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Next Door
26-11-2011, 14:48
Tonight's the night folks so if you are at a loose end please come along & help me celebrate my birthday as well as raising some cash for Help our Heroes. Staff & guests are dressing up in uniforms and trying to sing for your amusement and entertainment.
Please give us your support for this worthwhile cause.

If you have any unwanted presents from last Christmas or any item you dont need which is new please donate it at Next Door bar for our raffle this evening.
We have a fundraising show two or three times each year and support various charities so even ifyou dont make it for tonights show please drop off any items for future fund-raising events.

Any businesses who want to advertise in the bar are more than welcome to bring their posters along & we will put them up in appreciation of your donationsThank you Tenerife Forum

Next Door bar
Malibu Park , San Eugenio alto
Next to reception

26-11-2011, 20:24
Cant come but bumping thread for a good cause, good luck for tonight x

Next Door
27-11-2011, 10:32
Cant come but bumping thread for a good cause, good luck for tonight x
Thanks for that Carol
When I put the full details on last week the mods obviously didn't think so as they deleted it!!

We raised 286.92€ on the night which I will make into 300 to send to the Help our Heroes charity
Thanks to Celia & Steve for contributing a raffle prize. Thanks to Next Door bar corner shop (ie moi!) for the other 30 odd prizes!

One of the holiday makers has promised to match what we raised too which will take our total up to about 500 I guess

Thanks to Dave for the wonderful spread - another 20 people would have done it more justice!

Thanks to all the rest of the performers at Next door bar, holidaymakers, residents and staff who all contributed to a great evening


27-11-2011, 10:59
Thats a great amount raised in one night. Yesterday evening was the first time I had heard about it, so I couldnt come. Well done to you all x

Next Door
30-11-2011, 22:31
Thank you
We raised 550 made up of:
300 euros donated by one of the clients on the night
286.92€ collected on the night
The rest put in by me to make up to the amount sent to Help our Heroes