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29-05-2011, 12:53
A good link to subscribe to for learning Spanish is.


Put in your email address and they will send you a mail each day with one particular word and various uses, sayings etc

Their word today is ahora .... now

ahora o nunca .... now or never

ahora es el momento para aprender español ... now's the time to learn Spanish

30-05-2011, 16:34
And there is another site you can sign onto for a Word of the Day in Spanish


Not sure how useful today's word is acampar to camp

Acamparemos aquí.
We will camp here.

Back on the first site I mentioned, today's word is
alegrarse, verb
to be pleased, to be glad

You will often hear - me alegro it can be used for - I'm pleased, glad, delighted

Me alegro muchísimo de verte después de tanto tiempo.
I’m delighted to see you after such a long time.