View Full Version : Can you get 6 month policies on Motorcycle insurance in Tenerife?

21-03-2012, 15:33
Does anyone know a company which does six month only policies on motorcycle insurance? Or, very reasonably priced - am not happy with Linea Directa quote I´ve been given. Any help appreciated.

21-03-2012, 17:54
I'm not sure about six months, you will have to check but Fenix were 400€ cheaper than Linea Directa for me. http://www.fenixdirecto.com/es/presupuestos/seguro-de-moto

22-03-2012, 10:23
I would recommend Anne Hobson, I have used her for car insurance for the last 5 years and found her very competitive. She advertises in most of the free papers but if you send me a PM i can give you her contact details

22-03-2012, 21:02

I have 660cc Quad and pay 110€. I also have a 1987 Vespa 80€ Also a 450cc quad 90€. They are only in Spanish but it is simple to get it online. Not sure for 6 months but for 100€ a year thats not bad. Depends what bike it is though. Quads are cheap as they are classed as agricultural over 250cc and have red/white Matricula

26-03-2012, 18:29
i can offer you motorbike insurance...however as the spanish law says bikes..same as car must have insurance unless the are baja´d ie scrapped ..can offer 6 monthly payments but if you cancel within the year it would affect your no claims bonus call me admiral insruance 922753912 and i can quote regards lorraine