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02-12-2011, 12:14
There was a meeting yesterday for Autonomos -Self employed people- Yesterday in the Los Crisitanos cultural centre. I found it by chance and had the time to go. The meeting was predominantly aimed at people who were startign up but also talked about possible contract saving for social security.
If you are employing anyone undeer 30 who has been registered as unemployed for a while then there are some discounts in their social security payments, also anyone who has been unemployed for 12 of the last 18 months or anyone over 45. All this is on the Canarian gov. website www.gobcan.org and /or the social security site. The offers for the two can be combined but it moust be for taking on new staff not just replacing someone.

Both Adeje and Arona have departments who are helping people set up businesses and they will help them apply for money available including Pago Unico which is a one off payment instead of dole money.

There was a speaker from ATA which is the association for Autonomos, D. Juan Carlos Arricivita who also owns a business in the south. They have been trying to negociate better ICO loans and for the systems to be made easier. He talked about trying to split the loans you might need between several banck as most banks are not keen to loan bigger figures right now. He reccomeneded have an account with Santander or BBVA as they are really the only banks with money right now. 70% of all the money banks have for loans is going into the government bonds but they rest is available and the bigger the bank the bigger the pot.
He talked about the money town halls and local and national gov pay to suppliers which can take up to 18 months to be paid right now. The Island Cabildo has now run out of money for the year and will only be making minumum payments on any service for the last month of the year. He talked about how the IGIC and IVA are right now financing previous debts as small businesses are paying their taxes on bills they are not expecting to receive the money for until next year or the year after.
On the positive side the number of self employed people who started in October last year and applied for money and were given Social security money less than 2% have given up. They can tell this as to receive this moeny you need to keep the business going for 3 years and the Social security office needs to track this. Their associations┤s website is www.ata.es they have courses for self employed people and a newsletter but it is in Spanish.

05-12-2011, 15:52
Just a shame that autonoma social security payment is soooooooooo high :( . I went to a seminar last year about Social Security and Autonoma, but they couldn't even answer my one and only question "is it possible to work part time and be part time autonoma at the same time, and would the Seg.Soc. payments be the same or less considering i'd be paying social out of my "wage" too!!??┐?┐?┐?┐?┐" ...... they told me to go ask at the Social Security office.... but by then i'd decided to wait another year or two so didn't bother going ...

05-12-2011, 16:22
Someone there actually talked about this but as there is no chance of me working for someone else right now I didn't listen too hard.

05-12-2011, 16:48
they sent me an information "pack" email about 4 months after I went to the seminar (i had to remind them), i'd forgotten half of what they'd waffled on about by then... unfortunately in these seminars, there are about 3 or 4 people there that attend them all, and seem to enjoy voicing their opinions more than letting the expert tell us how it is :crazy: