View Full Version : American Airways email virus

mike in chayofa
31-03-2012, 10:42
.... appears to be doing the rounds again.

If you receive an email from American Airways with details of a flight, it looks genuine and the details check out. However, the 'ticket' is in the form of a zip attachment, which unsurprisingly contains a Trojan.

Really only of interest to anyone who has flown with AA and may be tempted to think that they have made a mistake.

Get rid.

Another reminder to keep your virus software up-to-date

31-03-2012, 14:17
Thanks for the warning Mike...we flew with AA in October last year ..
eyes wide open..cheers

tracy hampshire
31-03-2012, 20:07
flown with them twice , worse airline ive ever flown with, never again, so any emails would be ignored .

01-04-2012, 01:50
Cheers, Mike..Bumpety bump.