View Full Version : Relocation Moving back to Tenerife, any advice welcome.

13-02-2012, 19:54
Hi ,been on and off this forum 4a bit now and thort id just say that i am finally making the move back to tenerife at the end of april after delaying it for a couple of years now,am 37 now and the time is right for a change after wanting to return since i lived there for 3 years at the end of the nineties,wont have a job to go to or sorted any long term accomodation so any help or pointers on either would be a great help, haven't used these forum things before but im up for anything that will help,you never know may even meet some new friends on here as will be on my own out there,i am going back open minded and willing to work hard to make it work wotever it takes and i know ill probably have to start at the bottom again,i am a wall and floor tiler by trade but probably looking to get into bar work and helping people enjoy ther holidays.
Hope to get to know some people and fingers crossed everything goes smoothly as it can??

13-02-2012, 20:25
Hi there when are you looking to go over there, i am 30 years of age and looking to make a new start with my family i have a good job over here but nothing to show for it as morgage and bills are too dear, i will be looking for bar work to start off with.

13-02-2012, 20:47
Hi there am going end of april and never felt more positive about it ,have a good job tiling for myself too but i have been t
alking about it for a while now and the time is just right for me now,i have no kids etc so things are different to you,i dont think you'll get bar work straight away as people allready ther will be ahead of you,it took me a year of pr/glass collecting etc when i was there before.But we are hard workers so if you want to do it dont get put off and be positive,as you know its just as hard to get work in the uk at the moment!! All the best to you and the family whatever you decide..

13-02-2012, 20:55
i am on my own mate just split up, my mum and dad will be following a year after i think, if you ever need a labourer for your tileing buisness i will be more than happy to help you, i am really positive to go over there, i know tenerife well as i have been most years of my life.

13-02-2012, 21:08
Would do but am trying to move away from tiling now and i want to help somebody in their bar and maybe move onto having one myself one day,maybe just a dream though? Hopefully i'll find someone who wants a reliable worker as my days of partying are all but over now.. Good luck

13-02-2012, 21:57
i used to live here at the end of the ninetys and lived here for 4 years i then went back home for 9 years and moved back to tenerife last year, at the moment im so glad i did but i was lucky to get one off my old jobs back,
but it isi better to make sure you have enough money to live on for a few months just incase you can get a job when you first arrive

13-02-2012, 22:58
Hi Kell,wow thats licky for you then that would be great so you never know,thanx for advice i have a few quid to keep me going but am willing to pound the pavements again to find some work..