View Full Version : My laptop has frozen whilst installing updates

11-01-2012, 17:32
Hi, please can anyone help me ? My laptop seems to be frozen in 'installing updates 3 of 6' , the little wheel is turning but its been like that for hours, what can I do ? I would be so grateful for some advice

11-01-2012, 19:56
vista or windows 7?

switch it off and try and boot windows normally

11-01-2012, 20:52
funnily enough mine has done the same thing, blank screen for over two hours, but it opens up in safe mode i installed 8 updates at lunch time and nothing since
does anyone have an idea??? Please.

11-01-2012, 21:34
Thank you ,could'nt figure out how to reboot, but removed the battery and removed from mains and it worked,
thanks again

Marc Weinberg
15-02-2012, 08:25
another thing to try is if you can get to safe mode, do a system restore to the day before you did the updates. it should restart as normal and you can re-attempt the updates again.