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25-01-2012, 14:19

Santa Cruz de Tenerife will cover the city of Madrid with the Tourism offers for the city with the hope that more visitors will come to the capital from the Spanish mainland. This is thanks to an idea started by the Santa Cruz mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, and his opposite in Madrid, Ana Botella, after a meeting in the town hall in the national capital.

Bermúdez & Botella started yesterday the steps towards an agreement in which both cities can collaborate in a costless system to promote the cities tourist potential, with information about ongoing activities and this will provide both cities with an important saving in their publicity budgets .

Ana Botella, who took over as Madrid's Mayor on the 27th of December last year from Alberto Ruiz Gallardón –once he had been named Justice minister for the new national government. Was in agreement with the idea put to he by Bermudez and a meeting was set up for them to fix the terms of the agreement.

The agreement will allow the Tenerife capital to be promoted in Madrid without cost, especially promoting the cities cultural and leisure activities. The promotion will be placed on signs, billboards and other supports through out the city. According to the Santa Cruz mayor “this measure is an important step to improve the cities image and increase its place in the city tourist offer and add to business activity in the area”.

Bermúdez qualified the welcome he had received from Botella as “very warm”, in the corridors there were flags from Tenerife and Santa Cruz, and the mayoress even accompanied him to the door when the meeting was finished through the long corridors of the town hall.

The preferential treatment has a historic explanation. Since 1963, the mayors from Santa Cruz are received as honorary councillors in the Madrid town hall due to a title they were given in a council meeting on the 26 of April of the same year, as a testimonial of the love the people of Madrid have for the Tenerife capital.
“In the meeting we analysed the economic situation which both town halls are passing through right now with the problems of unemployment which affects both cities” explained José Manuel Bermúdez. The nationalist leader added that, “we have explored diverse possibilities of agreements as well as the interchanging of publicity through our own arrangements something which is being done with satisfactory results in other big capitals”. .

"This way we can achieve promotion outside the islands which would be unaffordable for nothing using the methods of each administration, with signs, bill boards and other public elements” continued Bermudez.

The Tenerife mayor added that”it will be interesting to have a direct line of dialogue between the two cities especially because both have the same objective in various areas including the position in the national tourist market”.
The agreement is similar to the one reached last November t the municipal governments in Madrid and Seville. The Madrid mayor who was at that time Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, signed on the 3 of November in the Reales Alcázares in Seville an agreement with his Sevillian counterpart, Juan Ignacio Zoido, an agreement to exchange free tourist publicity.

The tourist department in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is one of the great achievements of the local government of the CC & PSC and has several factors pending. The capital doesn't yet count the number of tourist visitors in the municipal. The last estimate by the Sociedad de Desarrollo calculated that approximately 200,000 visitors stay in hotels in the island capital, a quantity that Las Palmas de Gran Canaria doubles, they do count statistics of their visitors.

The capital of Gran Canaria has the advantage of three times more hotel beds then the town of Santa Cruz: 6.607 for 2.300 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The factors which the new government led by Bermúdez, hope to achieve include activities organised by the city and to consolidate themselves as a destination for Congress tourism.