View Full Version : Relocation How do you cope as a single parent, living in Tenerife?

16-12-2011, 22:45
Hi all,
i'd like to hear about how you or others you know cope/manage as single parents living in Tenerife. Anything at all would be helpful to know as nothing comes up when I searched. Equally it's good for people to share their experiances to help each other as well as me getting to learn from you already out there doing what I plan to do.
Many thank Leanne xx

16-12-2011, 23:15
It all depends on what you want to know! I have lived here for almost 6 years as a single parent.

Earning potential.. its hard to support a family here on your own, no wage supports it.

Finding genuine friends, really tough. Guys think you are desperate and prepared to do anything, girls get jealous

Get over those two things and its worth it, my kids are both fluent in Spanish, wouldnt live anywhere else and lets face it we live in a warmer country than the UK!!

16-12-2011, 23:24
So men are the same all over the world then, adleast you've got the weather thou lol. I knw there's now surport system and it's going to be tough but worth it. Do single parents tend to be there to talk and give advice to each other? How do you manage with child care after school to enable you to work? If you don't mind me asking! How do you earn enough to get by, I know another cheeky question sorry :) xx

16-12-2011, 23:33
I think friends are there to talk to and give advice and yes singles parents tend to stick together more. I am lucky that I have an amazing friend that helps me, otherwise I wouldnt be able to work. Moneywise, I scrape by each month. If you have a nice ex hubby that pays maintenance it will help majorly, I dont.

But as you say men are the same all over the world and we have the weather!! It will be tough but it will also be worth it!!

How old are your kids, and do you know where you are going to be living??

And of course it goes without saying that if you need help, someone to talk to, or a glass of wine, I am here!!

16-12-2011, 23:41
Maybe this is a good thread to start a single parents' group :)

What a brill thread to start though. I think it would be great to have a support system in place for other single parents.

I'm not one, but my mother was, so I remember how hard she had it and I turned out alright :).... I think ;)

16-12-2011, 23:58
That's good to know that single parents stick together don't tend to get that back ere in blighty to be honest.
Saddly my sons dad dont want anything to do with him but he's loss. So I won't have the hassel of him wanting to put a holt to me moving. My sons 16 months but by the time I get all sorted and saved prepared to leave he'll be about 3 lol. I'm just researching ready so I know what's what. And he'll be if school age which makes going to work easier then. Not sure about the best place to be living any suggestions would be great cause only people who live in a place know the real truth of somewhere. I'm popping over next year on a scouting mission to have abit more know how.

And keep the wine on chill please lol :)
sorry bout to diff posts I'm using a iPhone and can't go over messages to add bits :p haha x

Added after 8 minutes:

Great idea hope you know how to do it cause I'm a newbie lol.
It's always a great idea to have surport systems in place,every1 needs advice and just a general chit chat to feel sane. I hope it helps even if it's just a few people. :) xx

Stefan Dee
17-12-2011, 11:33
What a cracking thread, I was a single parent here in Tenerife for 14 years until my Daughter flew the nest. at the beginning I never thought I was going to manage, but be it here or anywhere else in the world you just get on with it and do your best for your child/children, after all, itīs your duty as a Parent. Tenerife can give you a fantastic standard of family life, but you donīt get any help from the authorities, but with the right friends (choose carefully) around you, you can make a fantastic life for yourself & your children. Good Luck whichever route you take.

17-12-2011, 14:52
Leanne it is good to see that you are finding things out before you are even ready to move, it will make the whole process a lot easier for you if you know the things that you could be up against here. I am not a single parent although my husband does still have our business in the UK and is there most of the time at the moment so I do tend to feel like a single parent at times. Regardless of that fact I am still up for a chat and a vino any time ;). It would be good if you are coming over before you actually move here to maybe meet up with a few people and get to know them, things are always easier when you have support of friends/people that you know.

17-12-2011, 16:31
Thank you ladies, it's nice to know that poeple out there stick together it is hard anywhere money or not but when you've got good friends n people around your it makes it easier. I truely believe my should would have a healthier life and future in Tenerife compared to the uk. And gaining info and learning from others is making me more and more determined to make the move once I've looked at all the areas of life out there n where to live n so on. Your insight is valuable to me so anything you think I need to know bad or good please let me know. THANK YOU. And once I'm out there the venos on me lol :D xx