View Full Version : What's the average price of a pint in Tenerife?

bank top bantam
10-06-2011, 21:31
coming over in july,just wondering what is the average price of a pint

10-06-2011, 21:45
my local the java bar - in los cristianos - is 90cents a pint before 7pm, then 1.80 afterwards ..

10-06-2011, 22:37
most bars offer local larger like tropical,san miguel,amstel,dorada at 1.50 a pint, you can get it at 1 euro in some places, but if you go for inferior (in my opinion)imported beers like carling,john smiths,guiness,heineken andcarlsberg then expect to pay around 3-4 euros a pint and the same for some ciders, just try the local beers it is stronger and tastes better:eyebrows: