View Full Version : Golden Labrador found in San Eugenio

19-01-2012, 10:18
My friend has found a golden labrador type dog last night in san Eugenio, if anyone knows who it belongs to please call 922 796039

19-01-2012, 21:35
Hi, I have not lost this dog but help with Live Arico, is there any up date? I know the phone number above is on the Live Arico facebook page, but we can get the information further afield if you are still looking for the owner. A photo would be a great help, let me know if you need help x
Could a mod please change the title to include the word labrador incase someone is searching under that word..thank you

19-01-2012, 21:39
I also mentioned on the flogg it, swop it site, that the dog could be checked for a micro-chip at the vets. The number is also on live arico website, anyone else could please post to their facebook just in case someonbody is desperate to find their missing boy ..

19-01-2012, 21:58
A photo would be helpful xx

20-01-2012, 11:39
The dog was taken to a vets by the guy that found it, I will try and find out what happened to him.

20-01-2012, 19:30
have we any information on whether the owner of this dog has been traced?

24-01-2012, 21:36
I popped into the shop where the staff were looking after the dog to see if there was any news. Apparently someone from a bar is looking after it..According to the description of the bar I think it was All stars Bar. I will go in and ask staff if they know if the owner has been found x