View Full Version : What's the best way to see Mount Teide by public transport?

23-03-2012, 12:09
Realy looking forward to our months stay in Sept, cant wait to be honest.
we will be staying very close Porto Colon and I was wondering if any one would know the best way from that area to mount tiede by bus, do abit of walking and a bus home sort of thing.
kind reg

23-03-2012, 13:25
There is a bus up in the morning and one back in the afternoon. From Puerto Colon you can walk to the main bus station where this bus leaves.
I cant remember the number but If you look on www.titsa.com you can find it there. (They have the pages in english)

23-03-2012, 13:35
It's the 342 to Teide, there is only one bus a day and it usually arrives at Los Cristianos bus terminus at 09.30 so will get to PdlA bus station about 10 minutes after that. The journey takes 2 hours 10 mins. Make sure you get back to the stop in plenty of time as there is only one bus back as well and you could end up marooned. :wow:

23-03-2012, 13:53
Or take an excursion bus, the 1/2 day teide is only 14.50 with Tenerife Sunshine, click on the banner at the top.

23-03-2012, 17:37
Thanks for the advice I am looking forward to my visit.
I see it takes a while to get up there, must be qiute a few stops on the way.
reg jono

23-03-2012, 18:17
This is the timetable, 342 (http://www.titsa.com/index.php?accion=linea&IdLinea=342) You can see all the stops.

23-03-2012, 19:46
This is the timetable, 342 (http://www.titsa.com/index.php?accion=linea&IdLinea=342) You can see all the stops.
Make sure you get a Bono Ticket to get cut price fare !


It should be at bus stop at San Eugenio just after 09:00 according to timetable then Bus Station at 09:15 ,then Los Cristianos 09:30.