View Full Version : How/where can I sign a Power of Attorney?

08-10-2011, 13:49

Next week my sister will visit me here in Tenerife. I want si sign a general Power of Attorney so that she can handle certain things for me when returns home. How can I do it? Is it necessary to prepare some document/text or I can just visit a notary and he will to everything?


Tom & Sharon
08-10-2011, 14:05
Do you mean power of attorney for the UK?

08-10-2011, 14:44
I am not from UK. But yes, I need a power of attorney tha will be valid in another European Union country.

Tom & Sharon
08-10-2011, 15:41
I think you'll have to check your home country's requirements.

Certainly if you sign power of attorney in the UK for use in Spain, it has to be prepared and witnessed by a notary, but still has to be sent to the Foreign Office in London to be validated.

Nothing as simple as just walking into a notary's office there, and it may be similar here, depending on your home country's requirements.

I would start my enquiry there rather than here.