Hi to all.
  99. Another newbie on the Tenerife Forum
  100. Tenerife first timers!
  101. Back on the Tenerife Forum
  102. Back on Tenerife Forum!
  103. Hi to all on the Tenerife Forum
  104. Another newbie saying 'Hi' on the Tenerife Forum!
  105. Hi to the Tenerife Forum
  106. Hi There ...
  107. Happy Birthday YOUNG GOLFER from the Tenerife Forum
  108. Wishing COL NIL SATIS a very happy birthday
  109. Hello Tenerife Forum!
  110. Happy Birthday Blondeshrimp from the Tenerife Forum
  111. Hi all on the Tenerife Forum! I'm new, and coming over to Chayofa on Friday
  112. Hi everyone. I'm back on the Tenerife Forum!
  113. Happy Birthday writerchelle from the Tenerife Forum
  114. Happy Birthday ChloeLouise from the Tenerife Forum
  115. Hello to Everyone
  116. Happy Birthday Hefalumpy
  117. Happy Birthday PlanetBren from the Tenerife Forum
  118. Hi all
  119. hii all
  120. New to the site
  121. Happy Birthday sunspot from the Tenerife Forum
  122. Cross dressing male looking to make new friends and find places to go
  123. Happy Birthday Dizzy blonde from the Tenerife Forum
  124. Happy Birthday Kirsty of the Tenerife Forum
  125. Hello from England. I joined yesterday and look forward to chats and help
  126. Newbies just want to say "Hello"
  127. Happy Birthday MrsTT from the Tenerife Forum
  128. Greetings from Lurking Member
  129. Newbie here :)
  130. Just joined the site and wanted to say hello to everyone!
  131. Hello peeps! :-)
  132. Happy Birthday West mids tyke from the Tenerife Forum
  133. Hey all on the Tenerife Forum...!
  134. What've I missed?
  135. Hiya from chilly England :)
  136. Happy Birthday nicki from the Tenerife Forum
  137. Happy Birthday Mim from the Tenerife Forum
  138. Happy 65th birthday ecky thump
  139. Hi, I'm new to the Forum
  140. Hi there. I'm moving to Tenerife next May.
  141. Guest from Ukraine on the Tenerife Forum
  142. Hi, Again...
  143. Hi :)
  144. Another new recruit to the forum
  145. Hiya guys big c back in the fold
  146. Happy Birthday Al Jay.
  147. Happy Birthday Pink shoes from the Tenerife Forum
  148. Happy Birthday Suzanne!!
  149. Hello all
  150. New here, we are off to Tenerife for a 2nd year running. Can't wait :)
  151. Hi, I'm back on the Tenerife Forum
  152. Newbie here
  153. Found You.
  154. Happy Birthday VideoMem from the Tenerife Forum
  155. Happy Birthday Nikita, jenny.r from the Tenerife Forum
  156. Happy Birthday slodgedad from the Tenerife Forum
  157. Hi everyone
  158. Happy Birthday wannalivethere from the Tenerife Forum
  159. Happy Birthday Graceylacey from the Tenerife Forum
  160. Hello Everyone
  161. New member
  162. hi every one
  163. Happy Birthday k-pipe from the Tenerife Forum
  164. Happy Birthday Andy76 from the Tenerife Forum
  165. New Introduction
  166. Happy Birthday garlicbread from the Tenerife Forum
  167. Hello
  168. Happy Birthday Chicharrera from the Tenerife Forum
  169. Following in their footsteps~ Thinking of moving to TFN
  170. Just saying, ' Hi'
  171. I am back
  172. Hi. I'm back.
  173. Bonjour, I trust you are all ok?
  174. Hi I'm back too!
  175. Intro from me!
  176. Introduction
  177. Hello are there any Australians in Tenerife? To celebrate Australia Day ?
  178. Happy Birthday dede from the Tenerife Forum
  179. Hello
  180. Happy Birthday lesbroz from the Tenerife Forum
  181. Happy Birthday Delilah from the Tenerife Forum
  182. Hi Sualips from uk
  183. Happy Birthday CIM from the Tenerife Forum
  184. Hello from a newby
  185. Happy Birthday NEWKYGLYN from the Tenerife Forum
  186. Happy Birthday glostergirl from the Tenerife Forum
  187. Hi - my first post here
  188. Another Newbie Arrives in Tenerife.
  189. Happy Birthday Balcony from the Tenerife Forum
  190. Brand new out of the box
  191. Moving to start a new life.
  192. Fresh start
  193. Hello from the newbies
  194. New in town
  195. Who do I contact to rent the villas at Island Village, San Eugenio Alto, Tenerife?
  196. just a new member
  197. electric meter fitter
  198. Hey there!
  199. newbie flying out today !
  200. singer stevie b sings a fab show of the 60s and 70s available at good rates !!
  201. wombat
  202. Hello!
  203. Honest Semi retired female seeks parttime work, Bar, childminding,cleaning admin.
  204. Moving to Tenerife very soon
  205. New to the Forum and need some info on long term renting
  206. hi....
  207. Hi All.
  208. New to the forum...
  209. Graham Smith, new to the Forum
  210. Hello everyone
  211. Hi ! I am a new user!
  212. Self Catering in April advice needed
  213. hi
  214. Hello
  215. Happy Birthday lauren1xx from the Tenerife Forum
  216. Hello again
  217. New man on here, info. on estate agents.
  218. Hi
  219. Living in Tenerife
  220. New member introduction
  221. Hi
  222. Hi, I'm new to the Forum
  223. Hello Guys
  224. South west Newbie.
  225. Hello to you all
  226. Decided to join the forum
  227. Happy Birthday nurse ratchet from the Tenerife Forum
  228. Sanyo Seiki, new to the Forum
  229. Happy Birthday nat/cipri from the Tenerife Forum
  230. Flamingo band
  231. Hi, I'm new to the Forum
  232. New member arriving...
  233. Hi
  234. Hoping for help
  235. Hi
  236. Hi
  237. E mail address required please for Colon 2 in Playa de las Americas
  238. Happy Birthday hankandsammie from the Tenerife Forum
  239. Hi
  240. hi I am mark
  241. Hi emmo here new member with an translation question
  242. We have just expanded our Company
  243. Hi, I'm a new visitor.
  244. Hello
  245. 2 more sleeps..
  246. Hi, new member to the Forum
  247. Happy Birthday Runrigger from the Tenerife Forum
  248. hello everyone
  249. Renewal of wedding vows in Tenerife.
  250. Hello from a newbie