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  2. Business Chat €100,000 to invest in a business in Tenerife...
  3. Paperwork Starting a business in Tenerife
  4. Business Chat New business ideas for Tenerife
  5. Other Where can I get Logos printed on Balloons in Tenerife?
  6. Paperwork Do I need an accountant in the UK or Tenerife, or both?
  7. Paperwork How do I get barcode tax labels from Hacienda?
  8. Announcement Welcome to the New Tenerife Forum Business Section
  9. Business Chat Moving to Tenerife to start a business from home
  10. Announcement Do you accept the Tenerife Forum Discount Card in your business?
  11. Advice wanted Entertainment Act needed for Christmas Eve
  12. Business Chat Shop opened all year – is it profitable ?
  13. Where would I find a loan for a business in Tenerife?
  14. Other How do I go about selling at the markets in Tenerife?
  15. Advice wanted Would a small bakery be profitable in south Tenerife?
  16. Paperwork Recommendations for Accountant in North Tenerife?
  17. Employment How do I employ Entertainment Acts for my business in south Tenerife?
  18. Business Chat My recent experiences of good and bad workmen in Tenerife
  19. Employment Manager or Management Couple wanted for Friendly Bar
  20. Business Chat Does anyone know the contact details for John who installs water filters in Tenerife?
  21. Business Chat Dolphin Electronics
  22. Announcement Live Arico Loyalty Card - calling all Tenerife businesses.
  23. Paperwork Business or autonomo - which is better?
  24. Business Chat Do you read The Magazine? If not, why not?
  25. Announcement Calling ALL Tenerife Businesses
  26. Paperwork Is there a threshold for IGIC?
  27. Other Selling produce or gifts
  28. Business Chat New business ideas anyone?
  29. Paperwork Modelo 130/131 : When and how do you do it?
  30. Paperwork Autonomo and working with a spouse or partner
  31. Other What's the best way to advertise in Tenerife?
  32. Other What paperwork do I need to get a Makro card?
  33. Other Grants for new businesses?
  34. Laws & Regulations What training is needed in English?
  35. Other Where can I hire a Slush puppy machine?
  36. Paperwork How much is a reasonable fee for a 'Fin de Obra' in Tenerife?
  37. Business Chat Are there any Estate Agents doing well in Tenerife at the moment?
  38. Announcement New way to raise personal cash and generate business
  39. Business Chat How can Spains finances be so bad when we pay so much tax etc
  40. Business Chat Where's the best place to get leaflets printed in Tenerife?
  41. Advice wanted Computer repair shop
  42. Advice wanted Which is the best estate agent to find a business?
  43. Business Chat Adverts on Oasis and Canarian Weekly work
  44. Paperwork How much should I pay for Registro Mercantil in Tenerife?
  45. Other How can I contact Rex of Tenerife Auctions?
  46. Business Chat Why are business groups abused on social networking sites?
  47. Business Chat Would our bakery business be viable in Tenerife?
  48. Other Who looks after the bar and hotel beer and post mix equipment in Tenerife?
  49. Other Would I be able to sell my sponge cakes in Tenerife?
  50. Business for sale Very successful building business
  51. Business for sale Business opportunity available to run the kitchen in a bar privately
  52. Advice wanted Has anyone had experience setting up a boat timeshare business?
  53. Other Will the General strike in Canaries on the 14th November affect flights?
  54. Advice wanted How do you do a credit check in Tenerife?
  55. Business for sale Busy bar for sale including stock, fixtures, fittings and furniture
  56. Business Chat How not to do publicity...
  57. Advice wanted What local newspapers exist in Tenerife these days?
  58. Information needed about fees for doing a baja or alta of electricity services
  59. Business Chat What are the weekly outgoings for running a pub in Tenerife?
  60. Advice wanted Business cards and flyers needed in Tenerife
  61. Business Chat Where can I find a good business lawyer in Tenerife?
  62. Other Bar fittings and furniture wanted
  63. Business for sale Bar/restaurant for rent in Puerto Colon
  64. Business for sale Catering business for sale
  65. Where should I look for business premises in Tenerife?
  66. Advice wanted What licence do you need for travel agent/tour operator in Tenerife?
  67. Is anyone interested in sharing a pitch with me on the Tenerife markets?
  68. Business for sale Any estate agencies for sale in Tenerife?
  69. Other I am seeking a kitchen to run in South Tenerife
  70. Advice wanted If running an on-line business, is it necessary to have an office guests can access?
  71. How do I go about increasing the potencia of the electricity for my business?
  72. Advice wanted How do you start a business from scratch in Tenerife?
  73. Other Where can I buy large quantities of bags made of paper or plastic?
  74. Advice wanted I'm thinking of opening a coffee shop in Tenerife. Comments & opinions wanted
  75. How do I avoid getting timewasters when advertising job positions in Tenerife?
  76. Paperwork Asesoría or gestoría fiscal and laboral needed in south west Tenerife
  77. Advice wanted Does anyone have contact information for Sommerkamp in Tenerife?
  78. Advice wanted Has anyone started up as a Herbalife distributor in Tenerife?
  79. Other We are looking for a self-employed nail artist to takeover a nail salon
  80. Advice wanted I am thinking of starting a new courier business in Tenerife
  81. Advice wanted How do I get a debit/credit machine in Tenerife?
  82. Business Chat Can anyone recommend an English-speaking company to print brochures?
  83. Business for sale Carp fishing business. (Open to offers)
  84. Business Chat What paperwork is needed for a scuba diving business in Tenerife?
  85. Business Chat Partnership opportunity wanted in Tenerife
  86. Business Chat What licenses would I need to do photos and keyfobs in Los Cristianos?
  87. Puerto Colon bar/restaurant has been shut down for having loud music
  88. Other What are Entertainers earning in Tenerife at the Moment?
  89. Business for sale Property Management Company
  90. Are there serviced offices in North Tenerife?
  91. Advice wanted Where can I find out about organised pub crawls in Tenerife?
  92. Advice wanted Can anyone recommend drink suppliers in Tenerife?
  93. Business for sale Website for sale - Massage Tenerife
  94. Other Why don't small businesses do their own all-inclusive offers?
  95. Business Chat What is the average cost of a good English speaking accountant in Tenerife?
  96. Advice wanted Where can I buy a Till/EPOS system in Tenerife?
  97. Laws & Regulations What paperwork do I need to open a guesthouse in Tenerife?
  98. Advice wanted What are the legal steps to setup a new business in Tenerife?
  99. Advice wanted Buying a business in Tenerife. Any advice?
  100. Other Does anyone know a company in Tenerife that provides vending machines to businesses?
  101. Laws & Regulations Spanish health & safety regulations for businesses
  102. Other Ladies that have their nails done. Where would you prefer to go?
  103. Advice wanted Opening a street bakery in Tenerife
  104. Advice wanted Which is the best town to buy a restaurant/bar in Tenerife?
  105. Laws & Regulations Spain to get time till 2016 to reduce their deficit from the EU
  106. Advice needed on opening a business in Tenerife
  107. Business Chat I'm moving to Tenerife and looking for a business opportunity.
  108. Business for sale Hair & beauty salon & massage salon
  109. Can anyone recommend a cash & carry in south Tenerife?
  110. Advice wanted Looking for bar to rent
  111. Advice wanted Where can I get printed bags in south Tenerife?
  112. Business for sale A great opportunity up and all ready running business
  113. Business Chat Could I run my UK online business in Tenerife?
  114. Business Chat Hard Working Partner Required for Established English School. La Laguna.
  115. Laws & Regulations Legalising a long-let car hire business - simple advice wanted
  116. Paperwork Look out. Work inspectors about!
  117. Advice wanted Is opening a tea room in south Tenerife a good idea?
  118. Advice wanted We need advice about social security costs and taxes for setting up our new business
  119. Other I'm looking for a venue for a networking event in South Tenerife
  120. Advice wanted I'm looking for advice on running a bar in the Canaries
  121. Advice wanted Opening a Tenerife branch of my business
  122. Other Where can I get water filter systems for offices in Tenerife?
  123. What are the costs of running a business in Tenerife?
  124. What are the electricity cost for coffee machine?
  125. Advice wanted UK trends vs Tenerife trends
  126. Laws & Regulations Fraudulent business practice in Tenerife
  127. Other Where can I buy ginger beer for the bar?
  128. Business Chat Are there any gyms in South Tenerife that require personal trainers??
  129. Business Chat Presentation of new member to this forum. Signage & vinyl decorations
  130. What are the accountant costs for an SL company?
  131. Paperwork Has anyone used Redtape accountants in Los Cristianos?
  132. Advice wanted Paying IGIC in first year of business?!?
  133. Advice wanted Can you recommend a bar/room for a networking event in the south of tenerife
  134. Advice wanted Who is responsible for retention tax and IGIC on rented business premises?
  135. Are there any soundproofing companies in South Tenerife?
  136. Laws & Regulations Employee insurance is now payable by the autonomous employer
  137. Advice wanted Sending goods (exporting) to mainland Spain
  138. Laws & Regulations Asian shops mis-selling goods in Tenerife
  139. Business Chat Is there a market for a mobile nail technician in or around Las Galletas?
  140. Advice wanted We want to open a B&B using our house.
  141. Advice wanted Looking for wholesalers, import management companies for product distribution
  142. Advice wanted Selling a business in Spain and moving to Tenerife
  143. Advice wanted Shipping items from TF to UK
  144. Advice wanted Would a painting and decorating firm do well in Tenerife?
  145. Advice wanted Recommendations wanted for an investment/immigration lawyer in the Canary Islands
  146. Does anyone know who is opening the bar in Jardines Colgantes, Chayofa?
  147. Business for sale Information wanted about a Jetboat business for sale.
  148. Who can help with the bureaucracy of becoming self employed in Spain?
  149. Advice wanted Start up business. Experienced Locksmiths and double glazing repair company.
  150. Do any bar owners have problems with people not drinking enough but watching sports?
  151. Advice wanted Do you need permission to run a business from home?
  152. Advice wanted Where can I buy flip flops wholesale?
  153. Business Chat Investor wanted active partner or sleeping
  154. Advice wanted When should I change from being autonomo to forming an SL company?
  155. Is there a need for fully qualified Ofsted childminders in South Tenerife?
  156. Advice wanted What are the average costs of running a shop in Tenerife?
  157. Advice wanted Where are the best places to look for business premises?
  158. Other I'm looking for a business partner for an aviation business in Tenerife
  159. Advice wanted I need advice setting up my travel business in Tenerife
  160. How do I get a market stall in south Tenerife?
  161. Advice wanted Where are the ex-pat communities in Tenerife?
  162. Advice wanted Where can I get A frame pavement boards in Tenerife?
  163. Business Chat Have you ever sold a business in Tenerife?
  164. Advice wanted I'm setting up a new fishing charter business in Tenerife
  165. Advice wanted Customs declaration form
  166. Is there any demand for hops to be produced in Tenerife?
  167. Business Chat Diario de Avisos article in today's paper about AI hotels
  168. Paperwork Conflicting info re social security payments
  169. Advice wanted Who can offer the best prices for full colour offset printing services?
  170. Business Chat Universal Exports
  171. Laws & Regulations How can I get a licence for a rickshaw/pedicab business in Tenerife?
  172. Advice wanted Is there any gourmet mushroom farming in Tenerife?
  173. Advice wanted Changing the name of an existing bar upon purchase
  174. Advice wanted How do I apply for a stall on the Puerto de la Cruz markets?
  175. Advice wanted Getting a business licence for jet-skis in south Tenerife
  176. Advice wanted I'm looking for wholesalers or importer of high quality cold pressure oils
  177. Business Chat Information needed about street or market vending in Santa Cruz to cruise ship passengers
  178. Business Chat What's the postal service like in Tenerife?
  179. Employment Freelance journalist based in the North of Tenerife
  180. Health Where would be the best location to open a chiropractic surgery in Tenerife?
  181. Advice wanted Where can I find a leaflet distribution service in Tenerife?
  182. Laws & Regulations Google v Spain's government's new news laws.
  183. Advice wanted I am looking for clothing companies in Tenerife to approach for business contacts
  184. Advice wanted Are there any Italian genuine leather boutiques in Tenerife?
  185. Paperwork Business owners and Autonomos... Don't forget your Pago Fraccionado is due!
  186. Paperwork List of modelos to download for business owners
  187. Advice wanted Moving a business to Tenerife
  188. Business Chat Great business opportunity in Adeje
  189. Advice wanted autonomo payments when 65
  190. Advice wanted Buying an Apt.
  191. Advice wanted Street stall / market stall
  192. Business Chat Buying non-catering business. Need gestor or lawyer.
  193. Advice wanted pest control tenerife
  194. Business Chat IT contractor moving to Tenerife
  195. Laws & Regulations Travel expenses to attend Court here on Tenerife
  196. Advice wanted New company formation
  197. Advice wanted Best place to buy leaflets/flyers? or do vistaprint.es ship to Tenerife?
  198. Advice wanted Try Out Market stall
  199. Business Chat Opening a crossfit Gym
  200. Advice wanted Closing down a S.L business.
  201. Other Storage space
  202. Business Chat Shop wanted for rent in Puerto de la Cruz
  203. Laws & Regulations requirements for business set up
  204. Laws & Regulations What do I need to do for health cover if I don't work?
  205. New Business
  206. Paperwork Payroll system
  207. Business Chat Business owner - would you help me?
  208. Other Century 21 in Playa de las Americas - has it closed down then?
  209. Advice wanted Advice on Premises to rent
  210. Business Chat Advice wanted in opening a retail business in Tenerife
  211. Other Desk space / office needed
  212. Other Do the chinese toy sellers pay the restaurants to let them in?
  213. Advice wanted Good Gestor?
  214. Advice wanted Advice needed...
  215. Laws & Regulations Information needed about a proyecto and other requirements needed to open a business
  216. Advice wanted glass door vinyl etching decal
  217. Business Chat Accountant needed
  218. Business Chat Business partner wanted for Tenerife
  219. Advice wanted Wanted - Builder, property maintenance person
  220. Advice wanted Looking for a Gestor.. Arona/Adeje
  221. Advice wanted Seeking
  222. Employment Looking for work
  223. Advice wanted Setting up rental business vs organised crime
  224. Advice wanted catering engineers who can change filters and certificate
  225. Business for sale Bicycle Rickshaw company for sale in Tenerife
  226. Advice wanted How I start my business in UK
  227. Laws & Regulations Furnishing a bar or restaurant
  228. Advice wanted Hestors near Adeje
  229. Advice wanted Tourist ticket sales
  230. Advice wanted Setting up in Guimar
  231. Advice wanted Re: Yacht Owners
  232. Advice wanted Leasehold and Responsibilities
  233. Advice wanted I am thinking about opening a crepe stand
  234. Laws & Regulations Autonomo Social Security Payments reduction confusion
  235. Advice wanted Postage - Ebay Business
  236. Business Chat New business
  237. Advice wanted Leaflet Distribution
  238. Business Chat Websites & services
  239. Business Chat Websites & apps available; b2b or 4 venture capital