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  1. Health How to get state medical treatment in Tenerife.
  2. Can anyone recommend a dentist in south Tenerife?
  3. Where are Blue Rain Hairdressers situated in Tenerife?
  4. Has anyone had their teeth whitened in Tenerife?
  5. Has anyone had eye laser surgery in Tenerife?
  6. Where can I get Minx fingernails done in south Tenerife?
  7. Is there a bug going around in Tenerife?
  8. Any members use Blue Rain hairdressers, Vista Sur, Las Americas, Tenerife?
  9. Where can us ladies go to get pampered in Tenerife?
  10. Has anyone ever suffered with Xanthoma?
  11. Does anyone know a good traditional Chinese herbal medicine practitioner in Tenerife?
  12. What is the name of the English speaking doctor in Los Crstianos, Tenerife?
  13. Mental health and the homeless in Tenerife
  14. Buying Nails Lamps and accessories here on Tenerife
  15. Where, and how much is a private scan in Tenerife?
  16. Private Dental Insurance in Tenerife
  17. Where can I get plastic surgery in Tenerife?
  18. I want to contact the Tattooist who worked in El Medano, Tenerife
  19. Aaagh - I need a haircut!
  20. Baby On The Way in Tenerife....so advice needed
  21. Does anyone know what the Radon Levels are in Tenerife?
  22. Has anyone taken the antibiotic Metronidazol (AKA Flagyl)
  23. Chiropractor; Physiotherapist - recommendations please?
  24. Can you buy Sudafed in Tenerife
  25. Translator English to Spanish for doctor's appointment in Adeje
  26. Where can I get a smear test in south Tenerife?
  27. Excellence Medical in Golf del Sur, Tenerife.
  28. Diabetes T2 - 600 calorie a day diet
  29. Other Translator needed in Playa San Juan for a doctor's appointment
  30. EHIC card (formerly E111)
  31. Where is an sti/ gum clinic South Tenerife?
  32. Has anyone given birth in Candelaria Hospital, north Tenerife?
  33. Lymph drainage massage required - South Tenerife
  34. Advice needed for Health Care Insurer
  35. Can anyone recommend an English speaking Doctor in Los Cristianos, Tenerife?
  36. New Health Centre in Callao Salvaje, Tenerife
  37. Can anyone recommend a clinic in Tenerife for minor cosmetic surgery?
  38. Are there any Beauty product wholesalers in Tenerife?
  39. Can I apply for a Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea for my family as dependents?
  40. Hi everybody, advice needed about getting healthcare in Tenerife on a UK pension
  41. Can anyone recommend a Dentist in the North of Tenerife?
  42. Spanish Health Service question
  43. South Tenerife hospital could be open in six months.
  44. Other Is there a hairdresser in south Tenerife that uses Schwarzkopf Hair Products?
  45. Other Can anyone recommend a hairdresser in south Tenerife?
  46. Does anyone have expereince of acupunture treatment in South Tenerife?
  47. What do you think about your Spanish health treatment compared to the UK?
  48. Where can I get a cholesterol test in Tenerife and how much is it?
  49. What are the best Medical Services in Tenerife?
  50. Question about E111 card
  51. I was bitten by a jumping spider and reacted badly!
  52. Twenty Four Euros to donate your body to medical science in Tenerife
  53. Medical Services
  54. Other Contact Number for Social Services or the equivalent here in Tenerife
  55. Other Where can I get my gel nail infills redone in Tenerife?
  56. Other Hairdressing Models needed for this Wednesday in Los Cristianos, Tenerife
  57. How good is the State hospital care in Tenerife?
  58. Other Can anyone recommend a seamstress in south Tenerife?
  59. I need directions to El Mojon Hospital from Torviscas in Tenerife
  60. Is there a Scandinavian Doctor in south Tenerife?
  61. Health Canarian health service has saved 26 million euros in 8 months
  62. Health Can anyone recommend gym or spa deals for residents in Tenerife?
  63. Has anyone had a bunion operation in Tenerife?
  64. Other Where can I buy Sheer Blonde by John Frieda in Tenerife?
  65. Health Urgent medical advice
  66. Anyone experience with Dr. Fu Li (article out of Island Connections edition 655)
  67. Having a baby in Tenerife
  68. Are there any over the counter medicines I can get for Migraines?
  69. Health Advice on dialysis needed.
  70. Translator Needed
  71. Health Mum in hospital in Tenerife - Updates
  72. Flu jab
  73. Health Friday Joke.
  74. Does anyone use DKV Dental Inusrance?
  75. Health Can anyone recommend a Dermatoligist/Trichologist (Hair)
  76. Where can I get a Nexplanon implant removed in Tenerife?
  77. Moving from UK in few months can we get Repeat Prescriptions in Tenerife?
  78. Health How can I replace a lost Tarjeta Sanitaria?
  79. Need a Counsellor/psychologist..
  80. Are there any Homeopathy Shops in south Tenerife?
  81. Where can I get a wheelchair urgently in Tenerife
  82. Health Chickenpox is doing the rounds at the moment in south Tenerife
  83. Where can I buy antacids like Zantac in south Tenerife?
  84. What over the counter medicines and antibiotics can you get in Tenerife?
  85. Health Massage exchange in Tenerife
  86. Health Manual Wheelchair
  87. Does anyone know a doctor that can do a house visit in Tenerife Sur?
  88. Health Where can I get a pregnancy massage in south Tenerife?
  89. Which doctors in Adeje can we register with DKV?
  90. Health Taking care of my mother
  91. Health Can anyone help me get a phone number?
  92. Health Can you buy Naproxen 500mg over the counter in Tenerife?
  93. Health Help needed I need 6 Bonefos 800mg Tablets urgently
  94. Health Organic produce
  95. Health public health service in the south
  96. HEALTH: Travel insurance
  97. Health Does anyone know where I can hire a sunbed?
  98. A recommendation for pain relief treatment in Tenerife
  99. Health Anyone recommend an English speaking speech therapist in Tenerife?
  100. Health Is there an English speaking Homeopath in south Tenerife?
  101. My Tenerife hospital experience on breaking my leg!
  102. Health Which restaurants have got disabled access/loos on "The Golf"?
  103. Health How can I claim back on prescriptions I've paid full-price for in Tenerife?
  104. Health Are there many Mosquitoes in Los Gigantes, Tenerife at this time of year?
  105. Health Is there an English health food shop in Tenerife?
  106. Has anyone had experience of an MRI/CT Scan in Tenerife?
  107. Does anybody know a specialist gingivitis doctor/dentist in south Tenerife?
  108. Is there an Acupuncturist in south Tenerife?
  109. Are there any Yoga instructors in Tenerife?
  110. Can anyone recommend an orthodontist in south Tenerife?
  111. Translator required for a hospital appointment
  112. Checks to make when flying with a plaster cast.
  113. Where can I get injections for my 3 month old in Tenerife?
  114. Urgently needed transport and translator for appointment on Friday in Candelaria
  115. Health An enquiry about doctors and prices charged in Arona or Adeje, Tenerife
  116. Are there any English speaking antenatal classes in Tenerife?
  117. Health What is needed to register with a doctor in Tenerife?
  118. Health Has anyone had any experience with Botox in Tenerife?
  119. My latest experience with the Spanish health service
  120. Health Can anyone recommend an Optician in south Tenerife?
  121. Are there any aqua exercise chlasses for pregnant women in south Tenerife?
  122. Health Can I get medication in Tenerife on a UK prescription?
  123. Where are the medical centres/doctors surgeries in Arona?
  124. Health Where can I hire a lightweight mobility scooter in south Tenerife?
  125. Health Private Medical Insurance
  126. I'm having a Cataract operation. What can I expect?
  127. Certificate of Convivencia
  128. Health Where is it possible to buy LowCarb bread in south Tenerife
  129. Health Can you buy Ultrasun products in south Tenerife?
  130. Health Wound dressings - at farmacia - over-the-counter, or prescription?
  131. How much does it cost to get a tooth pulled out in Tenerife?
  132. Health Good nail technician wanted in south Tenerife
  133. Health Help the battle against cancer
  134. Can I use my Mapfre insurance at any dentist in Los Cristianos, Tenerife?
  135. Healthcare for the retired in Tenerife
  136. Health Does anyone know the number for Arona Ayuntamiento sanitary department?
  137. Can anyone recommend alternative therapies for giving up smoking in Tenerife?
  138. Health Can anyone recommend a spiritual healer in south Tenerife?
  139. Health Physiotherapist needed in south Tenerife
  140. Difficulty registering a baby with the Social Security doctor in Tenerife
  141. I need a dentist who accept DKV medical insurance in Tenerife
  142. How do I register dependants with Social Security in Tenerife?
  143. Health I am so sad. Health problems are preventing me returning home to Tenerife
  144. Advice please om medical cover in Tenerife
  145. Health Where is the cheapest place to get travel injections in Tenerife?
  146. Other Where's the best place to get a tattoo in south Tenerife?
  147. My ear is blocked after a flight. What remedies can I find in Tenerife?
  148. The good auld Spanish Social system
  149. Health What do I do about a skin condition in south Tenerife?
  150. Other Can anyone recommend a hairdressers in Las Americas?
  151. Other Can anyone recommend a good British haidresser in Tenerife south?
  152. Recommendation wanted for a dentist for baby
  153. Health Where is a good optician for kids in South Tenerife?
  154. Does anyone have the phone number for the Medical Centre opposite Laguna Park 1?
  155. Any good Hospital in Tenerife where I can use my EHIC, due to an infection?
  156. Other Can anyone recommend a mens' Hairdresser around San Eugenio, Tenerife?
  157. Injection advice needed in Tenerife
  158. Can you get morphine patches on the EHIC card as an emergency in Tenerife?
  159. Where can I get Teeth Whitening mouth trays in Tenerife?
  160. How do I register with a Social doctor after getting a job in Tenerife?
  161. Other Can anyone recommend a Ladies Hairdresser in San Eugenio, Tenerife?
  162. Searching for a medical doctors expertise
  163. Information needed about living in Tenerife with Diabetes
  164. Health Spanish organ donation card
  165. Can I get dental treatment from the Social Health Service in Tenerife?
  166. Health Pensioners will now have to pay towards their medicines. (Canarian Weekly)
  167. Health S1 form problems
  168. Health Where can I get ProArgi-9 Plus in Tenerife?
  169. Health I've just had a Weight Watchers caramel bar
  170. Having a problem making a doctors appointment on line in Tenerife
  171. Where can I find a number for an on-call doctor today?
  172. How do I register with a Tenerife doctor with form S1 with a UK retirement pension?
  173. Health Will my wife be able to get her blood pressure tablets in Tenerife
  174. Where can I get my eyebrows and lips threaded in Tenerife?
  175. Health Brits urged to take out travel insurance as hospitalisation cases soar
  176. OAP registering as disabled in the Canaries
  177. Health Where is the 'old' building in Candelaria hospital?
  178. Other How can I contact the make up tatooist who lives in Roque del Conde, south Tenerife?
  179. Translator needed at El Mojon Hospital next Tuesday.
  180. Health Where can I get a 3D baby scan in Tenerife south?
  181. Fantastic dental care or what?!
  182. Are there any over the counter sleep remedies available in Tenerife?
  183. Health Need directions to Candelaria hospital ultrasound department
  184. Health Gold Medal for Mrs GB!
  185. Health Where can we get emergency treatment for tourists in Tenerife South?
  186. Other Looking for Denise the hairdresser that used to work at Studio 5, Los Cristianos
  187. How can I get a social security number in Tenerife under the new rules?
  188. Is there any aftercare and advice for cancer patients in Tenerife?
  189. Other Can anyone tell me the cheapest place to buy tickets for the Aqua Spa, Adeje?
  190. How do I register with a doctor when changing residence in Tenerife?
  191. Can anyone recommend a dentist in Santa Cruz, Tenerife?
  192. Do you get an operator in Tenerife when ringing 112?
  193. New Health Centre in Las Galletas, south Tenerife
  194. Other Where can I get ear piercing done in south Tenerife?
  195. Health Is it possible to take morphine patches on a flight to Tenerife?
  196. Would a mobile hair and beauty service be well received in Tenerife?
  197. Paying for an operation from July 1st 2012 in Tenerife
  198. Health What do people think of the no smoking laws in Tenerife these days?
  199. Other Where is the best place to go for body piercing in Tenerife?
  200. Health What are the average dental costs in Tenerife?
  201. Other Are the fish foot spas still open in south Tenerife?
  202. Health Are prescription drugs free in Tenerife?
  203. Health Where can I rent a portable oxygen concentrator whilst in South Tenerife (Adeje)?
  204. Urine and blood test containers (urgent help needed)
  205. Can you buy prescription medicines from chemists in Tenerife?
  206. If we move to Tenerife can my wife still get her disability benefits?
  207. Are there any English speaking doctors in Tenerife?
  208. Health Has anyone heard of the Aduki Diet?
  209. Do you need an interpreter for doctor in Los Cristianos if you don't speak Spanish?
  210. Is there any information about buying into Tenerife state health cover?
  211. Health Is Policlinica Dr Spreafico, Edif Simon, Los Cristianos, closed for good?
  212. Health Always ask for a receipt in Farmacias in Tenerife
  213. Can anyone recommend a private health insurance company in Tenerife?
  214. Health How do I cancel a doctors appointment in Tenerife online?
  215. Are there any nail bars that do gel coating in Los Cristianos?
  216. Other How can I get my hair back to it's natural colour?
  217. Health Flu vaccine programme suspended following contamination scare
  218. Health Does anyone know of a residential care home in south Tenerife?
  219. Other Where's the best place to hire a folding wheelchair in Los Cristianos?
  220. Health Where should I go to get an ingrown toenail removed in Tenerife?
  221. Health How do I register with a doctor in Tenerife?
  222. Health Interpreter needed for hospital appointment on 13th November at 9am
  223. Health Where can buy live probiotics in Tenerife?
  224. Can anyone recommend a ladies hairdressers in Fanabe?
  225. Can anyone recommend a Spanish beautician's shop in Tenerife?
  226. Does anyone know of a professional photographer and makeup artist in Tenerife?
  227. Health Who do I contact regarding waiting lists for operations in Tenerife?
  228. Health Can I use the emergency centre in Los Cristianos?
  229. Health Your right to Socal Health care in Tenerife
  230. Health Does the English pharmacist still work in the chemists in Los Cristianos?
  231. Health Are there any dentists in the Padican scheme in Fañabé?
  232. Health Where do you go if you need to see a doctor at the weekend?
  233. Health Recommendations for a gastroenterologist in Tenerife
  234. Health Can we get repeat prescriptions in Tenerife?
  235. Health Does anyone know a good chiropodist?
  236. Health New beginner running classes - Saturday, Tuesday & Thursday
  237. Are there any womens' safe houses in Tenerife?
  238. Health Can you get liver and kidney funcion tests done in English in Tenerife?
  239. Health Where can I get an eye pressure test in South Tenerife?
  240. Health Can I buy sleeping pills without prescription in Tenerife?
  241. Health Where can I get a rabies injection in Tenerife?
  242. Emergency health care in Southern Tenerife
  243. Health How good are the hospitals in Tenerife? Is there a stroke unit?
  244. Where's the best place to buy nicotine lozengers in Tenerife?
  245. Health Are there any British doctors in Tenerife south?
  246. Other Can anyone recommend a good couples or relationship counsellor in south Tenerife?
  247. Health Are there any gyms in south Tenerife that open early in the morning?
  248. Health Where can I rent or buy a circulation booster in Tenerife?
  249. Health What's the difference between the Green Hospital in Las Americas and Candelaria Hospi
  250. Health Where can I buy anti-malarial medicine in Tenerife?