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24-11-2011, 10:53
Explosion at Canaries hotel leaves 23 people injured

A gas explosion at a hotel in the Gran Canaria has left six people seriously injured and 17 others hurt.

The explosion happened at the Hotel Cordial Mogán Playa in the south east of the island where 862 were reportedly staying.

Five of the six people seriously injured are hotel employees at the hotel while the sixth is a 55-year-old Norwegian tourist who is in a critical condition with serious burns to his whole body.

According to Think Spain, a gas tanker was filling the internal gas deposits at the hotel when the explosion happened.

Psychologists have been brought in to help staff and guests cope with the horrific scenes they witnessed after the blast.

22-03-2012, 09:12
You talk like it was a terrorist bomb katty

More than likely they didn't follow procedure it'll all come out in the wash

Hope all involved make a rapid recovery

22-03-2012, 13:14
got to say i am terrified of any gas because of the explosive nature and the death's caused by undetected leaking gas. all my flats in uk are 100% electric, although i realise you can have fires caused by electric failures usually caused by old, or faulty wiring, but the damage always seems to be limited by comparison with gas

22-03-2012, 14:50
A well maintained Gas installation is as SAFE as a well maintained electrical installation

22-03-2012, 16:12
A well maintained Gas installation is as SAFE as a well maintained electrical installation

you are quite right but i personally am terrified of any gas, even though i know first class installation and maintenance minimises danger but the consequences of an oversight is far greater than with electric

22-03-2012, 19:11
Yet both can demolish a building

Gas shouldn't rise above 10cm in any installation but can do in incorrect installations

So i guess you are correct