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  1. Cars & Transport Warning: Check that your car hire insurance is adequate
  2. Can I take motor bike test in Tenerife?
  3. Cars & Transport Rich pickings on the Guaza bypass
  4. Cars & Transport What is the law regarding driving on a non Spanish Driving License in Tenerife?
  5. Cars & Transport Do we have to arrange for a child car seat in a taxi from the airport?
  6. Cars & Transport Are you allowed personalised number plates on Tenerife cars?
  7. Cars & Transport Can I get a German TÜV in Tenerife?
  8. Cars & Transport What's the phone number for M & Co in Guaza
  9. Cars & Transport Where's best place to buy a second hand car in south Tenerife?
  10. Cars & Transport Is there a classic car scene in Tenerife?
  11. Cars & Transport Where is the best place to advertise a car for sale?
  12. Cars & Transport What car hire companies are there in San Blas?
  13. Cars & Transport Any long term rental car companies in south Tenerife?
  14. Cars & Transport What is the legal standing on taking a car from Tenerife to the UK with No Tax or MOT
  15. Cars & Transport Can you buy red diesel in Tenerife?
  16. Cars & Transport Has anyone got the taxi rank number in Callao Salvaje?
  17. I need some friends picking up from south Tenerife airport.
  18. Cars & Transport Can anyone recommend puncture repair and tyre replacement services in the South?
  19. Cars & Transport Which hire car company is best at Tenerife South airport?
  20. Cars & Transport Where can I hire a Cabrio in April-May?
  21. Cars & Transport Police are checking 'drops offs' at the airport.
  22. What is the current IVA rate on a new vehicle in Tenerife?
  23. Cars & Transport Change of name on car documents in Tenerife
  24. Cars & Transport What's the best transport to get from the south airport with 6 month old baby?
  25. Cars & Transport How do I register a car in my name which is registered in Mallorca?
  26. Cars & Transport Is a car necessary or not in Tenerife?
  27. Cars & Transport How do you organise change of ownership on a car in Tenerife?
  28. Van returning to UK with space available.
  29. Cars & Transport Where can I get my Air Con topped up in south Tenerife?
  30. TITSA bus offer for Tenerife tourists
  31. Cars & Transport Do the following car rules apply to the Canaries?
  32. Cars & Transport Can non employees park in the staff car park at Tenerife south airport?
  33. Cars & Transport Where is the deposito in Guia de Isora? My car has been towed!
  34. Cars & Transport Confirmed by Which? Magazine Auto Reisen is the best car hire firm!
  35. Cars & Transport When is the last day for car tax payment in Arona?
  36. Other Where can I rent a car long term in Tenerife?
  37. Cars & Transport Car mechanic wanted urgently to fix a windscreen
  38. Can I change my old paper license for a U.K. photo license whilst living in Tenerife?
  39. Cars & Transport What do I need to know before my car's ITV in Tenerife?
  40. Cars & Transport Who should I get my hire car from in Tenerife? AutoReisen or Plus Car?
  41. Cars & Transport Campaign to get cars over 7 years old off the roads in Tenerife
  42. Cars & Transport Where's the best place to book an airport transfer to Puerto Santiago?
  43. Cars & Transport What paperwork do I need to sell my car?
  44. Cars & Transport Information for Renault owners or potential owners
  45. Cars & Transport Getting car insurance with a driving conviction in Tenerife
  46. Cars & Transport Does anyone have information about the PIVE scheme for scrapping old cars?
  47. Cars & Transport British mobile smart repairer looking for work in Tenerife
  48. Other Driving School / Lessons and gaining licence in Tenerife
  49. Cars & Transport Can anyone help please?
  50. Cars & Transport How easy is it to park near Puerto Colon?
  51. How much does it cost to re register a car in Tenerife?
  52. Cars & Transport Car insurance prices & companies in Tenerife?
  53. Cars & Transport Can anyone recommend a long term car hire company in north Tenerife?
  54. Cars & Transport Buy a Spanish car - what needs to be done re - paperwork etc
  55. Other What license do I need to drive a scooter in Tenerife?
  56. Cars & Transport What paperwork do I need to bring my motorcycle to Tenerife?
  57. Cars & Transport Respray recommendations wanted in the Golf del Sur/ Las Chafiras area.
  58. Cars & Transport Has anyone had private airport transfers Overseas Taxis?
  59. Cars & Transport What are the pros or cons of Plus Car at Tenerife South Airport?
  60. Cars & Transport Driving on a provisional bike licence in Tenerife
  61. Other How do I get a Certificado de Empadronamiento?
  62. Cars & Transport Anyone recommend a Home Car Valeting service?
  63. Cars & Transport Motorcycle Licence lessons (any info would be appreciated)
  64. A question about tax payable on importing car parts
  65. Cars & Transport Do you need a doctor's certificate to hire disabled buggies in Tenerife?
  66. Cars & Transport Where can a 20 year old hire a car in Tenerife?
  67. Anyone recommend a Removal Company in Tenerife?
  68. Cars & Transport Car head lining repairer wanted
  69. Cars & Transport Where's the best place to buy a second hand car in south Tenerife??
  70. Cars & Transport Where can I get a new remote car key for a Peugeot in Tenerife?
  71. Cars & Transport What is the taxi number for the El Escobonal area?
  72. Cars & Transport Where can I hire sports car in Tenerife?
  73. Cars & Transport Where can I buy Auto Glym car care products in Tenerife?
  74. Cars & Transport I have been fined again for not being registered in trafico!
  75. Cars & Transport We got a great service for vehicle matriculation in Tenerife
  76. Cars & Transport Hacienda in the south taking cars taxes starting in 3 weeks time
  77. Cars & Transport Where's the best place to buy a new car battery in south Tenerife?
  78. Cars & Transport Does anyone have a classic British roadster car in Tenerife?
  79. Renault in Guaza has closed.
  80. Cars & Transport Which is the best garage to buy an automatic car from in Tenerife?
  81. Cars & Transport Where can I get the air conditioning re-gassed for my Renault Clio?
  82. Cars & Transport Will certified copies of documents be OK with police while driving a hire car?
  83. Does anyone have Wolfgang the mechanic's phone number?
  84. Cars & Transport Where can I buy a moped in Tenerife?
  85. Cars & Transport What paperwork do I need to ship a motorcycle to Tenerife?
  86. Cars & Transport What engine coolant do we need to put in a Ford Fiesta 1.3?
  87. Cars & Transport Did I dream this proposal about limiting car lifespan in Tenerife?
  88. Cars & Transport How much will it cost to import my car to Tenerife?
  89. Cars & Transport Who do you insure your car with in Tenerife?
  90. Cars & Transport Is it possible to insure a car for 6 months each year?
  91. Cars & Transport Male car horn wanted for a Berlingo
  92. Cars & Transport Tailgaters on the TF1. Are they idiots, bullies or both?
  93. Cars & Transport Is it legal to use a car roof rack in Tenerife?
  94. Cars & Transport Where are the Toyota/Honda dealers in north Tenerife?
  95. Other Where can I get my car valeted in south Tenerife?
  96. Cars & Transport Looking for 9 seaters for rent
  97. Cars & Transport Car wanted for 9 weeks rent
  98. Cars & Transport Can I use my UK disability Blue badge in Tenerife?
  99. Cars & Transport Long term car hire wanted in the Golf del Sur area
  100. Other How to sell a car
  101. Cars & Transport Where can I find a Dacia dealer in Tenerife?
  102. Anyone recommend a car hire company in Los Cristianos?
  103. Cars & Transport I'm looking to hire or buy a motobike or moped in Tenerife
  104. Cars & Transport How much is an ITV for a scooter?
  105. Cars & Transport I'm looking for a company to process registration of UK car to Spanish plates
  106. Cars & Transport Taxi Strike 30th October 2013
  107. Cars & Transport Where is the best place in the South of Tenerife to buy budget tyres?
  108. Cars & Transport I'm looking for long term car hire in Tenerife
  109. Cars & Transport Where is the Audi car dealership in Tenerife?
  110. Cars & Transport Has anyone used Auto Plus car hire company?
  111. Cars & Transport I witnessed some unbelievably bad driving in Tenerife
  112. Cars & Transport Where do I go to change my address on my car documents?
  113. Cars & Transport Can you put parcels and groceries on the back seat of your car?
  114. Cars & Transport What are the speed limits in Tenerife?
  115. Cars & Transport From Costa Adeje to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is it possible to travel everyday?
  116. Cars & Transport Why do Canarians use the left indicator when they are slowing down?
  117. Cars & Transport Where can I get long term scooter rent in Tenerife?
  118. Cars & Transport Is duty payable on a car imported from mainland Spain?
  119. Cars & Transport Help! Christmas 2013, How do I find a car??
  120. Cars & Transport Looking for a car
  121. Cars & Transport Hertz at TFS - help to counter Faycan accusation..
  122. Other I need a booster seat for my son.
  123. Cars & Transport Long term car hire wanted
  124. Cars & Transport Is there free parking near the harbour in Los Gigantes?
  125. Other The World cruise ship docs in Los Cristianos
  126. Cars & Transport Is there any long term parking in the Golf del Sur area?
  127. Cars & Transport Should the garage honour the warranty on my used car?
  128. Cars & Transport How do I change the registration documents after a car purchase in Tenerife?
  129. Car seat rules for babies in Tenerife
  130. Cars & Transport Who has taken over the Rhan dealership at Las Chafiras?
  131. Cars & Transport I have a few questions about importing a car to Tenerife
  132. Cars & Transport Buying new car in Tenerife
  133. Cars & Transport ITV is next week, but the wife rolled into a car
  134. Cars & Transport Reduced Insurance costs for Classic Cars
  135. Cars & Transport Where can I get a Titsa bus route map?
  136. Cars & Transport We need a car to rent for a long period in Tenerife
  137. Cars & Transport Can anyone help me put my car through it's ITV?
  138. Cars & Transport Urgent help needed with an old fine from Tráfico
  139. Cars & Transport Can I get 50cc moped insurance for more than one rider?
  140. Cars & Transport Should I book cabs or just use a taxi rank?
  141. Cars & Transport Where can I get help matriculating my UK car to Tenerife plates?
  142. Cars & Transport I'm looking for a nice fancy car rental for our honeymoon in Tenerife
  143. Cars & Transport Long term car lease wanted in Tenerife
  144. Cars & Transport Where are the best places for long term car rentals in Tenerife?
  145. Cars & Transport Do we need a Residencia to buy a car in Tenerife?
  146. Cars & Transport Advice needed about matriculating a car in Tenerife
  147. Cars & Transport Can anyone recommend a supplier of used cars in south Tenerife?
  148. Cars & Transport Where can I find motor homes and camper vans for sale or rent in Tenerife?
  149. Cars & Transport Where can I buy warning triangles, etc in Tenerife?
  150. Cars & Transport Mainland Spain for purchasing motorhomes
  151. Cars & Transport conned regarding vehicle - any advice?
  152. Cars & Transport Where can I get a 12v heavy duty plant battery recharged in Tenerife?
  153. Cars & Transport Can anyone recommend firms to get cheaper car insurance quotes for my renewal?
  154. Cars & Transport Should I buy a large van in Tenerife or the mainland?
  155. Cars & Transport Can anyone recommend a company for airport transfers in the Los Gigantes area?
  156. Cars & Transport I urgently need my car ITVd. Can anyone help?
  157. How can I de-register a car in Tenerife?
  158. New motoring laws come in to force in May 2014 in Tenerife
  159. Cars & Transport When will the new road from South west Tenerife to Icod de los Vinos open?
  160. Cars & Transport How long is the TITSA 110 bus journey to Santa Cruz?
  161. Titsa's improvement plans
  162. Cars & Transport Is Motorworld still operating?
  163. What are the costs and legal requirements of having electric scooters in Tenerife?
  164. Cars & Transport What paperwork do I need to take to renew my car tax in Tenerife?
  165. Cars & Transport What's the process of renewing an expired ITV on a motorbike?
  166. Where can we hire a van in North Tenerife?
  167. Where can I get promo vehicles in Tenerife?
  168. Which is the best company to hire a car?
  169. Other Can anyone recommend a car painter in south Tenerife?
  170. Cars & Transport What are the minimum requirements for motorcycle registration?
  171. Cars & Transport Work has started at last on the the road on the Golf del Sur
  172. Cars & Transport Do I need a car for living on Tenerife?
  173. Cars & Transport Renewing Spanish driving licence in Tenerife
  174. Cars & Transport Car Swap
  175. Anyone used 'Car Leasing Tenerife'?
  176. Cars & Transport Swap UK Volvo V70 Estate 2.4 Auto RHD for LHD car.
  177. Where can I rent a Quad bike for week in south Tenerife?
  178. Cars & Transport Is there a Honda sales garage in south Tenerife?
  179. Cars & Transport Help for a large family holiday in Sept 14 La Playa.
  180. Cars & Transport Where can I hire a Big Van in south Tenerife?
  181. Cars & Transport ITV station web site
  182. Cars & Transport Where can I fill the propane gas tank of my RV in Tenerife?
  183. Cars & Transport What car rental options are there at 3am from Tenerife South Airport?
  184. Cars & Transport What is the usual cost of a taxi from TFS to Palm Mar?
  185. Cars & Transport Dangers of driving in flip flops
  186. Cars & Transport Where can I get my medical for transferring my British driving licence to a Spanish one?
  187. Cars & Transport Urgent need a car to hire which is cheap or rent to buy anyone?
  188. Cars & Transport Where is the cheapest place to get a second hand gear box for a kia carnival
  189. Cars & Transport What's my car/bike worth?
  190. Other How can I get a permanent parking space at Tenerife south airport?
  191. Cars & Transport The process of buying a car in Tenerife
  192. Cars & Transport Our hire car has gone missing from outside our apartment
  193. Cars & Transport Quick couple of questions re: import, licenses and mopeds
  194. Cars & Transport Cheap diesel second hand car
  195. Does anyone know the guy's phone number who stays in Tenerife and goes back to the UK regularly?
  196. Is universal exports any good?
  197. Cars & Transport Does anyone out there fix gear boxes or rebuild them?
  198. Cars & Transport Is anyone coming to Tenerife by car and can bring a package from the UK?
  199. Cars & Transport Will my paperwork need amending if I change the engine of my car in Tenerife?
  200. Cars & Transport I need to contact Mark Ashro urgently
  201. Cars & Transport Long term parking at Tenerife Sur Airport
  202. Cars & Transport Shipping 6 boxes back to the UK to Tenerife
  203. Long term car hire needed
  204. Cars & Transport Your help is appreciated making Tenerife more accessible to disabled people
  205. Cars & Transport Should I get a Spanish driving licence when my UK one expires?
  206. Cars & Transport How do I register for online driving notifications in Tenerife?
  207. Cars & Transport The online appointment system for Traffico in Santa Cruz doesn't accept my NIE
  208. Cars & Transport Can we register a car if we are non resident?
  209. Cars & Transport Spanish resident renting a car in the UK with a UK licence
  210. Cars & Transport Can you sell a car in Tenerife that isn't matriculated?
  211. Paperwork I need to get car paperwork checked out in Tenerife
  212. Cars & Transport Where can I get competitive car insurance in Tenerife?
  213. Cars & Transport What questions do you get asked when you take a car for ITV?
  214. Cars & Transport Oil & filter service needed for my car in or around Adeje
  215. Do outstanding debts stay with a car when it's sold on in Tenerife?
  216. Cars & Transport How soon can I do my ITV on my car?
  217. Cars & Transport Are there any dealers that have American car spares in Tenerife?
  218. Cars & Transport Bringing an old car with me to Tenerife. What tax/duty should I expect?
  219. Other How do I pay a parking fine in Tenerife?
  220. Cars & Transport How to find out the cost of importing a car to Tenerife.
  221. Cars & Transport Book your ITV appointment online via the Tenerife Forum
  222. Cars & Transport Where can I get a torque wrench in Tenerife?
  223. Cars & Transport Has anyone used the new Renault garage in San Isidro?
  224. Other Are scooters an accident waiting to happen?
  225. Cars & Transport Can anyone recommend a long term car hire company in Tenerife?
  226. Cars & Transport Has the service at Goldcar improved recently?
  227. Child's scooter needed to hire or borrow for a few days
  228. Cars & Transport Current fuel prices in Tenerife
  229. Cars & Transport Are there any car hire companies that don't have a 'full tank' policy?
  230. Other Can anyone recommend a panel beater in Tenerife?
  231. Diesel prices have gone down a lot recently in Tenerife
  232. Cars & Transport I can't believe this... 7 days car hire with Autoreisen for 41€!
  233. Cars & Transport Where can I get a copy of a BMW key in Tenerife?
  234. Other Quad bike or small tractor with trailer needed.
  235. Cars & Transport What's the cost of owning a car in Tenerife?
  236. Cars & Transport Small removal van required in Tenerife
  237. Cars & Transport Can you still get money off new cars when you scrap your old one in Tenerife?
  238. Do we need a child's car seat for a taxi in Tenerife?
  239. Other I need an English version of the book to prepare for the driving theory test
  240. Cars & Transport Doctors letter of fitness to drive
  241. Is there a bike hire shop in Los Cristianos?
  242. Cars & Transport My new Spanish driving licence has finally arrived!
  243. Cars & Transport How do I obtain a card which allows me to park in disabled areas?
  244. Cars & Transport Is it possible to order tires from the UK?
  245. Other Double mobility scooters
  246. Cars & Transport European driving licence
  247. Cars & Transport I have an expired UK driving licence. Can I renew it in Tenerife?
  248. Cars & Transport All the parking places in San Eugenio have gone!
  249. Cars & Transport How far in advance can you get your ITV renewed in Tenerife?
  250. Cars & Transport acid??