View Full Version : Home comforts can be hard to find for the expat

Vortex Wake
29-01-2012, 19:09
Home Comforts can be hard to find for the expat .

"You get a honeymoon period from friends and family. Then you find they have no sympathy and why would they? You have come back from the 'life of luxury' and you are finding it difficult to adjust: 'Ah diddums. Deal with it and move on,' they say."
Rick White opted to move back home from his professional life as regional director for a large tourism company spending time in Turkey, Tunisia and Greece.
"It was my choice to return, but the life I gave up was so different. I did not do a thing for myself and here I was back to earth with a real bump."

He'd been serving with the Royal Navy, flying helicopters, but was so seriously injured ("Just bashed up a bit," he calls it) his career was abruptly terminated and he found himself back in the UK, in hospital and recuperation for almost three years.
He says there are marked differences in the way forced returnees cope compared with those who planned to leave the forces: "Those that leave through injury - like myself - are often driven but disorientated.
"After seven to 10 years in the military they haven't been thinking about networks, or career structure. The ones that are leaving after a set time, they've made more plans, maybe have some money saved up."Nothing special