View Full Version : Internet Has anyone tried the Europa network in Tenerife?

26-01-2012, 13:28
I have just signed up for the 3 day TV trial with Europa network, the TV looks fine. Direct Telecome speeds are not as fast as they were, so I am thinking of changing. Anyone doing the same we can share the 50
offered contact me.

15-02-2012, 07:41
Dont do it,I am waiting for them to refund me,I sent the package back to them in November and I am still waiting for the refund.

15-02-2012, 11:55
Why do you want a refund? The systems great!

15-02-2012, 14:21

3 weeks into having it it packed up due to router failure,after 2 weeks and a load of b//////s from Europa about a new router I sent the whole lot back,still waiting.

15-02-2012, 15:45
I think they are pretty good, speed wise and the package too. I would say go for it.

15-02-2012, 15:49
Mine works very well thanks - it's hardly Europa's fault that Corrie and Eastenders is pants !

Found there tek support very helpful - all working fine

15-02-2012, 16:28
Great to speak to a native English speaker when you ring and they have always sorted out any problems and queries. If they say they will ring back they do.

Broadband is consistantly 6.3 mg and the TV just gets better and better with the picture being so much better than CSTI.