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10-02-2012, 16:51
As a newbie I'm still trying to understand why prices for second hand cars are so very high. Having checked out new Seat prices in their local showroom, they seem fairly close to Uk prices, and second hand they seem to be reasonable value, perhaps it's because their assembled in Spain.

But other makes, like Toyota or Honda, have very high second hand prices (I know they are a more expensive car to begin with, I'm allowing for that) It's just when I compare like for like with the Uk, I fail to understand why there is such a big difference.

In Spain second hand prices are lower, but the effort involved in flying there, booking a hotel, and arranging to view if it's a private seller, then dealing with the rigmarole of paperwork, and possibly finding an interpretor, getting insurance, then booking and paying for the ferry from Cadiz, which I'm told is the best part of a thousand euro? . . then dealing with whatever registration is required when one arrives in Tenerfie? Not an attractive prospect and not a great saving after expenses!

I guess it's just a matter of accepting the high second hand car prices here, and paying more. The import duties or tax must be very high for the market prices to be so much more than the Uk.

Anyhoo, I just fancied a nice three door Rav4, with not too many miles, and I'm bitter that I can only afford a Dodgy Daihatsu, if I'm lucky.

10-02-2012, 17:04
Secondhand car prices are higher here for many reasons.One being that secondhand cars last that much longer, a " captive " for want of a better word audience as its an island and as such demand is high for cetain things.If you were looking for a secondhand Automatic car you would find that increasing difficult, as there are not many sold new here on the island so hence buying secondhand is hard.
You must remember that in the mainland cars have a much wider audiience, as a car could say be for sale in Cadiz but be sold to a buyer in Bilbao and collected by the buyer ( al beit a long long drive but you get my drift)
I am afraid as well it is a Canarian thing , that they will decide on a price and thats it no movement , negotiation etc , same happens with locals that are for rent, they often would prefer to leave them empty/not sell car than take a lower price.

If buying privately please please please DO NOT PART WITH ANY MONEY without checking the car out first and also making sure that there is nothing impeeding a transfer.We come across problems with clients buying privately all the time and they find out too late when they have paid all the money and then have problems with paperwork.

There are many honest people out there selling cars but by the same token there are many who are a lot less so.BEWARE and good luck

11-02-2012, 12:02
There has been a lot of fraud on the mainland with more expensive cars being stolen in places like Rumania replated here and sold. The original owner then reclaims the car and you are left with nothing so be careful.