View Full Version : Employment Advice wanted on finding a job in Tenerife

12-02-2012, 18:34
Hi there, i am looking for a bit of help, i am currently thinking of making another life out in tenerife, i am 30 years old 25 in the head,lol and looking for a job ie bar work or anything available, where is the best advise or place to find a job without actually being over there.?

12-02-2012, 23:06
You will not find bar work on the net. Bar staff are normally promoted from PRs or waiting staff. No bar owner is going to trust his till with someone he doesn't know. Bar work is as hard to find as hens teeth at the moment and current unemployment in The Canaries is over 30%. if you have a job in the UK you would be wise to keep hold of it. I would recommend that anyone that comes here to look for work bring enough money with them to be able to survive for a couple of months while your are getting to know the place and make some contacts to find work. I don't want to sound so negative but there are many people who have been here years who are leaving due to lack of work. Good luck with what ever you decide.