View Full Version : Lost on dec 30-2011: little backpack with 2 teddybears in it

10-01-2012, 15:29
On dec 30, I arrived on airport South on Tenerife. I travelled with HV 215 from Holland.
At the airport (around 10 pm) or on the way to my hotel (Best Tenerife, Playa de las Americas) my 4 year old son lost his backpack. It's a little black or red one, with 2 teddybears in it.

Can anyone help me find it? I already asked at the airport and in my hotel. Also my steward fron the travel company asked around, but we couldn't find it.
I travelled with a littje bus (12p) from airport to hotel, but I don't know who's buss it was.

My little boy misses his teddybear...... so I really want to find it back.

Maybe there is an address in Tenerife where thing like this are taken to?

Thanx for any reaction!

Grtz, Frank