View Full Version : How much would it cost to ship or drive a mobile home from the UK to Tenerife?

tracy hampshire
26-02-2012, 16:59
does any one here have any idea how much it would cost to ship or drive a mobile home, from the uk to here, and what legalities it would involve when you got it here, i'm asking on behlf of a friend who has just come to tenerife, & would like one to travel round tenerife & the other canary islands .

26-02-2012, 19:27
If they are staying for for less than 182 days with the vehicle, they do not need to do anything except get a green card for their uk insurance with the UK company. The vehicle cannot stay for more than 182 days. Do not beleive the hype, I brought my car over last year, their are not any checks at any of the ports, just bring all documentation inc, an invoice if you have one that is less than 12 month old.
If however they are importing it and they have not registered for NIE or Empadronamiento in the last 12 months, then they will not pay import duty, but will still have to pay for the technical spec, ITV and matriculation to a spanish registration.

tracy hampshire
26-02-2012, 19:34
my friend wants to bring one over to live in !

27-02-2012, 15:35
The first thing you need to do is contact a shipping agent in the UK to complete an HMRC form C88 (bifa dot com) they will ask you for your start and stop addresses and a copy of your log book. They then convert this to a T2LF European declaration certificate. This is for goods in transit, showing the final taxable destination.

2, Contact a customs agent like "Braulio Herrera" in Santa Cruz 922 289200 and email your invoice and logbook for a valuation "Tecnico De Valoracion. If you have not owned a +1yr empardromento you do not pay import tax on a car you have owned for over 6 months.

3, Let the agent do the rest. their fees are not high but the amount you pay can depend on the amount of fees they have to pay to sPAIN

4, With all the paper work you can carry including your insurance green card, logbook, T2LF, driving licence, passport, original invoice, MOT, tax disk displayed, empardromento, residencia and ferry tickets. Drive over.

5, Have your T2LF stamped on entry and exit of Spain / Portugal.

6, On entry into Tenerife give your paperwork to the customs agent to have it stamped by the tax office (150 euros), you may have to pay the import duty at this time.

You now have 6 months to register the car.

7, Contact Ingenieria Julian Dorta 922 571423 to write the ficha tecnica (technical details) for the ITV (100 euros)

8, Book and take the Vehicle for the ITV (50 euros)

9, Now that you have all your paperwork stamped by tax office and you have your ITV and ficha tecnica..................................

10, Contact a Gestor like "Abona Gestión" in Granadilla (they speak English) to matriculate it on to Spanish plates (400 euros +)

I hope this helps

tracy hampshire
27-02-2012, 16:10
thankyou for the information, i will pass it on to my friend .