View Full Version : WANTED in Tenerife Shop fittings

24-10-2011, 11:57
Wanted shop fittings such as spinners etc. Please pm with details of what you have available

24-10-2011, 14:10
We hunted high and low for spinners when we first got here 7 years ago and we still havenīt found any retail outlets. We have acquired most of ours from shops closing down or throwing them away!! Our first batch we had shipped in from the UK but that was horribly expensive!!! So we would like to know about suppliers too please.

24-10-2011, 14:40
What are spinners

24-10-2011, 15:55
Revolving stands for putting greetings cards, dvdīs on etc :)

26-10-2011, 19:58
Thanks I couldn't picture what they might be. When the man who sells us stickers comes next I will ask him