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18-03-2012, 17:37
My girlfriend and I have been planning to move to Tenerife in May, and would like to get further information
about the island. Any help will be very welcomed…

First of all, let me tell you a little about our backgrounds and current situation in UK.

My girlfriend and I know very well about the art of “packing and moving”, because we’ve lived in many countries (until meeting each other in UK!). I come from a German family which emigrated to South America, the continent where I was born and lived for many years. Being also a German national and having family in Germany, I moved to that country and lived there for about one year, until fall in love with UK, where I’ve been living for 6 years, working and studying. I’m able to speak four languages: English and Portuguese at native level, and have good communication in Spanish and German (My German has been dropping since I left Germany and I do have to take Spanish classes to build more confidence when speaking)…. Well, that’s a little part of me, in few words!

My Girlfriend’s got a similar “history” to me: Her family emigrated from Portugal to South America, where she lived for many years, then moved to the US for five years. Being also Portuguese National, she moved to Germany for three months, and has being living in UK for about two years, working and studying (then, one day we met… Destiny ?). She Speaks English and Portuguese at native level, is also fluent in Spanish and knows basic Italian. Well, that’s a little bit about her…

Either my girlfriend or I haven’t got secure jobs anymore, and for this reason we know that now it’s the time to move somewhere and finally settle. Tenerife is definitely the right place to do so: One of the reasons is that we love the outdoors and water sports, and such things can be done only in Spring/Summer when we go either to New Quay or Bournemouth (just for instance) … We miss that so much and sometimes we end up a little bit depressed for being living “indoor”, if you see what I mean! Life is too short to be lived like that…

We are not afraid of starting everything again; it doesn’t matter where we are. We know and believe in the true art of commitment, that a goal without commitment results in a nonentity, and usually falls by the wayside from a lack of interest of its beholder.

So, my friends…. Here are my Questions about Tenerife:

We know that the best area for jobs in Tenerife is the South of the island, and my first question is:

Which part, town, city, is better for jobs in South Tenerife? We’ll be looking for jobs such as catering, cleaning, waiter/waitress, coffee shops; customer service and hospitality in general, etc… Anything to pave our first steps there. As I said before, we are not afraid of starting everything again.

We are also willing to live in a town and work in another, that’s not a major problem for us. My second question is: Which town/city/place would be good to live in?

And my third question is, what’s the best way to find a room to rent (we’d like to share a house/flat/apartment at the beginning). We’ve been researching on the internet, but can’t find any good and clear information about renting.

And finally, the fourth question: Do you know, by any chance, any good freight company that can look after our goods and move them to Tenerife? By the way: We’ll be going with just 6 luggages and a surf board.

Guys, thanks for your patience and sorry for being long! Once again, any help will be very, very welcomed!

I’m looking forward to hear from you!


18-03-2012, 19:05
Hi Ocean

Welcome to the forum!
Well, you're off to a good start being able to converse in Spanish. This will definitley open more doors for you when it comes to job hunting. It is not easy to find work in Tenerife, but this is true of most places in the current economic climate, so don't let that put you off. If you are determined to find work then all you need is a lot of perseverance and a big chunk of good luck and eventually I am sure you will find something.
Most jobs on the island are not advertised, especially in the service industry. The best way is to print off a bundle of C.Vs (make sure to include a photo of yourself on your C.V) and then trawl around the many bars and restaurants asking for work and leaving your resume with them. The local radio stations in the south Oasis FM and Coast Fm post jobs everyday, and the free newspapers Canaran Weekly and Island Connections also advertise jobs.
There are various places on the internet - just google Tenerife Jobs and a few should come up.
It can take a while to find work so make sure you can support yourselves for as long as possible while job hunting.
The best (or busiest) places to look for work are Playa las Americas and Los Cristianos in the south, and that's a huge area to cover-bring some comfy shoes! (trust me - I did it -it took me days to get around it all and I'm pretty sure there was more I could have covered before I finally found work eek2:)
If you don't mind living out of town then it would be your best choice as you will pay a lot more for an apartment of lower quality in town. (I now live in a 2 bed house out of town and pay the same price as I did for a 1 bed apartment in town!!) Another thing to look out for is bills included, some landlords will include utilities such as gas, water electric in with your rent; although if you plan to be outdoors all the time, it might not really matter as much!
If you are looking for a room to rent then it is more likely you will find something once you are here as most of the agents won't bother listing shared room rentals. Why not contact one of the rental agents here and ask to rent an apartment for a month or two? A good source is the Tenerife Property guide as they have a long-term rental section and also list the property agent http://www.thetenerifepropertyguide.com/properties/long-term-rent/search-results.html
Then you will have a month or two to look for a shared room/job etc.

Well, right back at ya with the long post!!

I wish you all the best, if you can get it right then Tenerife is a great place to live, I absolutely love it.

Let us know how you get on! :hello:

18-03-2012, 21:17
Firstly welcome to the Forum , im just a regular to the Island but i know a few things . Please do your homework BEFORE arriving in Tenerife . Jobs are not plentiful and accomodation can be expensive . If you both arrive, then Los Cristianos or Las Americas would be the place to look for work in the fields you mentioned , also to find accomodation near your workplace would be an advantage . Check on this forum for Apts to share/rent . I dont know any freight Co to handle your luggage . Hope this info helps.

18-03-2012, 22:11

Thanks very much for using your time here in the Forum, It's been very helpful...

Another question has poped here - What city around Los Cristianos and Playas de Las Americas would you suggest to live in? Is there and any public transport from smaller towns to Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas?
Thanks again...

28-03-2012, 18:22
I've sent you a pm about my place in Los Abrigos.

It would be a lot for us both to think about but basically it is a 4 bed typical 4 floor older townhouse, just renovated, a few strides to the harbour, sea views from the roof terrace and lounge. I am looking for a way to make some income from it but still keep it as primarily 'family'.

From what you have written I think you might enjoy Los Abrigos - Las Galletas and El Medano in easy reach for surfing etc. and Los Cristiaos and Las Americas not far by bus or car. You have a way with languages so I'm guessing the fact that you will hear a lot more Spanish than English won't be off-putting? San Blas on the Golf is in walking distance if you want 'ex-pat' and all that goes with it - meals at La Opera etc. :wink:, but of course a mix of places to eat in Los Abrigos from very expensive fish restaurants on the harbour front to cheap and cheerful local where wine is 1.25 a glass.

Let me know if it appeals and we can talk more.