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  1. Residencia & the new Certificado de Registro in Tenerife: discussions and questions.
  2. Information needed to live and work in Tenerife permanently.
  3. Tenerife Residents' travel discount information thread
  4. How to save on Spanish death duties
  5. Has anyone applied for a visa to visit Russia whilst living in Tenerife?
  6. Spanish Bureaucracy - a trail (or trial) of paper
  7. Recently married. How do I register with social security in Tenerife?
  8. Can you recommend an Interpreter in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife??
  9. If I have a Spanish Driving License do I have to change it if I return to the UK?
  10. Exchanging a UK driving licence for a Spanish one
  11. Whats needed to apply for Etiquetas Identificativas (Sticky bar code labels)
  12. Important for Driving Licence in Spain: Certificado de Empadronamiento
  13. Tenerife Red Tape - you have to laugh!
  14. I have received a fine from Trafico that I don't remember. Can anyone help?
  15. Will I get charged import duty if I send household items through the post?
  16. Can anyone recommend a Customs Clearance Agent/Company in Barcelona?
  17. Advice needed on how to sign on at the Social Security (Paro) in Tenerife
  18. I need to renew my Spanish driving licence. Where can I get the medical done?
  19. Re Registering a right hand drive car in Tenerife
  20. Dedicated to everyone who has experienced a Tenerife Town Hall!
  21. pre paid postage online in Tenerife: is it possible?
  22. Do you need a work contract before you can open a bank account in Tenerife?
  23. Which form do I need for residencia in Tenerife. EX16 OR EX18?
  24. Social Security information?
  25. How do I apply for an NIE number in Tenerife?
  26. Residencia and NIE help!
  27. How long does it take in Guia de Isora before you have your residencia in hand?
  28. Do I need to get a Certificado de Residencia for my child?
  29. Has there been a change in the Law for property owners who purchased without an NIE?
  30. Change of address - how to inform the police?
  31. Legal Translation of Power of Attorney
  32. I have lost my passport and don't know what to do in Tenerife!
  33. Censos de Poblacion y Viviendas 2011 (Census form) received in post
  34. Other Is it cheaper to get a solicitor in England or Tenerife to deal with a divorce?
  35. Resident couple needs advice getting married in Tenerife
  36. How can I get a divorce in Tenerife?
  37. How/where can I sign a Power of Attorney?
  38. How do I change the address on my Spanish driving licence?
  39. Tarjeta profesional de la construcción in English in the South of Tenerife?
  40. Can anyone recommend a gestor in south Tenerife?
  41. Where can I apply for my NIE and Residencia in Puerto de la Cruz?
  42. Can anyone help me to fill out an EX 15 form?
  43. Paperwork Sending a fax from Tenerife
  44. Paperwork Urgent Advice on getting meter connected for electricity.. Have no POWER !!!!!!!
  45. What do you use to translate
  46. How do we file our own non-residents tax declaration?
  47. Should I get a British or Spanish passport for my baby in Tenerife?
  48. Paperwork Getting Married In Tenerife
  49. residencia
  50. Credit Card Size Residence Certificates for EU Citizens
  51. NIE/Residencia Question
  52. Can I change the name on my passport without having to go back to the UK?
  53. American retired couple moving to Tenerife
  54. What to do after a death in Tenerife
  55. Can you get your NIE at the Spanish Embassy in London?
  56. Tax return submission for property owners in Tenerife
  57. Paperwork Ayuntamiento (Town hall)
  58. What paperwork do I need to enrol my children at school?
  59. Residency Card for EU Citizen Family Members
  60. Paperwork Marriage Certificate
  61. Paperwork Is it better to have a Spanish or a UK Will living in Tenerife?
  62. Customs Clearance Services in Tenerife
  63. Looking for English-Speaking Driving Instructor in North Tenerife
  64. Getting Work History from the UK
  65. Paperwork Long Let Contract information wanted please?
  66. How do I register a birth in Tenerife?
  67. Paperwork Which bank can I pay my NIE in Tenerife?
  68. Paperwork How can I get proof of residence in Tenerife without a contract?
  69. Other Where is the Citizens Advice Bureau in Los Cristianos, Tenerife?
  70. Commissioner of Oaths
  71. Other How should I deal with a denuncia we've received?
  72. Some questions about capital gains tax in Tenerife
  73. Getting flight discounts for residents of Tenerife
  74. Other How do I change my address on my Certificado de Residencia?
  75. What is an Estado Civil, and how do I get one?
  76. Paperwork Where can I get UK Passport Photos done in south Tenerife?
  77. Paperwork What paperwork needs to be done for people returning to UK?
  78. Paperwork Can you send a Burofax in English?
  79. Police not issuing any new residence certificates for approximately one month
  80. Do you own a business in a basement in Arona.
  81. Other How to make a denuncia
  82. Other I need advice about making a Spanish will.
  83. Does anyone know of a decent bilingual gestoria?
  84. Other The Police Denuncia helpline has been cut off
  85. English speaking gestoria wanted in south Tenerife
  86. Will my husband receive a Spanish pension in Tenerife?
  87. I have received a police letter through my door and need to translate it
  88. Other Has anyone on the forum been denounced in Tenerife?
  89. Can I get my Certificado de Retenciones online and print it out?
  90. How do I change of address on my NIE & Social Security paperwork?
  91. Croatia to Tenerife
  92. What are the opening hours of the Hacienda in Los Cristianos, Tenerife?
  93. Other Any recommendations for lawyer in Tenerife?
  94. Information needed about convivencia
  95. Freeze on issuing residencias has been lifted
  96. Important changes to social security number applications (July 2012)
  97. What are the steps to getting a holiday let licence?
  98. Help needed organising property and estate paperwork in Tenerife after a bereavment
  99. Paperwork Where can I get UK passport photos done in Tenerife?
  100. Can anyone give advice about terms of maternity in Tenerife?
  101. Other The funny Spanish paperwork video
  102. How do I use the Electronic signature used for tax paying on line in Tenerife?
  103. Registro Civil - doing paperwork to get married in Tenerife
  104. What paperwork do I need to get a Certificado Residencia Fiscal from Hacienda?
  105. How can I arrange my NIE in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife?
  106. Paperwork Can a non-Spanish passport holder travel within Spain with an out-of-date passport?
  107. Paperwork Can anyone recommend an immigration lawyer for USA?
  108. Paperwork Getting belongings sent home to UK from a hotel in Tenerife
  109. Other Am I registered as living here in Tenerife?
  110. Other How long does a denuncia take to action?
  111. Do residencia applications have to be signed by a solicitor?
  112. How do I get a name removed from an escritura in Tenerife?
  113. Where do I go to get a Certificate de Empadronamiento if I live in Las Americas?
  114. How can I get an NIE number without being in Tenerife?
  115. Binter to be able to access Residencia records online
  116. What are the pros and cons of becoming a resident in Tenerife?
  117. Other Has anyone got the phone number for Social Security in Los Cristianos?
  118. Paperwork How much do funerals cost in Tenerife?
  119. Paperwork What paperwork is needed to renew my NIE in Tenerife?
  120. Paperwork Can anyone help me complete my child's passport form in Tenerife?
  121. Paperwork Where can I get 2 documents officially translated?
  122. Paperwork Where can I get documents scanned and edited in Tenerife?
  123. Other Can anyone recommend an English speaking property lawyer in south Tenerife?
  124. Other Is the British Consulate being downgraded in Tenerife?
  125. Paperwork Are basura charges included in my community fees?
  126. Can I get an NIE number at the police station on a Sunday?
  127. Other Can anyone recommend a really good family lawyer in Tenerife?
  128. Law of horizontal division reference required
  129. Other Where is social security office Los Cristianos?
  130. Where can we get a passport photo taken near the Amarilla Golf?
  131. Other Need English speaking lawyer (reasonable priced!)
  132. Paperwork Who can help me set up as a self employed business in Tenerife?
  133. Other UNHappy New Year closure
  134. Other Does anyone know what the new Certificado de Registro rules are for-non workers?
  135. Paperwork What can we do about travelling if we can't find a passport?
  136. Paperwork Can someone help me fill in the Modelo 790 to pay for my NIE?
  137. Paperwork Autonomo year end & how to cease autonomo and social security
  138. Paperwork I need to get an NIE number for nursery place for my son
  139. What are the contact details for Michael Peter Rhodes the lawyer in Los Cristianos?
  140. Other How much does it cost to do a denuncia or Police report in Tenerife?
  141. Paperwork Do expats have to cary their passport as proof of ID along with their NIE?
  142. Paperwork How can I register a boat in Tenerife?
  143. Will my child need a new passport before we travel to Tenerife?
  144. Paperwork How do I register an overseas marriage in Tenerife?
  145. Paperwork How do I cancel my residencia in Tenerife?
  146. Do you have to pay to get a social number in Tenerife?
  147. Paperwork When is the Hacienda tax office open in Las Americas?
  148. Paperwork Travelling to Madrid with Ryan Air - What paperwork do I need?
  149. Paperwork Guide to reporting crime in Tenerife
  150. Paperwork Can anyone recommend a company to help me get my residencia sorted out?
  151. Paperwork Is it legal to laminate a residencia card?
  152. New website helps British citizens make correct use of European Health Insurance Card
  153. Paperwork What papers do I need for cheaper travel to La Gomera?
  154. Paperwork New NIE/Residents card
  155. Paperwork Need a representante aduanero (agente de aduanas)
  156. Paperwork How do you revoke a power of attorney in Tenerife?
  157. Paperwork What is the exact size required for residencia photos?
  158. Paperwork I need some advice about completing my Modelo 030.
  159. A Burofax I sent has been refused. What course of action can I take now?
  160. Paperwork What's the cost of an opening licence in Tenerife?
  161. How do I get my NIE once I get to Tenerife?
  162. Paperwork How can I get a residencia for my child before I set up my business?
  163. 9 new to Tenerife questions
  164. How can I get a health & hygiene certificate?
  165. How much does it cost to give someone power of attorney in Tenerife?
  166. Paperwork My address is wrong or incomplete - everywhere!
  167. Paperwork My A4 paper residencia doesn't have an expiry date
  168. Paperwork Where can I get a 'tenancy agreement' form?
  169. Paperwork Certificado de Empadronamiento renewal
  170. Moving out 25th May, NIE etc Help
  171. Paperwork Has anyone gone through the process of registering as living togther?
  172. Paperwork What are the opening hours of the Notary in Los Cristianos?
  173. Paperwork Changing name on Certificado de Registro Residente?
  174. Paperwork Tax Form "modelo 100"
  175. Paperwork How can I get a social security number for part-time work
  176. Other What is the Consorcio Tributos Isla de Tenerife?
  177. Paperwork What exactly do I need to apply for an NIE number?
  178. Paperwork Certificado de Viaje Arona
  179. Paperwork How can I get a copy of a birth certificate for someone born in Tenerife?
  180. What are the office opening hours for renewing my driving licence?
  181. I have done the energy certificate for my property. Does it need to be registered?
  182. How are charges calculated on incoming parcels to Tenerife?
  183. Paperwork Will I have to pay import tax to bring a boat to Tenerife?
  184. Paperwork Changing your UK driving licence to Spanish is very easy to do DIY
  185. Paperwork Is there an internet cafe on Golf del Sur/Los Abrigos where I can print documents?
  186. Other What paperwork do we need when we bring our baby back to Tenerife?
  187. Paperwork Can anyone recommend and accountant in South Tenerife?
  188. Paperwork Power of attorney
  189. Paperwork Tax Returns non resident ?
  190. Paperwork Nursing work
  191. Other What is the import/customs duty charged on goods ordered from the U.K?
  192. Paperwork When does the British consulate hold sessions in Adeje?
  193. Which is the cheapest company to obtain an energy certificate in Tenerife?
  194. Paperwork Marry In Front Of Notary: 95 euros, Tailor Made Special Day: Priceless
  195. Other How much are the fees for applying for your NIE?
  196. Paperwork What do I need to renew my NIE and get a residencia?
  197. Paperwork Are social security contributions for autonomos now 50€?
  198. Paperwork Are there lawyers in Tenerife that offer the equivalent of legal aid?
  199. Paperwork Documents needed to move to Tenerife
  200. Paperwork Can we get out travel certificate now we have our residency certificate?
  201. How do you register with the Ministerio de Hacienda?
  202. What paperwork do you need to get an empadroniamiento for buying car?
  203. Paperwork Electric connection and water meter
  204. Do we need to register as resident in Tenerife if we're not working there?
  205. Paperwork How do I get a residencia for a baby?
  206. Paperwork Advce needed regarding the sale of our apartment.
  207. Paperwork Easy and cheap service for non-residents tax?
  208. Paperwork Is there an online form to renounce (baja) residency?
  209. Paperwork The new amounts for Tasas - January 2014
  210. Paperwork How do you fill in a Modelo 790 for NIE?
  211. Other What are the opening times for the National Police station in Adeje?
  212. Other What paperwork is needed to get married in Tenerife?
  213. Paperwork Inheritance Tax
  214. Paperwork How do I exchange a UK driving license for a Spanish one?
  215. Paperwork Annual world travel insurance
  216. I've received a parcel from the UK with mega customs duty.
  217. Paperwork Where can I have my passport photographs taken South of Tenerife?
  218. Paperwork Where can I find a certified Spanish translator in South of Tenerife?
  219. Other What is the phone number for the social security office in Los Cristianos?
  220. Paperwork I need my NIE and a Spanish/Swedish translator
  221. Paperwork My NIE is only valid for 3 months. Do I have to renew it?
  222. Paperwork Can anyone help with an application for the Certificado De Viaje online?
  223. Translator needed for a trip to Santa Cruz on Thursday, 20th February 2014
  224. Paperwork How do you go about changing the registered address for an NIE?
  225. Other Can notaries perform weddings in Tenerife?
  226. Paperwork What can I expect for probate of Spanish will?
  227. CV Translation
  228. Paperwork Can I change contract holder name with Entemanser online
  229. Other Has anyone heard of Legalitis Legal Services in Los Cristianos?
  230. Paperwork How can an American obtain a retirement visa in Tenerife?
  231. How can I get form 210?
  232. How do I get a social security number?
  233. Paperwork Inheritance tax England/Spain
  234. Paperwork does anyone know the law with fathers living in the UK and not contributing
  235. Paperwork Can I have a permanent job in both Tenerife and the UK?
  236. Paperwork How do we get the electric switched on in our house when I move?
  237. Paperwork I need advice about IBI, Rates, Fees and other confusing things!
  238. Other How do I replace a lost original NIE certificate?
  239. Paperwork Who are the 'Consorsio de SICTF', and what is this letter?
  240. Paperwork Can anyone help me fill in the TA1 form for my Social Security number?
  241. Should we apply for residency in Tenerife or not?
  242. Other My street name has been changed! what should I do?
  243. Other Would a minor criminal record stop you getting a residencia?
  244. Paperwork I need help applying for my NIE in Tenerife
  245. Paperwork Information needed about being South African and applying for Spanish residency
  246. Other We are having problems applying for a new EHIC card online
  247. Paperwork Moving to North Tenerife in one week, what paperwork do I need?
  248. Paperwork Where do I pay 'non residence tax' in Tenerife?
  249. Paperwork Passport Renewal Information
  250. Paperwork How do I get an NIE number as a non EU citizen?