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09-06-2011, 11:28
Hi there!

I know, I know, I'm not the first to ask for your help about where to live in Tenerife :)
But our situation seemed a bit different from what I've read so far, so here I am.

My wife and I are looking for a nice place to live.

The important thing: we are not looking for work as we own a web agency in France and we can manage it remotely (which is just awesome).
We're looking for a place:

* where there is some "life" − not nightlife or crowded beaches, we're rather discrete people… but still, a place when you can easily walk around the city (love walking), go shopping, go to a bar, a restaurant, go to a concert, meet people…

* where you can easily be in the nature (without taking the car would be great).

* we're not big fans of concrete and tall ugly buildings :)

* being near interesting british expats would be great (hey, for us, THIS is exotic)

* we'll definitely learn spanish, but don't speak the language yet. We (try to) speak english and my wife can speak german. Oh, we also speak french rather well :)

* we have a budget for rent of approximately ~800-1000 euros. Just the two of us (for now…). We're not rich, but working for a french company means having a french salary, which is cool when you go somewhere where life is cheaper.

* we love a sunny day, but can also live with a rainy / cloudy day from time to time, which seems to be the case in the north. Don't like when it's too hot though.

* we like a green landscape. Rocks are cool, but a tree is a great invention :)

* this is perhaps silly to say, put having a high speed internet connection is absolutely mandatory.

Ok, this would be it…
We're going to Tenerife in a few days but hearing a few advices about where to look would be really nice. Hmm and it would help choosing where we will stay for the week :D

Oh and if people want to meet (and discover our embarrassing french accent) once we're here, tell me.

Any help appreciated, thanks a lot!


09-06-2011, 13:25
Suggest you contact Alicur, they have properties for rent in various locations. http://www.alicur.com/en

09-06-2011, 15:08
Welcome to the Forum.

Bienvenue even!

I noted the 'silly' bit about high-speed internet connection and just want to tell you that here on La Palma which I do know is not Tenerife I am paying for 6MB connection from Telefonica and getting around 1.5MB and Telefonica could not care less about the problem. Since this is going to be very important for you I would suggest you start by finding an area with wizard and reliable internet connection and anything else will be a bonus. If loads of people come on here now and tell me the internet connections in Tenerife are all fabulous, I shall just be very envious.

09-06-2011, 16:35
Maybe Palm Mar is worth a look?
Quite upmarket, a good crowd of regulars in the bars there. not too many tourists - away from the resorts but only a 7 or 8 minute drive and there are some very nice properties there.

Jelly Baby
09-06-2011, 16:53
I think you might like El Medano. Cosmopolitan, very beautiful, great windsurfing and lots of places to eat and socialise. A potential downside is the fact it is so windy from time to time but they may not bother you.

09-06-2011, 17:35
Thank you guys!

That's funny I didn't think about small places like that − I was looking at La Orotava, La Laguna, and even Santa Cruz.
Isn't there just more things to do in these kinds of towns?

Ideally I was thinking about a real city - with a nice house in a quiet environment where I can still walk for 10 minutes to be in the centre.

But perhaps I'm wrong :)

09-06-2011, 17:37
Maybe Palm Mar is worth a look?
Quite upmarket, a good crowd of regulars in the bars there. not too many tourists - away from the resorts but only a 7 or 8 minute drive and there are some very nice properties there.

I second Palm Mar ... there is an established Belgian population there, most of whom speak French, as well as many Germans & British who mix quite well with the locals. I lived there for two years with the most amazing view out to the Nature Reserve and then on to the sea.

Internet connection was good (better than I have at the moment) ... and with your budget you should easily be able to afford a nice three bed townhouse on a complex with a pool .. and might even be able to negotiate down the rent on a luxury two bed apartment with the same great views onto the Nature Reserve :)

EDIT - just seen your post above ... Santa Cruz is a lovely small city and you will be able to get a good property there for 1.000 euros a month ... French was the second language of the older population in the Canaries, rather than English, so you will not be lost :)

09-06-2011, 17:41
Just to say: you guys are awesome!

I see a lot of forums with my work − and well, it's better here, so thanks everybody for the quick answers & DMs :)

09-06-2011, 20:48
Maybe if you like green and do not mind some cloud I think you would like the North . But then I live near Puerto so I am bound to say that :D