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03-01-2012, 14:32
Hi all and am so sorry if you've heard it all before, but I have searched the site and can't find anything relevent.

My wife and I are seriously thinking about semi retiring to tenerife.

We are coming over in the new year and want to start searching out an area where we think it would be nice to live. We don't necessarily want to live on the coast, but are looking for a community that has a good expat base but where we can live with and as locals. We are looking for a sizable town with bars and restaurants We may in the future think of starting a business so would ideally be based near touristy ares but not living in them.
Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks! Steve
PS Sorry if you find this thread again on the site am a little confused or maybe just thick

In The Sun
03-01-2012, 15:52
You could try Las Adelfas 2 on Golf Del Sur. They have a great exats community with a nice bar and pool. Also near to other bars and shops