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15-11-2011, 14:19

I'll be coming over to Tenerife by the end of the week, and my father & I are looking at doing one longer walk whilst we are there. We have been looking at the 'PR - TF 72 Camino de Chasna - Paisaje Lunar' walk from Villaflor (in fact when we were over the last time around last Feb/March we were planning to try this one but found out the hard way the temperature up in Villaflor is rather different to Torviscas...).

Has anyone done this walk, is it something you would recommend? Is the trail clearly defined, the path (surface) in decent shape? How long does the walk take (we are both in good shape)?

Where is the best place to park the car? If I remember correctly the trail starts from a "town square"-type place, last spring they were doing some work in the square so no parking close by at least then.

How is the weather up in Villaflor on any given day? Obviously a bit chillier than by the coast, but it was rather misty that day last spring, is this usual up there & more importantly will it hinder the enjoyment of the walk, sights not visible, trail hard to follow etc?

Thanks in advance, a lot of questions but grateful for any answers/pointers/tips.

El Viento
16-11-2011, 00:10
I would recommend this trial without hesitation.
The trial is well marked from beginning to the end, with arrows where you can see how many kilometers to go and also markings on the trees and stones.

The path is very well prepared, and it goes between rocks, forests, and fantastic views. :)

It takes about 5 hours, the trial starts near the square, you need to go just little bit downhill to the left and there you will see the sign. The best thing is that you don't need to go the same path up and down all the time, you will see different views and paths. After passing first part from Villaflor you can chose if you want to go left or right and then at Lunar Paisajes continue the other way and this will lead you to the starting point.

I was there in the beginning of September (they were still doing work on the square) and the weather was fantastic, not so hot like by the coast, but still after walking some time you could feel the heat. The best thing is to check weather forecast for Villaflor and then decide if it's cloudy or not.

Trial website with some pictures: http://es.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=314765

Good luck!

16-11-2011, 14:47
Thanks 'El Viento' for the info & links, exactly what I was looking for! We will then most definitively do this one weather permitting, sounds like a very interesting walk for sure.

Do you/anyone else know where it would be best to park our (rental) car? If I remember correctly the roads in Villaflor are very narrow so not much parking space there at least?