View Full Version : Are there any problems with Jellyfish/Marine Life in Los Cristianos, Tenerife?

09-06-2011, 13:45
Hi there folks,

This is my first post on the forums and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how common a problem jellyfish are near the beaches in Los Cristianos (I will be there for two weeks from the 24th June if that makes a difference?). Or any other marine life for that matter (weever fish?).

I had googled and it led me to the old site but I was unable to read the replies as it kept redirecting.

I was there for a fortnight last summer too, and had no problems, but I get overly nervous about taking a dip just in case! :doh:

I know there was a recent "Jellyfish Invasion" but not sure how close to Los Cristianos this is, if its a prevalent problem, and if it is no longer a danger.

Also - off the Playa de los Cristianos beach, are there nets in the water (pure curiosity!) :)

Thanks for reading guys, replies appreciated,
Val x

P.S - Feel free to move this if it is in the wrong location!

09-06-2011, 14:40
Welcome to Forum! No problems this year with Jellyfish (Medusa in Spanish) - only nets are far out for fish farms in area - sea is nice and pleasant for swimming but be very aware of sunburn !!
Have a great time !

ali marshall
09-06-2011, 18:38
About 2 months ago my son was playing on the los cristianos beach,just in front of chicagos bar.Him and his dad was playing away and then i saw my son pick up what i thought was a small plastic bag.He then screamed and threw it down.When we looked it was a small jelly fish, on the sand it was not in the water.

This is the only time in 6 years we had any problems with jelly fishes.We took him to the pharmacy straight away and he was really screaming his head off and wouldnt even let us look at his hand.The sting was all over his hand and down his arm,bright red.

The cream the pharmacy gave us worked wonders in a few minutes and after 1 hour the redness had gone.The cream was called URTIKIUM.Defaintly worth having in your cuboards for any stings.She did say if he got a fever or was being sick to take him to the doctor.Luckily enough after the cream and a hour sleep he was fine.
Also bit off topic balsebit cream is brilliant for sunburn and mossie bite,once applied the itch of the bite does not return.