View Full Version : I would like to Thank Tenerife Forum member Ashro

22-11-2011, 23:16
It was so nice to deal with a professional business person! I contacted Ashro to arrange the ITV for my car, he came and collected the car booked the ITV, put it through the test and returned the car to me later in the day! His manner and attitude are friendly and efficient! I am happy to recommend him to anyone! Thanks again Mark! and Daisy:wink2:! :)

22-11-2011, 23:58
When did Martin have his name changed?

23-11-2011, 00:03
No, he is called " Mark " :dontknow:

23-11-2011, 00:05
Martin is Daisy by night . . . . . . . must have forgotten to change back that day !

Daisy is la margarita in Spanish, thats close to Martin ! . . . . . maybe Margarita is his real name ? Turned into Martin for us Brits ??

but I've a feeling its the car thats named 'Daisy' . . . . . . it's a female thing !

23-11-2011, 07:54
Ahhhh it's you fault my car didn't get looked at til the afternoon!! :devil:

Only joking Mark ;)

Ashro Autos, top geezers! (even if they hate my car ;) )