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27-02-2012, 12:19

I watched the whole show in English on the Austro-German satellite channel PRO7, like I do most years, and I believe it was the best ever. Billy Crystal was brilliant, the Cirque du Soleil item was breathtaking and I shed a tear at the Dear Departed section. My choice, HUGO, got several Oscars, but THE ARTIST scooped the big ones, other than runaway Meryl Streep for UNO who...!
Woody Allen received a well earned 'best original screenplay' for MIDNIGHT IN PAIRS, an excellent, clever film.
We've watched most of the nominated films now... and for me HUGO should have beaten THE ARTIST ..!

27-02-2012, 13:39
didnt see it but would like to see hugo and the artist.

03-03-2012, 11:28

Does anyone know where i can get to watch the 2012 oscars full coverage. Tried YouTube and othere sites but no full coverage only clips, where guys ???