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10-01-2012, 14:23
Good afternoon all,

My husband and I are moving to Tenerife in July and would like to try and get our NIE at The Spanish Embassy in London in advance of the move. Following trying to get through to the Embassy with no joy I was hoping that someone could advise us of the process :shy:

This has probably been covered already on the forum however I couldn't find a previous thread, apologies if I am doubling up :sorry:

Many thanks in advance


10-01-2012, 14:43
Hi your probaly just as well waiting till you getthere then going to the police staion in Las Americas getting the form taking it to the bank payuing the fee then return the following day with the relevant documents all ready, passport copy photo's etc it costs only a few euros so its not a major problem,


10-01-2012, 23:12
I would wait until you get here

11-01-2012, 14:28
Much quicker and easier to wait until you are here and then you will get your card sized certificate of residence which will have your new NIE on it at the same time. In any case in order to get any personal effects that you may be shipping through customs you will need the NIE number but also a certificate of Empadronamiento (ffrom the town hall where you are going to live)


The Spanish Consulate General DOES NOT ISSUE NIE NUMBERS.

NIE numbers should be obtained in person at the nearest Police Station in Spain where you plan to purchase property or buy shares.

The Spanish Consulate General will only transfer your application to the relevant authorities in Spain through Diplomatic Mail. Applications take between 1 - 3 months when applying through this Consulate General. Once the application is in process it will not be possible to give any information on this matter. Further enquiries will have to be referred to the competent Spanish Police Authorities:

D. G. de la Policía
Comisaría General de Extranjería y Documentación
c/ General Pardiñas Nº 90
28006 Madrid

Please DO NOT apply for a NIE at this Consulate General if your reason is one of the following:

You intend to live in Spain. Once you are in Spain, you must register (empadronar) with the local Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) where you intend to live in order to obtain a Certificado de Residencia.

17-01-2012, 14:09
Thank you all for the information. I guess we will leave it till we arrive then :lol:

17-01-2012, 14:14
Hi, sorry to crash the post but I am also moving to Tenerife in July, I hold a Spanish (EU) passport, would I be better off applying locally too or should I go through the Spanish Consulate here in the UK? Thanks in advance.

17-01-2012, 15:40
If you hold a Spanish passport you need a DNI number and ID card which is completely different.