View Full Version : Vacancy Bar staff and cook wanted at Wigan Pier in Torviscas, Tenerife

16-11-2011, 11:06
bar staff and cook wanted at the original wigan pier
lovely people to work for.
janes bark is worse than her bite,
always very busy please apply in person to the bar in mare verde
torviscas cheers bloggy

16-11-2011, 11:39
I would be interested. Do you have an email address?

16-11-2011, 18:05
Hi which wigan.pier is it?

16-11-2011, 18:19
please apply in person original wigan pier mare verde torviscas

the original wigan pier mare verde torviscas please apply in person

19-11-2011, 12:02
Is the job still available?

Many thanks

19-11-2011, 14:09
position still advertised outside the bar,so call in to see the boss

28-11-2011, 19:21
I never saw sooo many people come and go from this place!! says someting about the working conditions here and the pay.

01-12-2011, 09:59
Hi please can you advise if there is still a vacancy available?
Thank you

06-12-2011, 22:21
i worked here and the place is a joke! staff come and go all the time.

wigan pier
24-01-2012, 16:45
as a member of staff who has worked here for over 2 years i can say that working conditions and pay are both good!!!! this is a very busy bar and if you dont want to work hard or in some cases at all or even worse dont turn up for your trial then dont judge!!!!

13-02-2012, 20:38
i am currently looking to move to tenerife, but trying to secure a job before i actually go over there, i know its hard but just if the job is still available could you let me know, thanks

13-02-2012, 20:50
cant see anyone giving jobs out without seeing people in person,good luck though

13-02-2012, 21:03
got to be something wrong when ive been on this islnad for 2 years now and you are constantly looking for staff why dont they stay??????????????
but like you say your probarbly right and really good to work for.

17-02-2012, 10:13
Hi lomas6369 i was over in tenerife for 3 months in sep-dec last year to live the dream i am a chef so i thought it would be easy to find work that was not the case you can try oasis fm tenerife jobs or just get out there and knock on them doors im coming back in march for a 2nd go much the wiser