View Full Version : Advice needed on Orlando Resort in south Tenerife.

08-06-2011, 16:00
Hi, We are thinking of buying a 2bedroom apartment in the Orlando complex can anyone give us some advise on this complex ??? Please

08-06-2011, 16:09
Hi tommo 123,

As a Estate Agent just around the corner from this complex i can give you a few details on this complex.

Over the years it's fair to say Orlando has had a bit of a bad reputation and it has had a bit of bad press.

But of late i can honestly say that things have really turned around on this complex...lot's of changes have been made and as we speak....and there are more underway.
A new pool almost ready.
A new fence all the way around the complex.
Just finished the new car park behind the complex with a new road also.
They have started to paint the outside of the complex to which is starting to look very nice.
Think they have been awarded 1.000.000 euros from a ongoing court case and that's being spent now to make the complex a lot better.

Have to pop out the office now but if you need any more questions ask i will try my best to help you.

08-06-2011, 16:26
Thanks for getting back to me.
I was getting the view that the complex was improving & it was mostly privately owned now from the internet.Is that correct?
What kind of price are the 2 bedrooms going for just now?
Thanks again

08-06-2011, 17:03
Yes it is correct a lot have been bought on there over the last few years Brits,Russians to name a few.
We did have a two bed that went for 129.000€ we also have around 10 other properties on this complex studios,1 beds.

If next time your over pop in for a chat i am sure i can help you find a property on there at the right price.

I think Orlando will be a cracking complex soon and it's always a bonus that it is below the motorway.

Minnie Mouse
08-06-2011, 19:10
I live in this complex and really like it. I have lived here 4 years this summer (renting) and find it very secure. The complex is very clean and they are just finishing off the new pool. Also they are changing the entry into the complex from key to finger print. If I can be of anymore help please feel free to pm me