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27-02-2012, 15:07

Myself and and girlfriend are 25 years old, we are seriously considering moving to Tenerife in the next 6 weeks. Although the main issue we have is if we will find employment. We are NOT coming looking for summer jobs in bars(working til 6am getting drunk every night) we are looking to find suitable jobs in which we can work days or evenings.

We both have degrees in IT & Multimedia and are currently in Online Marketing/E-Commerce job roles; are there job opportunities in Tenerife within the Online Industry for English speaking (Non-Spanish) professionals?

If Not, is it possible for English speaking (Non-Spanish) persons to find employment in shops, cafes, restaurants, (Not time-share sales) and if show what is the average wage?

Any help with this would be very much appreciated.



27-02-2012, 17:31
It is hard to find a job right now.
You can be lucky and fall into one but you need to think that it will be difficult .
Shops rarely take on foreign staff who don't speak at least some Spanish.
I wish you both luck

27-02-2012, 17:31
You will find it hard to get any serious jobs if you don't speak Spanish. Within the Brit community I doubt there's more that the odd job.

27-02-2012, 21:02
You would be better off earning a living outside of Tenerife. Given your backgrounds why not look at VA work or Telecommuting? Its what IŽd be doing if I was going to move over here.
The local job market is a joke. Low salaries, poor conditions, very transient - avoid at all costs if you can make money doing anything else.

Online Marketing/E-Commerce job roles
You should be able to live here but continue in this line of work. Just see if you can get some contract work sorted in this field before you come over.

28-02-2012, 14:36
Hi everyone thanks for your response, it's not looking good then,
Does anyone know it there is many webdesign companies south of the island?


Hi CIM ,Thanks for the suggestion i will look into the Telecommuting what is VA work?


28-02-2012, 19:00
VA = Virtual assistant.

I just wouldnt want to be reliant on the islands economy right now if I was moving over. But if you can work online then your client base can be anywhere in the world.