View Full Version : UK News, Don't Dial 999

10-01-2012, 21:52
In England and Wales the new number to call the police is 101, this is the new number to report a crime or accident that has taken place, only use the 999 number if someone is injured or the person committing the crime is still there.

The other bit of news relating to this is, if you return home to find that your house has been burgled and all your possessions have been stolen, then it will COST YOU 15p to phone for help and tell a nice policeman your news. :mad:

10-01-2012, 22:56
New ? ermm . . . . been around for years (in Wales anyway)

10-01-2012, 23:05
The thing is, you'll still get the idiots ringing 112/999 anyway, so it won't stop that. But I suspect a lot of older people, for instance, won't want to be "trouble" when really they should be ringing 112/999 as it is a real emergency.

Ecky Thump
11-01-2012, 00:25
New ? ermm . . . . been around for years (in Wales anyway)

Is the 15p charge new, or has that also been in place in Wales for a few years?

I think its disgusting that people have to pay to report that a crime has taken place, I know its not a large amount, its just the principle of having to pay to report a criminal or a accident. :angry: