View Full Version : What is there to do in Santa Cruz on a Sunday while hubbie's at football?

04-02-2012, 19:18
OH is fairly desperate to go to a CD Tenerife match.
Ideally he would go to the match while I do something interesting such as shopping or sightseeing and then we would have a slap-up lunch afterwards to celebrate CD's victory(?!)
I realise that the normal shops are closed on a Sunday.
I have also found out that there is a Sunday market (full of tat apparently)
Is there enough to keep me occupied on a Sunday in Santa Cruz for two halves of a football match?
Ot should I stay at home?

04-02-2012, 20:39
weellll, like you said most shops are closed. you have the sunday market is open and a few bars open as well.you can go signseeing around plaza de espana. there might be a few shops open around there.

04-02-2012, 22:50
The market is a great place to spend some time and some of the shops in the centre of town will be open
I would go with him if you like to potter around

05-02-2012, 13:20
you could walk around nuestra seņora de africa market which is a lovely place to walk around than walk over the bridge past the roundabout into calle castillo some of the older buildings are of intrest as they have some english names above them ie Elder Dempster which used to be the shipping offices for the shipping lines which ran for many years look up it up on the internet intresting. than on down to plaza Espaņa to to the new lake nice front line bars oh their are endless things to do

05-02-2012, 21:10
Wish we'd gone there today now - looks as if it was a great match that would have taken OH's mind off the cold and the wind here in the Golf.