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  1. Internet Getting British TV online
  2. Fixed Phones Which phone company would you recommend and what offers do they have?
  3. Television English TV where can you buy a BBC system in Tenerife
  4. Internet Anyone else had a problem with Vodafone 3G Internet running slowly in Tenerife?
  5. Mobile Phones Where can I get my iPhone 3G unlocked in south Tenerife?
  6. Internet Can anybody help me subscribe to the WiFi Cyberspot Hotspotzone in Los Cristianos?
  7. Internet Super duper megafast under-sea fibre optic cable
  8. Internet If you have a bad internet connection in Tenerife - PLEASE READ!
  9. Internet I need some advice about Canaries Wireless internet provider in Tenerife
  10. Fixed Phones Check your Direct Telecom phone bill this month!
  11. Fixed Phones Anyone tried ONO for a new telephone/ internet/ TV connection in Tenerife?
  12. Mobile Phones Movil Phone i68 4G, con JAVA y WIFI, doble SIM
  13. Television I need my Satellite dish realigning in Tenerife
  14. Internet When will be getting quicker internet connection in Tenerife?
  15. Mobile Phones Can a non resident get a pay as you go mobile phone in Tenerife?
  16. Television Anyone else having trouble with VPN TV connection in Tenerife?
  17. Television Are we to be without British TV again this weekend?
  18. Mobile Phones I need help with my new mobile phone in Tenerife.
  19. Fixed Phones How do I contact Telefonica/Movistar in English?
  20. Television Anyone else having a problem with their Sky signal in Tenerife?
  21. Television Has anyone else lost their BBC1 signal from Astra in Tenerife?
  22. Television Can anyone recommend a British TV supplier in south Tenerife?
  23. Mobile Phones Where can I liberate a phone quickly in Tenerife?
  24. Mobile Phones What do you need to get a contract phone in Tenerife?
  25. Mobile Phones I need a new back for a Samsung GT-S5600V phone
  26. Internet Where can I find an iPad service provider in Tenerife?
  27. Television Best prices for TVs. Where to buy in Tenerife?
  28. Television Can I use my BBC box with any satellite supplier in Tenerife?
  29. Mobile Phones Where can i get a Nokia N8 unlocked in south Tenerife?
  30. Television Can anyone help me to set up a Sky HD Box in south Tenerife?
  31. Mobile Phones How do you set up the Movistar messaging service?
  32. Mobile Phones movistar
  33. Television Where can I buy a new Sky Digibox in south Tenerife?
  34. Internet Broadband in Tenerife
  35. Mobile Phones What's the number withheld code in Tenerife?
  36. Fixed Phones Does anyone have phone & TV through Bay Connect in Tenerife?
  37. Mobile Phones Which SIM card should I choose to use in Tenerife?
  38. Fixed Phones Can I get an instruction manual in English from Telefonica?
  39. Mobile Phones Vodafone fax number for cancellations
  40. Mobile Phones Which is the best Movistar shop with English speaking staff in South Tenerife?
  41. Internet Find free Wi-Fi in Tenerife
  42. Mobile Phones Smartphone - prepaid alternatives in Tenerife
  43. Internet Where can I get a Pay as you go dongle in Los Cristianos or Las Americas?
  44. Mobile Phones Where can I get a Nokia mobile phone unlocked in Tenerife?
  45. Mobile Phones Warning 'Touch Pad' mobile phone could mean high internet phone bills
  46. Internet Vodafone Internet - is anyone else having problems with it today?
  47. Internet Who stocks a good range of Tablet PCs in Tenerife?
  48. Television How can I receive ITV on a small dish in Tenerife?
  49. Mobile Phones What's the best SIM only contract for smart phones in Tenerife?
  50. Television Will a UK TV work in Tenerife?
  51. Mobile Phones Where can I find an English-speaking Vodafone shop?
  52. Fixed Phones How can I block a number from calling me?
  53. Television Anyone else having a problem with their BBB system this morning?
  54. Mobile Phones Cell phone cancellations?
  55. Television Has anyone else lost channel 151 from Sky today in Tenerife?
  56. Internet Has anyone got any information on Quantis Internet?
  57. Mobile Phones iPhone in-car Accessories, where is the best place to get these in Tenerife?
  58. Mobile Phones Where in Tenerife can I get mobile phone liberated?
  59. Internet Why is home internet so difficult to get in Tenerife?
  60. Internet Who's the best internet provider in Tenerife?
  61. Television UK & Spanish TV Guides on the Tenerife Forum!
  62. Television Is a 1.4 meter satellite dish any better than a 1 meter dish in Tenerife?
  63. Internet Broadband in Tenerife
  64. Internet Internet & SKY problems
  65. Mobile Phones Does anyone have the internet settings for Vodafone mobiles?
  66. Mobile Phones What's the number to check credit on Movistar PAYG?
  67. Internet Is Skype available on an internet dongle in Tenerife?
  68. Internet Do you need a bank account to get a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) internet dongle?
  69. Internet Where can I get a PrePay Internet access Dongle in Tenerife?
  70. Mobile Phones Anyone else having problems with Más Movil reception on the Golf del Sur, Tenerife?
  71. Television Who can help sorting my Sky reception problem in Tenerife?
  72. Mobile Phones What's the best mobile phone for signal strength?
  73. Mobile Phones Anyone use Hits Mobile?
  74. Television Has anyone else lost BBC News on Channel 503 in Tenerife?
  75. Television Anyone else having a problem with their BBC channels in Tenerife?
  76. Mobile Phones What's the best or cheapest mobile tariff in Tenerife?
  77. Internet So Is Tenerife's Broadband so much better than the UK?
  78. Mobile Phones PAYG Movistar 4*1 Offer
  79. Fixed Phones I'm having a problem with my phone line with Movistar
  80. Internet Mobile Connection
  81. Mobile Phones What's the best iPhone PAYG deal in Tenerife?
  82. Television CSTI BBC update message
  83. Internet Europa phone, internet & TV - has anyone moved to this recently?
  84. Television Where is a reputable shop to buy a TV
  85. Television Anyone know about Iberosat?
  86. Television How can I get hold of Premier support service in Tenerife?
  87. Fixed Phones Telefonica pricing changes
  88. Mobile Phones Using Movistar Iphone abroad to check emails
  89. Television Why so many question re British TV
  90. Television Anyone else having problems with TV from CSTI Guaza?
  91. Internet Can you get WiFi in the rooms at Parque de la Paz?
  92. Internet Quantis Espana ADSL
  93. Television Bars in Los Cristianos with ESPN
  94. Television Anybody want a free TV?
  95. Other Moblie phone dialing codes in Tenerife
  96. Mobile Phones Can anyone recommend Mas Movil in Tenerife?
  97. Mobile Phones Which is the best pay as you go Sim card for use in Tenerife?
  98. Mobile Phones MediaMarkt iPad & iPhone
  99. Fixed Phones How to hide your phone number from a Spanish landline
  100. Fixed Phones TIP : SIP phone
  101. Television Can anyone tell me the Miller TV rental menu code?
  102. Television ITV 1 lost on Sky
  103. Internet Which company do you use to make Mobile Calls to the UK from Tenerife?
  104. Fixed Phones Denouncing or reporting. What's the procedure?
  105. Mobile Phones Ortel Mobile
  106. Mobile Phones Where can I buy mobile sim card in Golf Del Sur, Tenerife?
  107. Mobile Phones Decision Time- Hits Mobile or Mas Movil in Tenerife?
  108. Internet Buying a dongle in Tenerife south
  109. Television How can I get Channel 5 back in Tenerife?
  110. Television Television Hire
  111. Internet Has anyone tried the Europa network in Tenerife?
  112. Television BBC & ITV UK TV channels in Tenerife
  113. Mobile Phones Any advice on which mobile phone company to use in Tenerife?
  114. Mobile Phones What's the number for checking your Vodafone balance?
  115. Television 'A Place in the Sun' visits Tenerife
  116. Internet Has anyone used Direct Telecom for their broadband in Tenerife?
  117. Internet Members opinions needed on Direct Telecom in Tenerife
  118. Internet How do I go about getting internet at home in Tenerife?
  119. Mobile Phones Are there any WI-FI hot spots in Adeje, south Tenerife?
  120. Other Any comments on Tenerife Telecom?
  121. Mobile Phones Where can I get my iPhone Battery replaced in Tenerife?
  122. Mobile Phones PAYG Spanish SIM only
  123. Mobile Phones One or two sims solution for Tenerife to UK Mobile requirement plus data usage?
  124. Television Is UK TV legal in Tenerife/Spain?
  125. Mobile Phones Weather affecting internet signal
  126. Internet Internet deals living in Los Abrigos
  127. Fixed Phones Movistar Domo 2 phone question
  128. Internet How far will 1GB on data transfer last on a Más Movil dongle?
  129. Internet Are there any free wifi hotspots in Las Americas, Tenerife?
  130. Internet What do Vodafone Espana charge if you use more than your monthly internet allowance?
  131. Other Is there an internet cafe where I can print documents in El Medano?
  132. Internet iPad v laptop for Skype calling
  133. Internet Where can I buy an Orange Anywhere data SIM and dongle in Los Cristianos?
  134. Mobile Phones Advice on pay and go sim cards please
  135. Internet Has anyone heard of a company called Tenerife Telecom?
  136. Mobile Phones Vodafone is a hugh help in Las Americas
  137. Television TV repair man wanted in south Tenerife
  138. Internet Problems with my VPN and BBC iPlayer in Tenerife
  139. Internet APN Settings for Vodafone.es
  140. Other Phone call about virus
  141. Internet Wi-Fi while on holiday
  142. Mobile Phones What's a cheap way to text/call spanish mobiles in tenerife from uk?
  143. Internet I'm having problems with Europa TV
  144. Television Sky TV in Tenerife
  145. Internet Does anyone get British TV via FilmOn from Tenerife?
  146. Television Can I get UK satellite TV in Tenerife?
  147. Television BBC N. Ireland. Anyone get a signal?
  148. Mobile Phones "Free" calls to international mobiles?
  149. Mobile Phones What PAYG SIM card do people recommend for calls and data in Tenerife?
  150. Internet Can I get internet whilst on holiday in Tenerife with a dongle?
  151. Television Ryder Cup - 27 -29 Sept 2012
  152. Mobile Phones What's the best PAYG sim card to get in Tenerife?
  153. Internet Unlimited internet use for my mobile... is it possible in Tenerife?
  154. Mobile Phones I've got a problem with my iPhone 3G,anyone out there who can help?
  155. Television BBC box help
  156. Television The Simpsons in Tenerife
  157. Internet New Line & ADSL Needed Fast
  158. Internet Who is currently the best broadband provider in Tenerife?
  159. Television New view box
  160. Television I am looking for good VPN connection to connect to iPlayer from Tenerife
  161. Television My 'free-to-air' satellite receiver has gone off, any info?
  162. Mobile Phones Where is the cheapest place for PAYG SIM cards?
  163. Internet Where's the best place to get 1 month's interent whilst staying on the Golf del Sur?
  164. Television Is anyone having television reception and Skype connection issues with CTSI?
  165. Television Anyone having problems with TV signal from Guaza
  166. Mobile Phones Calling a Spanish mobile from the UK
  167. Television Where can I get a Televes remote control repaired or replaced in south Tenerife?
  168. Mobile Phones How do I change my Movistar voicemail to English?
  169. Television Can you get Spanish subtitles on all TV programmes in Tenerife?
  170. Internet Does anyone on the forum have ADSL with Orange in Tenerife?
  171. Television Is the Liverpool match being shown on TV in Tenerife this Saturday?
  172. Television Is anyone else having problems with DT Media?
  173. Fixed Phones I'm having problems getting Telefonica to transfer my line
  174. Mobile Phones Where's the best place to buy a Spanish SIM card in Tenerife?
  175. Mobile Phones What does the H symbol on a mobile phone mean?
  176. Internet I am going to Playa las Americas for 6 months. Which is the best internet provider?
  177. Internet I'm having problems with the Palm Mar website
  178. Television Will my skybox and card work in Tenerife?
  179. Fixed Phones What's the best way to make International Calls from Tenerife?
  180. Internet Should I bring my own wifi router to Tenerife?
  181. Fixed Phones How do I go about disconnecting a Telefonica landline?
  182. Fixed Phones Need a good gestor to help me sort out issues with Telefonica
  183. Fixed Phones What is Telefonica's fax number?
  184. Television ITV's "Take me out" being filmed in Tenerife
  185. Mobile Phones Where's the best place to get a phone unlocked in South Tenerife?
  186. Internet Is the 'In Palm Mar' website still operational?
  187. Mobile Phones What's the best PAYG calls and data package for mobiles in Tenerife?
  188. Mobile Phones Which is the best PAYG SIM card to use on holiday in Tenerife?
  189. Fixed Phones Does anone know of a company in Tenerife or Spain that provide free SIP lines?
  190. Internet What's the best option in Tenerife for internet for minimum 3 months?
  191. Internet Vodafone ADSL order problem - what to do???
  192. Internet I need short term WiFi whilst in Tenerife
  193. Television When will Premier sort out the signal from Guaza?
  194. Internet How do I cancel a Movistar ADSL contract?
  195. Internet Which is the cheapest ADSL package in Tenerife?
  196. Mobile Phones Whats my phone number!? I'm on Movistar PAYG mobile
  197. Television Can anyone receive the main Antena 3 channel in Tenerife?
  198. Other Where can I buy a 1m satellite dish and have it installed?
  199. Fixed Phones What's the cheapest way to call the UK from a payphone in Tenerife?
  200. Television Has anyone got an Apple TV (2nd generation)?
  201. Television Is the UKTV signal still ok?
  202. Mobile Phones How can I stop those text messages that charge you every time you receive them?
  203. Other Where can I find free wifi in Los Cristianos, Tenerife?
  204. Television Help please I miss my English TV!
  205. Television Is anyone having problems with their broadband TV from Premier Satellite?
  206. Television James Bond season starts on La Sexta from Sunday
  207. Fixed Phones Movistar switching provider without authorisation
  208. Mobile Phones Where can I buy a Vodafone SIM or dongle in Los Cristianos or Las Americas?
  209. Television We've lost our radio channels via our Sky box. How do we get them back?
  210. Television Has anyone else lost their CTSI BBC box signal?
  211. Internet Can I use 'free WiFi mundo' in south Tenerife?
  212. Mobile Phones What's the best PAYG package for iPhone in Tenerife?
  213. Internet Can anyone recommend a good ADSL and TV package in Tenerife?
  214. Fixed Phones Does Telefonica have a number like BT's 1471 that shows who's called?
  215. Other Is there Echolink or D-Star access for radio enthusiasts in Tenerife?
  216. Internet What's the best way to get ADSL in my apartment in Tenerife?
  217. Internet Is it a good idea to buy a dongle with unlimited bandwidth?
  218. Internet New SIM card for mobile modem won't connect
  219. Television Change of VPN service provider for Tenerife Forum members
  220. Internet My Skype is not working correctly on iPad
  221. Mobile Phones Whats's the difference or benefits for having an autonomo mobile contract?
  222. Internet How are Vodafone as an internet and telephone provider?
  223. Internet What's the best PAYG SIM for iPad 3 in Tenerife?
  224. Internet Internet/VOIP issues with Telefonica
  225. Mobile Phones Whos the forum member who deals in 2NH hand mobiles?
  226. Internet My Orange dongle is too slow. Does anyone have any other recommendations?
  227. Mobile Phones Has anyone signed up for the Movistar 'Fusion' package? I have a couple of questions.
  228. Internet Are there any public libraries with WiFi access in South Tenerife?
  229. Mobile Phones What are Tenerife Forum members' opinions of the Google Nexus 4?
  230. Fixed Phones Are there any other prepaid telephone services like Direct Telecom's 1051 service?
  231. Television Understanding boxes which live steam TV
  232. Television What do I need to buy to get digital programmes on my Airis HDTV?
  233. Internet Does anyone have a link to the Movistar/Telefonica speed test?
  234. Internet How do I do the credit recharge on my iPad micro-SIM?
  235. Other Can I pay Movistar fixed line/ADSL bill on-line?
  236. Fixed Phones Transferring Movistar landline calls to my mobile
  237. Mobile Phones Wheree can I get a mobile phone unlocked in south Tenerife?
  238. Television Will a UK Freeview box pick up the Spanish digital (TDT) signals?
  239. Television How do I get my Sky TV working in Tenerife?
  240. Internet I need an alternative internet provider to Telefonica
  241. Television What's the best way to get British TV in Tenerife?
  242. Mobile Phones What's the cost of hits mobile voice calls to the UK?
  243. Television Do internet dongles work in Tenerife and what is the cost?
  244. Internet Is anyone able to use Skype on iPad using prepaid SIM?
  245. Television How can I get Sky Go via VPN in Tenerife?
  246. Internet Can anyone recommend a good internet package in Tenerife?
  247. Internet What wireless carriers can I use with a mini iPad in Tenerife?
  248. Other Windows XP disc urgently needed in Tenerife
  249. Mobile Phones Is anyone running the new Android Jelly bean?
  250. Television Sky news has no satellite signal in Tenerife