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04-12-2011, 23:09
Well guys....we finally arrived on Saturday evening and are based at the Aguamar apartments in los cristianos. The missus has flown back to the UK and will be there mon-fri for the next 3 weeks finishing up her job so I am on my own with the two kids. If you see some poor exhausted looking chap on the strip at LC come say hi! Haha!

Realisation still sinking in, but very happy to be here and can't wait to meet many new friends! At the moment, just trying to work out simple stuff. ie. how to call back the uk cheaply, getting my blackberry email to work here, finding somewhere to live, figuring out if I need to apply for residency, insurances....etc etc! Lots to do, but hopefully now I will contribute alot more on the forum!

One thing we noticed straight off was the fresh smell of fruit from the supermarket....! Can't buy that in the Uk! Even the organic shop doesnt have any smell!! haha! Lets hope I can stay away from the many many gorgeous cakes i see available in the cafes!

Any estate agents with rental properties please pm me and I will send you my email and mobile number (hopefully i will get a spanish number tomorrow!)

Many Thanks

04-12-2011, 23:51
Welcome James ... hope all goes smoothly :) We will see you at the Christmas party, I hope

04-12-2011, 23:59
Good luck L.J i hope you and your family settle in well and im sure you will make loads of new friends!

05-12-2011, 00:10
Rather than wait for PMs from agents put up a thread asking for what you might be looking for in a long let...alot of Agents will stick on finders fees contract fees ect...you never know a forum member will be able to help you direct.
As Doreen said pop along to the forum xmas party a great way to make new friends.

05-12-2011, 00:37
Thanks Doreen - Yes we will definetley be coming along! Really looking forward to it!

AL Jay - many thanks!

YG - thanks, i'm not sure if you remember this thread http://www.tenerifeforum.org/tenerife-forum/showthread.php?9542-2-3-Bed-Apartment-House-wanted-for-long-let-in-South-Tenerife/page2 or the other one I had up. I also answered and was on quite a few threads of any properties related queries but sadly to no avail. So I thought it was best to wait to come here and then search locally. Interestingly the forum is alive with so much information and I have been genuinely amazed by the amount of conversation etc, but the only one thing I found it is lacking is comprehensive detail of rental agents with decent sites to follow onto that have good current information and pictures. I spoke to a few people yesterday and it seems that the rental market is alive and kicking and definetely moreso since the past year since I gathered. In terms of locally, is there rental estate agents with offices I can visit? Will do another post anyway and see if anything comes up! Look forward to meeting you guys!


05-12-2011, 11:42
Welcome to the Forum.There are lots of people on here who can help you with loads of things.If you need a translator, car ,Insurance policy or help in general with registering children in school please get in touch with us .Contact details in my signature.
It may seem daunting now but you will settle down quickly , and enjoy your Christmas .