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Dave Social
05-01-2012, 13:45
Me and my wife Sue and 7yr old black Labrador are moving over to live and work in Tenerife in April this year.
Within the next week I hope to have up to 4 week temporary accommodation booked and ferries all booked as I'm driving across.
Driving from Altrincham where we currently live, to Portsmouth and on a ferry, then through France to Cadiz and ferry to Santa Cruz.
Our ETA in Tenerife is 5th April 2012.

Joined this group to make friends with folk that live out there especially where we hope to move too. (Golf Del Sur or Silencio area)
Hoping many of you will answer questions and give us some sound advice regarding our move and possibly will help us when we arrive.

We’re a middle aged friendly, down to earth, couple and originally from the Yorkshire region of the UK.
I'll post my questions in the appropriate areas of this forum, not here. Look out for them ther going up ASAP!

Great to be here, will be even better to be there!

I and Sue are moving there in April. Just finding the accommodation now and over next week or two.

Little bit more about us:I and Sue have been in the pub trade, just retired from being landlords and joint managers. Sue has been in the catering and pub game for over 32 years. We have been working for Marston’s and Samuel Smiths in the past. Since leaving that trade I have gone back in to entertainment as a singer. Was in some pop bands over 30 years ago but never got to be big and famous like my brother did. I shall not mention his name on here or he will sue me. LOL. He's a TV presenter and has been on TV for alteast 40 years started out as a BBC childrens presenter. I love singing, especially the 70's and 80's material.
Sue is now Chef at a local public bar restaurant here in Altrincham where we currently live. We’re originally from Bridlington on the east coast. I spent my childhood years there.

Dave, Sue & Tyler x
Dave & Sue

05-01-2012, 16:53
Welcome to the forum, everyone will do their best to help you and answer any questions. Good luck.

05-01-2012, 16:56
Welcome to the Forum Dave - wishing you and your family all the very best in your move to Tenerife.

There are lots of friendly helpful people on here so just fire away with your questions. :)

05-01-2012, 17:34
Welcome Dave and Sue, I am sure you will enjoy your life out here. We only spend 6 months in the winter here but love every minute of it. We retired out of the pub game 11 years ago, you will meet the people on the forum I am sure, very helpful and any questions will be answered on here.

05-01-2012, 19:37
Is your brother Andi Peters :)

05-01-2012, 19:47
Is your brother Andi Peters :)ali bongo is his bro,im guessing

Dave Social
05-01-2012, 19:58
Is your brother Andi Peters :)

LOL. Close , very close. Part of his name is there and the other part is you!!!! LOL You'll see who it is on my website.
Like a quiz this, isn't it.

ali bongo is his bro,im guessing

No nothing to do with magic.

05-01-2012, 21:20
I love that Bid TV. I am mesmerized by the sales patter. "Welcome Doreen from Slough. Denzil from Rygate is in." When I go back to the UK I can sit for hours watching all them bargains go by.

Your brother has done it all but I can't see where he could possibly go on from Bid TV. In my eyes he has reached the top. I was kind of disappointed to hear it was not Ali Bongo. What a legend.

Best of luck for the future Dave. Glad to see you have the sense of humour as that will come in handy.

Dave Social
05-01-2012, 23:07
Finally the count down has started to our depature from the UK. Booked the ferries to Tenerife and the accomodation in the Golf Del Sur.

Now every day is going to go slow, I bet!

Dave Social
13-01-2012, 03:03
Latest news... Ferries all booked and accommodation arranged on the golf. Also not driving through France, instead ferry from Portsmouth to Santander northern Spain. So only need to drive just under 600 miles now. Oh plus the 50 miles from Santa Cruz to the golf too. Started getting rid of furniture and bits. Got rid of lots of clothing, bin bags of them.! Cars past it's mot and is getting full service and check up next month.

17-01-2012, 18:18
Good Luck with everything Dave and Sue! :)
Myself and my fiance are coming over later this year too, very exciting! We have only just started our research and lots to find out, hopefully this forum is the place! All the best, Sandy & Mike

18-01-2012, 20:50
Hi Dave,

Good Luck on your move!

Just want to ask you a few questions as me and my family are moving in July all being well.

Have you used a shipping container or are you just taking what fits in your car? If you are using a container may I ask what size and the cost? I'm not sure how to price it up.. we'll probably need one that can fit some furniture in plus various other items like push bikes, toys clothes, pots, pans etc... there is so much to consider.

Also, we're thinking of driving over too... what route have you chosen are doing eurostar to calais or a ferry to north spain? Sorry for all the questions but just want to see how others are doing things. We're planning on me driving the kids over in my car and hubby riding his motorbike - I'll be following him, I'm a typical female sadly and may end up in Belgium!! lol!! :lol:

22-01-2012, 11:08
And don't forget you will need to matriculate your UK car/bike over to Spanish plates within 6 months. Muy complicado ........