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  1. What are your experiences with Diamond Resorts?
  2. How far is the Villa Adeje beach aparthotel from Veronicas in Tenerife?
  3. Which are the best websites to find long let accommodation in Tenerife?
  4. What's the best way of finding somewhere to live in Tenerife?
  5. Can anyone tell me where to get sunbed towelling covers at the Aparthotel Panorama?
  6. Property Prices in Tenerife
  7. Intending to relocate to Tenerife for 3 months or so...
  8. Property Is squatting a growing problem in Tenerife?
  9. Has anyone lost deposit on off plan property purchase?
  10. Illegal holidays lets - What's the future?
  11. What is legally considered a Long Term Rental in Tenerife?
  12. What are the current Estate Agents commission rates in Tenerife?
  13. Advice on leasing a bar/restaurant please
  14. Can anyone recommend a mortgage broker in south Tenerife?
  15. Is there a list of Tenerife estate Agents that I can subscribe to for rentals?
  16. 'Must see' places when considering where to live in Tenerife?
  17. Real estate agents maximum fee 5%
  18. Living in Santa Cruz
  19. Buying property in Tenerife
  20. Special Offer. Studio for 1 per day
  21. Less Tax to be charged on some house purchases in Tenerife
  22. Can anyone tell me any Spanish web sites where I can look for apartment rentals?
  23. Even Ministers Confused By Re-Introduction of Wealth Tax
  24. 3% Retention Capital Gains Tax
  25. Tinsa calculate that the present housing stock will take 4 years to sell.
  26. Update on competent/incompetent estate agents in Tenerife
  27. Is it compulsary to take life insurance with a mortgage in Tenerife?
  28. Other Urgent accomodation wanted
  29. Other Does a community president receive a salary?
  30. Can anyone recommend a marble floor polisher in south Tenerife?
  31. Other Can anyone recommend a Hotel in Adeje, Tenerife?
  32. Are there reasonably priced apartments in Santa Cruz, Tenerife?
  33. Tenerife Prime Property / Trading Post - Las Galletas, Tenerife
  34. Advice needed on buying a house in Los Abrigos, Tenerife.
  35. Searching for Large Rental House in North Tenerife - Can Anyone Help
  36. Accomodation Wanted February 13 to 24 in Los Cristianos/Las Americas
  37. 3 bed townhouse or villa wanted for a Long let wanted
  38. Community AGM Agenda - legalities over the content of
  39. long let wanted
  40. A big Thankyou & an even bigger let down.
  41. Property prices in Tenerife
  42. What happens if you can't pay timeshare maintenance fees?
  43. Does any Tenerife Forum member have a recomodation for wesites for a studio rental?
  44. Where should I look for legally let apartments in Tenerife?
  45. Long let apartment rental advice needed :)
  46. Kitchen Unit Doors Needed
  47. I need some help with Planning problems in Tenerife.
  48. What are the rules regarding renting apartments to tourists in Tenerife?
  49. Mare Verde - wanted an apartment to let
  50. Where can I get a map of Victoria Court 1, Los Cristianos, Tenerife?
  51. Buying property in Playa San Juan. Reviews needed
  52. 1 room in large 2 bed apartment for Couple or mature individual
  53. Apartment needed for 1 month in los Cristianos
  54. Which estate agents would you recommend in south Tenerife??
  55. Help needed on the sale of Property in Tenerife
  56. Can anyone recommend an estate agents in Playa Paraiso or Callao Salvaje?
  57. Other Best area to be based for a week?
  58. Just found out the house we bought in Tenerife has no mains drainage
  59. Forum members CIM & Young Golfer
  60. Other Has anyone heard about a project near Playa de Los Tarajales in front of Arona Gran?
  61. Heading into the big wide world.. how to rent in Tenerife
  62. Has anyone had their rental deposit withheld using dubious reasons in Tenerife?
  63. How close does the security gate have to be to an enclosed pool in Tenerife?
  64. Moving to Tenerife!
  65. Can anyone recommend an estate agent in Tenerife?
  66. Lanzarote Forum!! Not as good as this one...
  67. Transfer of Mortgage
  68. Thank you, kikebolli, for your studio!
  69. More than 3 million empty houses in Spain !
  70. Property Prices
  71. Any Estate Agents who deal with rural properties in Tenerife?
  72. Buying an investment property - Tenerife or UK?
  73. I am a victim of an apartment renting scam and I need help!
  74. How much is a long let security deposit, in general, in Tenerife?
  75. Other Apartment opinion wanted regarding Pueblo Torviscas/Sunset Harbour
  76. How can I contact the owners of 'Sunshine Properties' in Tenerife?
  77. Be warned bad tennant who will rip you off given the chance!
  78. Why do estate agents agree to advertise properties at unrealistic prices in Tenerife?
  79. How can I find a bar for lease in Las Americas or Los Cristianos?
  80. Other Where should we holiday in Tenerife? Los Gigantes or Las Galletas?
  81. Which dream home would you buy in Tenerife?
  82. Is it the norm to pay 1% to redeem a mortgage in Tenerife?
  83. Where can I find a bank-owned property in Los Cristianos?
  84. What is this building in Parque de la Reina, Tenerife?
  85. Looking for Long term let websites for Tenerife
  86. Looking for Long Term Rental Golf Del Sur
  87. Property in the Wintersun programme features North Tenerife
  88. Has anyone had any dealings with Ocean Properties, Los Cristianos?
  89. What's the best way to sell a Business in Tenerife?
  90. I need a Locksmith in Tenerife. Any suggestions?
  91. Other How does the Rent-to-Buy Scheme work in Tenerife?
  92. I have just bought an apartment in Tenerife and will be out to visit shortly
  93. Other Golf Plaza Cordial, Golf del Sur
  94. Which resorts in Los Cristianos have heated pools?
  95. Need some advice on rented apaprtment
  96. Other Meeting in Callao Salvaje
  97. Has the Royal sun in Los Gigantes changed its name?
  98. Alternative areas to buy an apartment in Tenerife.
  99. Los Menores
  100. Other hotel in the south
  101. Other Does the hotel Hacienda Del Sol have a high numbers of thefts?
  102. Selling our apartment
  103. Beware of burglars!
  104. Does any one on here live in San Blas, Golf del Sur, Tenerife?
  105. Other Does anyone know Anita who rents on Dinastia?
  106. Can anyone tell me about the Hotel Sol Tenerife?
  107. Other Which should I choose, Playa Olid or Sol Sun Beach?
  108. In my opinion, this is a worthless property 'guarantee'
  109. Multiple Estate Agents: how does the commission work?
  110. Other Booking an hotel and flights for next year to Tenerife
  111. Government subvention to an edificio elevator
  112. Why do estate agents in Tenerife advertise properties that have already been sold?
  113. Any tips on buying a property in Tenerife?
  114. Property purchase - some advice needed
  115. Help with Property Purchase
  116. Can anyone put me in touch with the owners of large private gardens?
  117. Other Have any members used Sol y Luna Estate agents in Tenerife?
  118. Does anyone do any research before they hit Tenerife?
  119. Other Looking for an apartment to rent in Tenerife for a week. Can anyone suggest?
  120. I need information about Tandemfincas SL in Los Cristianos, Tenerife
  121. Should I buy a house that I love, or not?
  122. Rural land wanted in south Tenerife
  123. Have Tenerife South Rentals ceased trading?
  124. Does anyone know the availability of Parque Santiago 3 in Las Americas, Tenerife?
  125. Banks are selling off Tenerife property at a knock down price!
  126. Other Where is your favourite apartment in Tenerife?
  127. Other Are there any hostels in Los Cristianos and how much are they?
  128. Apartment wanted to rent in Los Cristianos for 2 adults and 3 children in October
  129. Other Which is better for a budget holiday - Laguna Park 2 or Castle Habour?
  130. Has Tenerife South Vacations in Torviscas, Tenerife, gone bust?
  131. Other Can anyone recommend accommodation in Tenerife with a kids' club or baby facilities?
  132. Are there any good websites for long term rentals in Tenerife?
  133. I am looking for a tenant that didn't pay her rent in Tenerife
  134. Unacceptable behaviour of neighbours with rentals in Tenerife
  135. We are looking to buy a retirement property in Tenerife and want reviews of agents
  136. Change in law regarding long lets on tourist complexes in Tenerife?.
  137. I am looking for a quiet holiday for adults in south Tenerife
  138. Other We wanted to come to Tenerife for January 2013
  139. What are the rules on extending a property in Tenerife?
  140. Other Can anyone recommend a child friendly holiday rental complex in Tenerife?
  141. What was the price of a 1 bed apartment on Winter Gardens, Golf Del Sur, in 2003?
  142. Any information welcomed about the Los Corales complex in Los Cristianos
  143. Please help - parents stung by a possible hoax let via this forum
  144. How I can contact the Comodoro Hotel in Los Cristianos, Tenerife?
  145. Can anyone recommend good sites to look for Tenerife property?
  146. How much does it cost to rent a small shop in Tenerife?
  147. More 4 is on Tenerife now!
  148. Can anyone recommend a solicitor to handle a property purchase in South Tenerife?
  149. How would I find the landlord or owner of an empty property in Tenerife?
  150. Where is the Florida Park complex in South Tenerife?
  151. Are there any good long let accommodation websites in Tenerife?
  152. Other Tenerife Royal Gardens and other former John Palmer Timeshares
  153. Can anyone recommend papers in Tenerife that advertise rooms for rent?
  154. Watch out for this woman, Josiane Witterzeel
  155. Other Looking for long term apartment/studio rental for 2013
  156. Other Where are the best hotels in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife?
  157. Holiday Rental Thank you all on the Tenerife Forum for helping me find accommodation in Tenerife!
  158. Property What's it like on the Santa Marta complex in Costa Del Silencio, Tenerife?
  159. Whose interest do estate agents represent?
  160. Property Is there a website to check actual Tenerife property prices?
  161. Property Sun Bay Villas, Amarilla Golf, Tenerife
  162. Property For Sale We're selling our apartment on the Amarilla Golf. Can anyone recommend agents to use?
  163. Holiday Rental 1 room available in Costa del Silencio for 70€ week. Women only.
  164. Wanted A villa on the beach in Tenerife for 10 people in Las Americas
  165. Wanted Apartment in south Tererife for 8 nights from the 4th December 2012
  166. Are there any free ads papers in Tenerife for accommodation?
  167. Wanted Eight weeks accommodation in north Tenerife
  168. Property How can I contact friends in Palm Mar?
  169. Wanted Las Americas studio or 1 bed apartment from 26th December 2012 to 6th January 2013
  170. Where can I find a week's cheap accommodation in South Tenerife?
  171. Other New Canarian touristic property rental law
  172. Property Have 'Island Estates,' in Las Americas, closed or moved?
  173. Property Non-residents owning property in Tenerife through a company
  174. Other Has anyone had dealings with worldwidegroup.eu?
  175. Long Term Rental I am looking for websites for long term rentals in south Tenerife
  176. Wanted Studio in Las Americas from around 15th December 2012 to 15th January 2013
  177. Wanted What's the cheapest way to stay in Tenerife?
  178. Property Are there any online sites to find long term lets in Tenerife?
  179. Property There's building work on Compostella Beach resort during my holiday in Tenerife
  180. Property Where should we live? On a residential or holiday complex?
  181. Property Has anyone experienced problems with building companies not returning deposits?
  182. Property Do you think property sales in Tenerife will increase soon?
  183. Property New residency rules for people buying expensive properties in Tenerife
  184. I'm planning go to Las Americas for 3 months. Where's the cheapest place to live?
  185. Property Can anyone recommend a flat area or resort in south Tenerife?
  186. Long Term Rental 2 bed 2 bath house available in Las Chafiras
  187. Property Has anyone got the phone number of Carlos Golding, an abogado on the Golf del Sur?
  188. Wanted 2 bed 1 month rental in the Los Cristianos area.
  189. Holiday Rental Studio apartment in Las Americas available in December
  190. How many English people live in the village of Igueste?
  191. Property Accommodation wanted urgently
  192. Holiday Rental Apartment wanted in La Caleta, south Tenerife. January 2013
  193. Why are pets not welcome in apartments in Tenerife?
  194. Other What are the fees involved for property purchase in Tenerife?
  195. Property Ley de Costas
  196. Holiday Rental Wanted 2 bed from 20th Oct-5th Nov 2013 Costa Adeje pref santa maria.
  197. Maestro Vacations have ceased trading in Tenerife. Please beware!
  198. Shared Room wanted for 6 months in South Tenerife
  199. Other Have any owners of weeks at Tenerife Royal Gardens received compensation?
  200. Other What level of property insurance should I get?
  201. Property Can I get a survey done on and apartment in Tenerife?
  202. Wanted Studio apartment wanted for long let in south Tenerife from the 6th. February, 2013
  203. Property Is there a market for people who are selling a property, but staying on as a tennant?
  204. Other Is Tenerife family friendly and can my children use lilo's in the pools ?
  205. Other Can we get our deposit refunded for an illegal letting?
  206. Holiday Rental How can you tell the legal holiday rentals from the illegal ones in Tenerife?
  207. Holiday Rental Looking to rent apt/villa in Playa las Americas
  208. Holiday Rental 1 bed apartment in Los Cristianos available. March 6th - 29th 2013
  209. Advice needed about apartment rental fees in Las Americas
  210. Holiday Rental Accomodation in Puerto Colon 5 ngihts from March 13th 2013
  211. Property What are the pros and cons of renting versus buying for personal use?
  212. Property Who's responsible for making sure a vendor's mortgage is not attached to a property?
  213. Other Where are the best places go in Tenerife for honeymoon?
  214. Property what happened to the hotel compostella beach golf resort 3?
  215. Property Where is there a market for fractional ownership?
  216. Property Banks are starting to rent properties in Tenerife
  217. Property Has anyone had luck recuperating rent owed on a property in Tenerife?
  218. Property Advice wanted about on bank insurance policies for mortgages in Tenerife
  219. Wanted We are looking to buy a property, but we are unsure which area to choose
  220. Investment Opportunity Buying a holiday home in Tenerife?
  221. Long Term Rental 1 bed apartment in Puerto Santiago
  222. Property Do any Communities have this Administrator? Despacho Melguizo Rodriguez
  223. Property I have some questions about the Roque del Conde development
  224. Wanted Looking for spacious 1 bed with good internet facility in South Tenerife
  225. Long Term Rental On average how much is a long term rental in Puerto de la Cruz?
  226. Property Problems with newly rented restaurant
  227. Property What's the average rental price for an apartment in Playa de las Americas?
  228. Wanted Where can I book an apartment on Santiago 3 for holiday let?
  229. Holiday Rental Information wanted on The Heights, Los Cristianos
  230. Property What is the planning process for building in Tenerife?
  231. Wanted Which complex is best to invest in buy-to-let property?
  232. Property Thank you to member Rene of Hestria!
  233. Has anyone ever stayed at Tenerife Royal Gardens?
  234. Other Anyone have an email address for Hotel Best in Tenerife?
  235. Property How can I contact an estate agent called Peter who videos property?
  236. Property For Sale Estate agent needed that specialises in finca sales
  237. Property Having electricity supply upgraded
  238. Property Water.
  239. Property Where can I look for a property with farmland and apartments close by?
  240. Is it difficult to change the use of premises from business to residential?
  241. Other My apartment has been cancelled. Have I been scammed?
  242. Long Term Rental 2 bed apartment available in Llano de Camello, Las Chafiras
  243. Property Anyone else having a problem with house damp in Tenerife?
  244. Does anyone know about the apartments at Compostela Beach Club?
  245. Property Do I have to pay rent until my contract expires on my apartment?
  246. Holiday Rental Apartment advice need for the best complexes for a couple in their 60s
  247. Holiday Rental Tenerife Royal Gardens was not up to standard when we visited
  248. Property Would relaxing all restrictions work in Tenerife, as it does in Las Vegas?
  249. Other What's it like on Mare Verde, Torviscas, Tenerife?
  250. Property How do long let contracts work in Tenerife?