View Full Version : Why chip a wii do you know the danger to it??

16-03-2012, 21:45
i remember in the pass people on the forum want to chip their wii? why? donīt anybody know the danger on chipping a wii?

donīt they know by chipping their wii will process will void your Nintendo warranty.if something goes wrong with the installation or any time after, you are stuck with a broken Wii.

Say a prayer because if it doesn’t work, there is a possibility of shorting out the Wii.

This method technical glitch your game . my cuz had his wii chipp and when he got it back and start playing it keep glitches his game he tade his console after (trying) to play his chip wii. got 75 euros for it in santa cruz and went to carrefour and got a new wii. he use his money 60 euros plus the 75 euros he got from trade.he told me he not getting his new wii chip because he said it a waste of money. allways glitches his game. now his happy with his new wii!! so why do people chip their wii. does anybody know if you chip a wii you get glitches, or your game canīt play online and such!!

for me i have a 120kb playstation 3. i had it for 5 in a half years and finally died on me. i try to contact playstation here in spain. but said with post it will cost allmost 200 euros. i still have the broken console i add it to my collection. but for 225 i got 120kb playstation 3 slim. and so far works great. on my american and europe games.

28-06-2012, 12:12
I unblocked my wii about 2 years ago with software...you had to get hold of a copy of zena warrior princess to do it though..!

07-07-2012, 15:58
I haven't got a wii Henry! Is it worth having one?