View Full Version : Entertainment Estrellas are performing 'Grease' at the Magnum Centre on Sunday 12th June at 18.00

07-06-2011, 21:24
If they are true to their usual form this will be a spectacular performance by this great,local kids theatre group.Don't let the "kids" bit put you off, this will be a real professional effort.It starts at 18.00 on Sunday 12th June in the Magnum Centre.Tickets on the door or from Matthews Rest. 10€ adults and 5€ children.

07-06-2011, 21:28
Those in the north needn´t miss out though because they are also performing on 19th at Tenerife Palace, Puerto de la Cruz at 7.00 pm.

Jelly Baby
07-06-2011, 21:33
I saw the kids out last Saturday. They dressed up and did some of the songs at Babalonia. They were fantastic.

We´ve got our tickets for the Magma and can´t wait to see the show at such a prestigious venue. Can´t wait!